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14 Feb 2021 17:27:52
Feeling a bit controversial here. I've been on both sides of the fence with Morelos but have now come to the conclusion that he has to go. His disciplinary record is absolutely shocking, so much so that SG must be sick of not having him available for selection. He is not a daft wee laddie anymore and is obviously not going to heed any warnings issued to him about his behaviour. He is no use to us sitting in the stand or playing on the edge where he could leave us playing with 10 men for large portions of matches. The incident with Porteous was sheer madness and indefensible. If he stays this will only keep happening and it will continue to cost us big time. When he is playing well he is a tremendous asset, but time and time again he let's everybody down with his behaviour. Contrast this to the likes of Lineker and Defoe - great players who never needed to live on the edge to deliver goals. Indeed Lineker was never even booked. How many on here would not have taken him in a heartbeat?

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14 Feb 2021 17:41:28
Maybe SG sees a Suarez type temperament in him. You’re spot on Seeker - he’s no use unless he’s on the pitch. But we’re much stronger with him in the team and he will need to replaced with quality. Re lineker and Defoe we were very lucky to have Hateley in the 90’s and he had a few run ins with the ref - I’d have him in my team every week.

14 Feb 2021 17:50:03
What seeker? He hasn't played in the last two games where we have struggled upfront without him and its NOW you decide he has to go . Aye nice one mate.

14 Feb 2021 17:52:34
That won’t go down well with some folk Seeker 🤣
I happen to agree and before anyone loses their mind, it’s for this reason. if you’re the manager and you and your back room team have spent hours working on tactics, team shape, looking at opposition, set pieces, team meetings etc and then Morelos gets sent off again and again then it’s obvious he has to go.
On his day he’s a great player and sometimes unplayable but it’s unwise to think SG doesn’t know what’s needed.
At the end of the day if the manager doesn’t win his his job on the line and he needs players he can trust.

14 Feb 2021 18:00:41
whats your views on roofe? Problem with Morelos is that for sure you notice the difference when he isn't playing. we don't have someone to replace like for like.

14 Feb 2021 18:00:43
Seeker, i feel your frustration regarding buff and i can't disagree that his indiscipline is way below what at should be mate! I've said this on here before ie. 'how do you solve a problem like alfredo'🤔
Having said that i wish the penny would drop with morelos, as for me he brings so much to our team, in the way gerrard wants us to play 👍He is for me, the best all round central striker we have at rangers without a doubt 👍You can see a mile and off what he brings to the table ability wise and how much we do miss him when he's not playing 🤔.

14 Feb 2021 18:03:03
Because we could afford a Lineker or Defoe in their prime! Plenty will be on here bemoaning how much we miss Morelos when he does eventually leave.

It’s pretty obvious that we miss him now given that we struggle a bit without him and he is our star in Europe.

14 Feb 2021 18:07:33
Seeker, Morelos is no doubt a smashing player and I'm sure Gerrard has tried his all to try and control his temperament. The evidence is he isn't learning to control this side of him, will he ever learn. He looks huffy and angry someone who isn't enjoying his football. I really don't understand that, he's playing for 1 of the best clubs in the world and is probably earning a decent wage. Who is going to buy him and for how much? I really can't see us getting the 16 million we were offered before. The guy is a wonderful player but is letting himself and the club down.

14 Feb 2021 18:11:52
How many games has he missed this season?

He will not be easy to replace at all and I want him to stay.

14 Feb 2021 18:13:05
Not every player plays like that tho. Suarez Rooney costa pepe Ramos and plenty of others all play better when they play on the edge.

14 Feb 2021 18:20:39
I agree seeker but if we do sell we need to recruit wisely. I do t think the other strikers we have can play the role as good as Morelos.

14 Feb 2021 18:29:03
I respect your opinion so not going to argue against it. I agree his disciplinary record over the years is not great however missing games through red cards is balanced up with his robustness and hardly ever injured, some stats: Eddy prone to injury, Alf prone to episodes of madness. Some return from both players and either team will have to work very hard to replace them.

Edourd 157 games 82 goals
Alf 168 games 88 goals.

14 Feb 2021 18:32:45
You have just begun this weeks alfie debate, there will now be endless posts from the usual suspect about Kent, all day long,

Fir what its worth seeker I agree with you and i'm sure the decisions been made re end of season, and I still have very real concerns about the circumstances of his latest jacket wearing spell, he knew he was getting a ban,

14 Feb 2021 18:59:31
The first and only time that Morelos will realise he should have controlled his petulance more is when he walks out of Ibrox for the last time to pastures new. Only then will he realise what he will miss and what an opportuity he has lost. There are bigger clubs and more money can be earned elsewhere but in my opinion as a long term supporter none are better.

14 Feb 2021 19:57:27
Guys, I can see every point of view on here. I do love the kid, I really do, but he just isn't going to take a telling. As soon as he gets booked Gerrard whips him off as he can't take the chance of him getting a second yellow. Undoubtedly, the refs are always poised to deliver that second yellow card plus the opposition players never do him any favours with their squealing whenever he goes near them. And he is a tremendous asset when on his game, of that there is no doubt. Yes I get all that, but the boy hasn't helped himself with his petulance and silly flicks and kicks. Alas, he is never going to learn. He is what, 23 or 24? and all the man he is going to be. And I get that he is hardy and robust and never injured. That"s great but the last thing we need is a loose cannon on the pitch. It is stressful enough watching us dig out the 1-0 wins at the moment! If he would only get it into his head that all he needs to do is play his game and cut out the other crap, he would get his move to a bigger league.

14 Feb 2021 20:45:23
Seeker, i rate alfredo very highly also mate and when he's on it he's unplayable and can cause havoc and occupy a full opposition defence, on his own 👌🇬🇧.

14 Feb 2021 20:53:53
TT why bring kent into this if you do want other people to talk about him 🤭 rather silly that.

Seeker what’s your thoughts on roofe then as he has missed more games than fredo because he is injury prone so should we keep him or get rid because it’s happened all throughout his career.

14 Feb 2021 21:23:05
🐃 💙 he’ll be back midweek at last 🙌🏻 feels like I’ve watched Itten run through treacle for about a year already 😂 it’s only a joke don’t get you knickers in a twist 😂.

14 Feb 2021 22:06:13
KJ, so you are condoning Alf"s shocking disciplinary record and comibg back with some clasdic whitabootery and deflection tactics as per that other lot. Please give me your honest assessment on the kid along with your opinion on whether or not he should be allowed to stay. And just for the record I believe Roofe is a very good player and more than able to lead the line. He has had injury problems and needs to be managed, as does Ryan Jack, but it didn't work out si badly for Dado Prso, did it?

15 Feb 2021 10:19:51
Seeker I’d keep the buff with or without disciplinary problems 👍🏻 he’s brilliant for us he occupies defences even when he’s not on goal scoring form when he goes he’ll be VERY difficult to replace on our budget. I agree Roofe is a quality player but not suited as a 9 in the way we play like him more from the right or even as a 10 arriving late or running beyond a Morelos type. As you mention Prso did well with injury issues but many players throughout world football do well with discipline issues!

15 Feb 2021 11:57:49
R1, agree about Roofe being a different type of 9 (or even a 10) than Alf. Listen, I do love the kid and what he brings to the team and I"d love for him to knuckle down, screw the nut and prove me wrong.



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