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11 Jan 2021 12:20:06
Folks, serious question, given the decisions regarding Celtic and to cancel leagues below championship for 3wks, what are the realistic chances of the league been declared null and void? I know people will talk about a precedent been set last season, however last season there was nothing in place for situations like this. I am really concerned they decide to decide to declare the league null and void and wouldn't put it past them. Thoughts?

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11 Jan 2021 12:42:28
Null in void unlikely option.

11 Jan 2021 12:44:27
Any see a null and void struth. The precedes was set last year and so legally it has to be awarded to the team with most points per game. Same as relegation promotion. And cup games would have to be continued on to next season again a precedent was set.

11 Jan 2021 12:46:04
persoanlly can't see it happening. If they null and void season then scottish football is finished. Clubs rely on the money provided by promotion etc so would kill clubs.

Also how do you then provide teams for european competitions if not final standings?

dont think its a scenario that will happen, the league may be called like last season but null and viod is a non starter.

11 Jan 2021 12:47:31
John, anything’s possible with they clowns? Liewell has a lot of people in his pocket! 🤬.

11 Jan 2021 12:48:13
There's nothing in place this year either. 👍.

11 Jan 2021 12:51:17
Nicola reasonably positive about football continuing we need to win every game and drive us as far apart from the dhims as possible to ensure our award if it goes that way.

11 Jan 2021 12:55:52
If they null and void the season then final league positions won’t be finalised therefore any prize monies won’t be awarded and during the current situation 99percent of teams will be relying on prize money to survive. If put to a vote surely all teams apart from Celtic will vote against voiding the season for this reason.

11 Jan 2021 13:02:56
Null and Void means no Sky Money, not going to happen.

11 Jan 2021 13:25:16
100% will not be made null and void u can put you’re mortgage on it. It may be declared early as its as good as over anyway but there’s relegation and promotion battles going on aswell. I actually think the euros very well may get cancelled all together. So seasons can have a circuit breaker and then finish with a new start next year.

11 Jan 2021 13:36:43
Wouldn’t put it past them to try for null and void. remember Dundee vote.

11 Jan 2021 13:41:57
Null and Void won't happen as a) UEFA would not allow any Scottish Teams into Europe next season, due to there being no definitive placings, b) What prize money would be available, and how would they fairly allocate it, c) How would they handle Promotion and Relegation, Hearts could find themselves diddled again.

This can of worms was opened by the SPFL and the dodgy Dundee vote for last season, they would have to think long and hard before coming to any decision, as it stands, Rangers are Champions if it's called early, no ifs no buts, just my opinion guys.

11 Jan 2021 14:41:20
Bang on irvger. but it’s the corrupt gang we are dealing with. watch them try and swing it somehow.



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