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24 Feb 2021 19:17:17
Well done to gers regarding the C.V. 5 and also his comments regarding Jones and edmondson with working there way into his plans again. let's all move on now and if any of them pull on the Jersey again support them like we normally do. we all make mistakes and we all pay the price like they are. move on and celebrate 55 together.

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24 Feb 2021 20:46:43
I hope all 5 fail and are punted as soon as seen fit.

24 Feb 2021 20:59:46
Well I'm glad your not gers gaffer then sweep. i'm presuming you've made a mistake within lockdown so please leave your own job as you proclaim to others.

24 Feb 2021 21:02:25
And sweep if your going to reply and say no you haven't your talking rubbish. we have all slightly bent C.V. rules 1 time or another. personaly I don't think I your a real gers fans if your not going to support whoever pulls on the Jersey. question. did you you support Kenny Miller after he signed at Celtic. aye ok 🤔🤫🤫🤫🤧.

24 Feb 2021 21:04:59
Sweep1, understand and respect your opinion but believe everyone is due a 2nd chance.

24 Feb 2021 21:20:24
I'll definitely not be supporting anyone of them again, the club has embarrassed themselves in this whole sorry episode.

24 Feb 2021 21:30:35
I never supported Ian Black when he wore a Rangers top daviedouglas, made my blood boil when I seen him in it.

24 Feb 2021 21:49:43
Why not sweep?
U must be perfect mate n rather unforgiving my friend
They made a mistake n what issue with ian black?

24 Feb 2021 22:00:16
Sweep is perfectly entitled to his opinion, which needs respect dd.

24 Feb 2021 22:15:43
How has the club embarrassed itself sweep? Your not slow in getting a kick in regards everything to do with the club I notice 🤫.

24 Feb 2021 22:17:12
Ian Black once tried to end Jelevic's career at tynecastle and basically admitted he tried it, can't stand the man.

24 Feb 2021 22:57:39
I thought your suggestion for Hutton at RB because he looks fit was one of the most laughable posts on here Sweep.
Now you are wishing for Rangers players to fail because the club didn't agree with your stance. Embarrassing post.

25 Feb 2021 07:32:24
It's not a matter of agreeing with my post, the club has completely washed their hands with an important rule break, its more embarrassing that you think this is ok because its Rangers. We are doing what we accuse Celtic of doing in sweeping things under the carpet.

25 Feb 2021 08:46:41
We haven't swept it under the carpet Sweep1.
Players were told to isolate for the 10 days.
Rangers internal investigation was passed to the SFA and ScotGov.
Rangers can't punish them any further.
As for comparing them to Celtic - that's another laughable statement.
And I've said previously I can't condone or condemn as I break the lockdown rules on a weekly basis visiting my parents.
I'm going to assume you drive and at one point have went over the speed limit - are you therefore responsible for every death on the roads? 🙄.

25 Feb 2021 08:59:41
Sweep what. Was swept under carpet they all received maximum fines.

25 Feb 2021 10:32:41
What pathetic response MrPotatohead, can't have a conversation with people like you. Completelyblueinthehead should be your name. I've got a feeling if the club arranged a jump of the bridge gala you would be there because Rangers said so. I think a year out on loan should've been the punishment for these players and training in an important europa league game.

25 Feb 2021 11:27:47
Instead of training for an important europa league game that should read.

25 Feb 2021 13:08:25
I always said the players should return to the squad long before Rangers decided on any punishment.
So your analogy is nonsense.
Just because the club agree with my "2nd chance stance", it doesn't mean that the "build the gallows" brigade like yourself need to take the huff just because your faux outrage morality isn't being listened to🙄.



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