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16 Feb 2021 20:26:14

I will say this one more time, I said,
“ my niece, who is a trained nurse, coming to my house 11 months ago, is absolutely nothing to do with football players having a party, now just so you and your friends who have infested this site, I have a very life threatening challenge, I would have been long gone without help, however it was perfectly legitimate and legal, as both my wife and niece are nurses, and wore full pipe to administer meds, once a year ago, now I won’t be ba On here as the constant bullying is truly awful, nothing remotely like any of the other clubs sites, we have a guy who calls people clowns all day long, you and your wee gang who attack everything I say, it’s not fun nowadays, someone ruined it

Ed please post, I won’t bother you aagain, sgl, John, seeker take care, DS, just FYI, I’m actually almost 6ft, so your childish slander only proves your ignorance.

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16 Feb 2021 20:42:23
Can’t we all just agree to disagree and still all be Bears together, I know probably ever one on here has said something they might have a little regret saying, COME ON WE ARE THE RANGERS let's STICK TOGETHER.

16 Feb 2021 20:50:37
Don't let them stop you posting on here TT12!You've forgot more about the rangers than they'll ever know mate 👍🇬🇧 Keep posting pal and ignore the noise from a small minded cleek! Some on here attack everything someone else posts because they can't post ideas, topics and history knowledge about their club themselves TT12 and that happens that certain ones reply and have a go at original posts because its easy and they can't/ or have the gumption to post themselves! 🤔.

16 Feb 2021 20:51:29
Tom don't let the noise get to you. Most of them are the clowns that hide behind multiple usernames, contradict themselves or make spineless excuses. Keep posting mate👍.

16 Feb 2021 21:13:15
Jings what happened? Tom? c'mon tom chin up man I don't know what happened but it is sad that one of our own feels this way . we all will never agree on many issues on here but we all want the same thing. to see the rangers back where we belong at the top . I'm sure that we all are upset at the alleged few at our club . After we have come this far too let's wait and see what happens . lads we are all angry frustrated some of us will be lonely and sad during these times I for one am sick rubbish of it all tbh there are only a few things that keep me going and this site us one of them . if it was a perfect site we would all get along but no one is perfect . Tom sir stay for the 55 you have mentioned a few names in your text I'm sure those lads will miss you as I'm sure you will miss them stay for 55!

16 Feb 2021 21:30:37
TT you are one of the worst on here for having a go at people

You can give out the banter but you can’t take it.

16 Feb 2021 21:33:09
Tom 💪💪💪💪 **** the haters 🔴⚪🔵.

16 Feb 2021 21:34:04
It is getting bad on here for people ganging up on some posters. When I post I only say what I would say to a another posters face. TT get back on here everyone has a right to there opinion.

16 Feb 2021 21:37:24
That's why I stopped posting a few weeks back but decided I'm allowed my opinion like anyone else on here. Don't allow them to take you off the site TT. I post my opinion if people don't like it I won't be losing any sleep as I have my own friends outside this site, wouldn't give some people here the time of day in a pub.

16 Feb 2021 21:40:19
Tom, you are a good person, and I'm sorry to hear of your poor health, keep posting pal, your opinion is as valid as anybody else's.

16 Feb 2021 21:48:45
Hi Tom, have not spoke to you directly mate but please don't stop posting, I love reading your post and it is one of the reasons I keep coming on the site, you have a great knowledge of our beautiful team and I'm sure there are plenty like me who look forward to your postings, do not all the riff raff to run you out of town as my old Maw would say. You and your family stay safe Tom.

16 Feb 2021 21:49:33
Its easy to be bully boys when you're hiding behind a keyboard eh🤔
They wouldn't say these sort of things face to face and would run a mile! I've bought apples from these sort of people's carts before and put them firmly in their place! Get yourself back on here TT12👍I would imagine most fellow posters on here would want you to remain posting on here.

16 Feb 2021 21:57:47
Coldo, coop, thanks,
Brian, I have been very guilty in the past 10 years of saying what I feel, even when it’s wrong, I havn Called anyone else a clown, nor have I questioned they’re past career, life, friends or otherwise, there are people who joined here not too long ago and changed this site completely, it’s such a shame,

I come from a time and place were you spoke your mind, not attack absolutely everything one person says, that happens to me every time I come on here, it used to take my mind of all sorts of things, I now get called “ small, bitter, old, and worse, one guy even suggested my dislike of Morelos behaviour was because I had “ another agenda “

Sad but true, , I’m sure others have seen the massive change here.

