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10 Feb 2021 00:52:42
Something that concerns me as I can't sleep and my mind wonders, Ryan Kent come this summer will be in the final year of his contract, I'm sure I read this somewhere recently n thought nothing of it. But on reflection, we really have no chance of getting any more than £10m for him if that is indeed the case and infact we probably are looking at closer to £7-8m. What's peoples thoughts on this and is it. The case that he's going to be entering the final 12 month of his deal? Why hasn't he been tied down on atleast a 1 year extension with throwing a few extra grand at him. There will be a reason I'm sure but I don't understand it.

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10 Feb 2021 06:19:11
My understanding is gers have offered him a deal but he's yet to sign it. if he still hasn't signed it by the summer I believe he will be sold as can't see gers taking the chance on him. think we still get 10 million for him tho.

10 Feb 2021 06:21:44
If people on here put Alfie down and say his disciplinary let's him down massively. Then what does that say about Kent who is equally talented but his work rate and attitude let's him down also?

Kents hit and cold, doesn't answer your question but I hope we tie him down to secure a decent fee then sell him

Alfie behaviour takes away his status of a good player
Kents attitude and work rate does the same for him 👍👍.

10 Feb 2021 06:50:17
When has Kents work rate or attitude ever been a problem?
The guy plays every game and gives 100% effort every game. Yes his end product let's him down sometimes but he never shys away and stops him trying again.

10 Feb 2021 07:16:37
GazzaLoyal, you know i'm usually in tandem with the majority of your posts pal but i disagree with you regarding ryan kent. Yes kent has been way off his best for a good couple of months now, but he always gives 💯% for the team and never hides, even when he's having a stinker 🤔On morelos, yes his indiscipline and stupidity at times frustrates the living daylights out of me and i'm sure all bears, but we miss him badly and what he brings to our team, when he's not playing! He still is IMO, the best all round central striker at rangers bar none 👌He drags defenders out of their comfort zone where they don't want to go 👍He can occupy a full opposition backline himself and must be a defender's total nightmare, to play against!

10 Feb 2021 07:48:32
I have to agree with 3Cheers 100%.

10 Feb 2021 07:58:41
Nothing wrong with Kent’s effort or work rate during a game that’s a really poor evaluation of him.

He appears to be a fair weather player when the park is nice and firm and the sun is out. He doesn’t play as well when the weather is closer to zero and he’s on a bumpy, wet park, or even worse a 4g park.

This isn’t a criticism of him more the state of Scottish football playing between November and February and also the 4g parks.

10 Feb 2021 08:15:10
We didn't pay £7.8 million for work rate and effort.
We paid that for him to deliver an end product which he's failed to do in recent months.

10 Feb 2021 08:15:28
His work rate is good but he's hoples most games well be lucky to get 5mill for him.

10 Feb 2021 08:15:58
Yeah Gazzoyal I would that’s the 1 thing u can’t question is his work rate mate he works he’s socks off and has bundles of energy he’s never looks tired. And he undoubtedly has the talent we’ve seen him do it before. . I think he just lacks the decision making brain which affects his end product more often than not.
Let’s hope he signs an extension, comes into a bit of form ones the pressures off and we get a fair fee for him and all move on. Seems a decent lad I font dislike him. Just expect more for that outlay in Scottish football.

10 Feb 2021 08:24:30
I am not Kent’s greatest fan because he is inconsistent but I have never question his attitude or work rate never to be honest if we get 7/ 8 million for him we haven’t made any great profit on him and that to me would be a fail.

10 Feb 2021 08:32:18
I have always thought Kent was a good player, this season, over the past two months in particular, his body language is not indicative of someone who wants to be here. I agree with SGL as regards his effort during a match, maybe the reason is, he's trying too hard, if he would just relax a bit, I'm sure he would see a positive result. I don't know about his contract status, but I trust RW to be on the ball regarding that, and I'm sure Rangers will have the matter in hand.

10 Feb 2021 09:09:54
Kent’s work rate is good I’d say. Only negative about kenty is his final ball-decision making and consistency but he’s definitely trying.

10 Feb 2021 09:14:34
Hopefully kenty stays but same can be said for kamara why have they not tied him down.

10 Feb 2021 10:13:13
Ingerr Ryan Kent’s contract expires 30 June 2023.

10 Feb 2021 10:53:43
Inconsistent, means up and down, good days, bad days.
RK has unfortunately been very consistently poor for a while now.
He can never be faulted for effort, Andy Halliday could not be faulted for effort!
Both of them however, the end product is sadly lacking, and if we got 5mill for him I think we would be doing great business.

10 Feb 2021 10:59:01
Same old same old.

10 Feb 2021 11:01:06
Sorry guys the majority of posters have disagreed with me regarding Kents work rate and attitude which is absolutely fine this happens but let me delve in a little deeper

I see a lot of shoulder shrugging, head in hands, disinterest when a stray pass, a miss, or he can't go past a player to me that's attitude and work rate, any of that happens you dust yourself off and help the team out, win the ball back or put an arm round your teammate.

Another poster mentioned a few weeks ago about Kent no joining in on celebrations with the team or Alfie in particular another sign or poor attitude, let's be honest here Kent thinks he's better and bigger than what he is.

He's got to pull his socks up and start putting stats that matter on the board.

10 Feb 2021 11:02:15
Your right John and I think Kamara signed a contract till June 2023 as well.

10 Feb 2021 11:50:21
Correct mr grumpy.

10 Feb 2021 12:49:51
Thank you John and MrGrumpy, I have no idea on what the contract status of our players is, that's good then, so we have him tied down. I know there is a talent there, maybe he just over thinks at times when he's in a goal scoring position.

10 Feb 2021 13:42:51
Irvger. To find out normally best way is transfer market. Also rangers official announcement tell how long deal is when signed or extended.

10 Feb 2021 17:12:09
Cheers John, hope you're well and enjoying the home you built in my birth county Ayrshire.



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