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07 Jan 2021 11:37:58
What's this 🤡 Jamie Murphy going on about Fulham would win the Scottish Premier and both Rangers and Celtic would struggle in the English Premier . Give them the same riches that they get down south and both would hold their own no problem.

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07 Jan 2021 12:05:28
TBH Fulham probably would be very close to winning the SPL.

07 Jan 2021 12:07:10
you mean o hara.

07 Jan 2021 12:10:47
Spot on Cunny, if Rangers and Celtic had the same TV money etc as the EPL both would stroll that league. Top players sign for Man city etc for the cash not because of who the clubs are. These players would sign for Rangers and Celtic who's history and stature and club size is up their with Liverpool and Man Utd. Everton spurs man city etc etc were bang average clubs until money from tv was introduced. 👍.

07 Jan 2021 12:22:02
*jamie o'hara*.

07 Jan 2021 12:52:36
My mistake yes o hara 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️🇬🇧👍.

07 Jan 2021 12:53:44
Spot on Coldo 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️🇬🇧👍.

07 Jan 2021 13:42:13
It's far to easy to say that if we had the TV money we would win the EPL.
Over the last 10 years City have spent £1.4 billion, winning the league 4 times.
Next up is Chelsea who spent £1.36 billion, winning the league 2 times.
Then it's Utd, spending £1 billion, last winning it 8 years ago!
Next up Liverpool, £900 million and winning it last season for the first time in ages.
Then Arsenal, £789 million and last winning it 17 years ago.
Only side that broke the mould were Leicester and they sacked their manager the following season!
Established sides like Everton and Wolves have spent over £200 million!
Brighton always near the relegation zone - £200 million.
Bournemouth and Watford relegated even spent £176 million and £120 million respectively!
We would need to recruit and spend wisely just to be competitive to start with.
Too many forgetting we are a big fish in a small pond in Scotland.

07 Jan 2021 14:14:17
Yes if Fulham had budget like ours or the other mob then yes they would have a chance of winning it and same if we had EPL budget we would be up there challenging for the English title.

07 Jan 2021 14:14:34
if we had their resources we'd win the league. We also know we wouldn't win it every year. We also know we are a big fish in a small pond in scotland, don't know what that has to do with it because the hypothetical scenario was us in the epl with their financial resources. We also know we would have to spend wisely, goes without saying but we'd have players choose us over the majority of average clubs down there so that would be an advantage straight away. Teams like arsenal etc have poor recruitment, like Man utd to a certain extent. We have the club size, stature and fan base. Give us their cash and we would take over. That's why they don't want us. 👍.

07 Jan 2021 14:30:01
MPH I never mentioned Rangers or Celtic would win the EPL straight away that’s just madness, But what I will say given say 5/ 6 years the investment both teams would attract would be amazing, We are discussing about two off the Biggest supported teams in the whole off UK, Eire Only Liverpool or **** Utd maybe come close,

07 Jan 2021 14:51:30
Our recruitment has been criticised at times on here🤷
Point I'm making is that everyone seems to think if we received the same money we would win the league.
I don't see it being that easy when you see the sums of money being spent by the big 6 just to stay there. 👍
And you don't want the players that are currently choosing the "average" clubs like Everton or Wolves. You need the players that City, Utd, Liverpool are bidding for.
There would be no CL or Europa League either for a few seasons which also brings in additional revenue.
But we can all dream I suppose. 🙄.

07 Jan 2021 15:29:30
FC who u refer to alongside Liverpool.

07 Jan 2021 15:47:57
John25 Man utd I don’t like them. I know you are a fan and that is your prerogative. But for me it’s a massive Naw
Liverpool all the way. 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️🇬🇧👍.

07 Jan 2021 15:52:01
You are still forgetting Cunny that the traditional top 6 in the EPL will not be standing still in those 5 years and will continue to enhance / improve there squads.
We would be forever throwing money at it.
It's not as easy as you think.
Liverpool are huge but never won it for 18 years (? ) .
Man Utd haven't won it in 8 years.
Arsenal haven't won it in 17 years.
And they have thrown huge sums of cash into their playing squad.
I'm sure it was Huddersfield ( Ed001 may be able to confirm ) who spent their £100 million and went straight back down.
Plus there is only so many top players out there. Not everyone can buy them or more teams would have won the EPL.

{Ed001's Note - Liverpool didn't win it for 30 years mate. Thanks for the reminder!

Fulham spent £100m and went straight back down. Huddersfield spent a lot less and actually managed to survive first time around.}

07 Jan 2021 16:04:48
City and spurs were mentioned in the average clubs🙄 so yes MPH we would want the players the average clubs were bidding for and with our stature and hypothetical resources we would be competing with utd and liverpool for these players. There is absolute no doubt that if Rangers and Celtic were in that league then the 4 biggest clubs in stature, history and fan base would be Rangers celtic liverpool and man utd (in no particular order) 👍.

07 Jan 2021 17:29:39
Oil fc.

07 Jan 2021 18:31:08
Sorry Ed001! Got my facts wrong!
But at least they won it last season!

{Ed001's Note - no worries mate, I am still celebrating finally winning it. It will probably be 30 years before I stop celebrating!}

07 Jan 2021 18:34:22
Not very good examples Coldo.
Spurs haven't won the title since the 60's so we don't really want the players they buy.
And considering City are supposed to be the only EPL that could afford Messi then I can't see us outbidding then for players!
But we can but dream I suppose🙄.

07 Jan 2021 18:42:49
I am with MPH it’s not easy to win that league an it wouldn’t happen for a long time.

07 Jan 2021 18:55:25
We might be joining you in those long celebrations if we get the job done this season.

{Ed001's Note - it does look likely, it would be a surprise if you aren't.}

08 Jan 2021 02:23:24
Jason cundy from talksport thinks the exact opposite from Ohara . At least we have some support on the station . oh and there’s never Mcoist 😊.

08 Jan 2021 12:18:15
MPH no problem As you said we can But dream 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️🇬🇧👍.



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