16 Feb 2021 22:07:18
Keep those posts coming TT12.

16 Feb 2021 22:13:46
Tom, I never took you for a quitter mate.
Regardless of who they are, or how many times they disagree with you, or have a pop at you, there is no way you should feel the need to stop posting. Just give back as good as they're giving. But, it must work both ways. If you dish it out, you have to accept you're going to get it back.
At the end of the day we're all Rangers supporters, and whether we like it, or not, we're never all going to agree on everything.
I think it was seeker who posted yesterday when having a go back "Bring it on". That's the attitude we should all have mate.

16 Feb 2021 22:14:36
Jesus. It’s only a chat page. Tom. If you feel like it’s getting to you or feel you are being somewhat bullied then take a break from it. I took a break from it not only because nothing I wrote out was getting posted but because it was doing my head in. It’s such a petty Kleeky page it’s unreal. We should be just sharing opinions. Not judging people or questioning them about what they have wrote. I’m not saying u do but ther are loads that do do it. I’ve came back and there is a lot of new members whether they are same people behind a diff user is a diff story. But I feel the best thing I done was take a break from it.

I’m actually doing more reading of the posts now. Of course I agree and disagree with them but unfortunately there are far too many people on here that put up drivel amd stand by it till they are blue in the face. Don’t let a chat page with like minded supporters get your boxers in a twist amd if it does take a sabbatical and come back. It works. Lol. Ps I’m stilll tavs biggest critic amd although he has had a great season it could be even better if he was more, sorry a lot more consistent with crosses 👍. Chin up mate.

16 Feb 2021 22:17:07
I agree about the bullying 👍👍👍.

16 Feb 2021 22:20:01
It is getting pretty bad on here, I don’t mind the odd insult but there is too many keyboard gangsters on here that think there opinion is the only show in town. We are all Gers men so how about showing it and enjoying the title coming home.

16 Feb 2021 22:25:11
I have not been on this site long but have always loved reading every ones posts some make me laugh some make me cry lol, I get pissed with some I think maybe once I’ve let myself down on here but I with all my heart would never wish for anyone on here any harm with words or thoughts , When i was younger in the old east enclosure my fav viewing point I used to sing IAN FERGUSON SUPPORT in matches and this big brute of a guy in my eyes said how do you think he is a player I spoke back and I really thought I was in for it, but guess what next match I still shouted for fergie, well all have our views but let’s be the rangers family.

16 Feb 2021 22:35:11
Dry your eye, Don’t think I’ve ever said anything nasty to or about you Tom but Christ think I’ve seen everyone have a go at everyone at some point on here its passionate fans having a little go, it’s nothing personal take a few weeks off and come back with a bit of prospective. What people say on here should mean nothing to your normal everyday life.

16 Feb 2021 22:41:26
Guys, I won’t and never have been bullied by any man, keyboarders are a different breed, many thanks for the replies, and I’m kinda choked up

kJ you need to get some kind of perspective of your behaviour on here, all day, every day, the truth is, I am not even close to what you suggest, you abuse people every single day, you feel free to call people names, tell them they know nothing, well, mate, I know a helluva lot about football, and business

16 Feb 2021 22:47:32
Just ignore them tom, 90% of the readers/ posters on the site do anyway. The joys of the internet pal, anonymous fools who like to argue or abuse strangers because their real life is an emoty shell of what they hoped it would be.

16 Feb 2021 23:04:04
Please tell me this isn't all about KJA9?!
How many posters is that who have fell out with you now KJ? 🤣🤣🤣
Honestly my sides are sore with laughing at the thought of KJ intimidating anyone on here.
Yes, he can be contentious. Yes, he can be a pain in the backside (can't we all) . Yes, he can write a pile of Jimmy White at times (again, we can all be guilty of this) But, intimidating? You must be joking!
Look, If he's being an ar#e with anyone, just be an ar#e back to him or ignore him. I've had many a disagreement with him, but I would never hold a grudge, and If I like any of his posts, I let him know.

16 Feb 2021 23:07:59
Thanks all, when someone calls someone else names, from behind they’re keyboard, you know what they are

Come on Rangers,

16 Feb 2021 23:30:14
I agree Tom . but I wouldn’t if I were you be bullied off the site. just be cleverer than them. They have not a lot upstairs . Take a wee rest but I’ve always thought your posts were good .
This site is good for getting info quickly. For example one of the boys posted who he thought was the famous five . I thought that was brilliant. Can’t remember who it was but I came on this site knowing I would get an answer and it delivered 👍chin up my friend.

16 Feb 2021 23:46:59
Tom, I'm sorry you feel that way, but not standing being called a bully. You are as bad as a tone on here for the way you speak to people, but you cry bully because I called you out. Oh n coops, if I remember rightly you have been banned for your behaviour to other posters 🤷‍♂️ show me one nasty post I've wrote to you tom.

17 Feb 2021 00:41:11
Don't let the minority put you off TT12. At least you have the balls to come on here and say what you actually think and give your honest opinion. Not like your little gang of stalkers hiding behind their keyboards as you say live on here and their sole purpose is just to attack other posters and try belittling them. If that's their main ambition everyday to go on rumours sites and prove how big and tough they are with a keyboard then that says it all really about their true character. They are just sad little nobody's hiding behind a user name with sad little life's. I would say to anyone why let the minority of little irrelevant posters ruin your enjoyment of communicating with the majority of decent site users. Stay strong against the little people and be thankful we are not one of them.

17 Feb 2021 07:10:29
By the way i was banned a couple of years back HEREWEGO55,as it was for posting something back to a certain individual on here at the time who i was sick and tired of his very negative personal posts to me pal, so get the facts to why, before trying to drag me into something I'm certainly not! Is this a smokescreen i wonder 🤔mm.

17 Feb 2021 08:04:21
HWG, as a postscript, you have mentioned ny nieces administrator my meds for a whole year, at every opportunity, even called me a “ hypocrite “ almost every day, I have regular argued my point, that’s all, not accused nor anything else, you and the Milton fella have constantly mentioned my “ hypocrisy “
If you think this is hypocritical of me talking about football players having a party then so be it

17 Feb 2021 08:19:55
Tom, keep the chin up mate. I know you are a top man and know you have the interests of our great club at heart. Really really hope you don't quit the site and keep posting as usual. You are an invaluable member of this site and will be sorely missed if you stop posting. I also hate the bullying and especially the name calling. I'm 63 years old, well respected and director of 2 companies, both providing essential servoces to the community during this horrible C.V. and getting called a clown really took the wind out of my sails, so much so that I considered leaving the site. Then I thought, why should I, I enjoy the banter and as I've said 99% on here are brand new. You keep your chin up, keep well, and keep posting my friend 👍❤💙🇬🇧.

17 Feb 2021 08:33:18
3 cheers, are you for real? Did you not just do all the things you described (attacking other posters from behind your keyboard)?

Tom, stop your bleating- you were clearly put back in your box last time by the ED because of your attitude towards other people’s posts.

If you have a go at others (you do regularly) you can’t complain when the boot is on the other foot.

17 Feb 2021 08:51:11
FFS everybody grow up - its pathetic - supposed to be a Gers site not f*****g loose women.

17 Feb 2021 09:00:27
Everybody just as bad as Everybody else on here!

17 Feb 2021 09:22:28
Apparently we've no "haters" on this site but plenty of bullies?
If you are prepared to give you need to take. 👍.

17 Feb 2021 09:40:52
Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.
Something to think about and apt for the thread above 🤔.

17 Feb 2021 09:43:54
Hi DK yes I'm for real 100%
Strange question to ask.
Yes I just had a go at the little people but I don't do it every day week after week month after month boring the arse off everyone.
Sorry if it offended you.

17 Feb 2021 09:37:28
Coops, you're dragging me into something I'm not. Look back, you've swore at at least 2 separate posters the last few days again for disagreeing with you, telling them they talk s"*/ e. I'm not having getting made out I'm a nasty bully when it's not true, especially from the 2 people on here with the biggest history if nastiness to other posters 👍 once again tom if I upset you I'm sorry but this site is about opinions and if you can have digs if u disagree with a post, then surely it's my right as well,? Sincere apologies tho if I've genuinely upset you 👍🇬🇧.

17 Feb 2021 12:37:13
Tom, love reading your posts mate even the one you got ripped into for posting (sutton), found nothing wrong with it, I was bewildered at why so many on this site would be posting their condolences to his dad, say a prayer for him before you go to sleep.
I read the post asking you to prove yourself aswell and couldn't believe it. You come across to me as a genuine guy who says it as it is and loves the 🐻 Bears, keep posting Tom and get on cat lady in the first at Gulfstream 18-10.Tonight.



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