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03 Jan 2021 14:56:16
Hearing lots of moaning from the dark side about how Bobby Madden wrapped his arms around Morelos to get him out the way.

What referee would do that?! Proves he’s a Rangers fan! Trying to stop Morelos reacting!

Well Bobby Madden has put on his Instagram a collage of pictures from all different games with him holding back players during a melee.

Sour grapes? What’s that sayin again. always cheated.

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03 Jan 2021 15:08:54
Hes also got his hands on scott brown 30 seconds later, always cheated never defeated. It makes no difference and won't change the result.

03 Jan 2021 15:21:31
Blackthorn, I saw his collage. My opinion is this is actually very good refereeing in terms of dealing with any handbags at dawn.
Ref actually sees the play acting from brown.

03 Jan 2021 15:43:34
There are delusional fans from the dark side saying not a red too. Even funnier is the lot that accept it is a red but that the ref "got it out too quick"

What that even means i'm not sure.

03 Jan 2021 16:01:37
John25,Play acting I call it cheating, you know when your career has hit the skids when your sent on to try and get a fellow pro sent off, brought on for no other reason.

03 Jan 2021 16:07:54
Still don’t know why Fredo got involved?

03 Jan 2021 16:12:47
Funny how there was no biased ref claims when they were winning the last 8 years, now that normal service has resumed and they are getting beat by us all of a sudden every ref and sfa member is a mason. 😭😭👍.

03 Jan 2021 16:13:57
The delusion is hilarious. Always cheated, never defeated!

Neil Lennon has spouted more rubbish since October than the bin men have seen! One week the players have bad attitudes and some don’t want to be there, the next week they are all committed. He reeks of contradiction and always trying to deflect away from the real problems.

It’s C.V.s fault, it’s national teams fault, it’s injuries, it’s fitness, it’s the refs, it’s bad luck, it goes on and on and on!

He was saying before yesterday’s game on Sky about how Rangers have managed C.V. better than most teams in Europe, as though there’s something suspect about it, then at the same time his team are going against the travel restrictions by going to Dubai for a week?

They have had more hand outs from the SPFL than anyone else, getting games moved, getting to replay the postponed matches at THEIR convenience and they are still chasing.

Beautiful Sunday 😂😂😂.

03 Jan 2021 17:01:36
Morelos was involved sticking up for his fellow teammate, Yately.
Great to see the camaraderie in the squad. 👍
Also interesting to see the blinkers are on by some on here regarding Kamara's involvement in the same incident as he raised his hands more times than Morelos? 🤔
Funny how Kamara isn't condemned by the could've / should've brigade.

03 Jan 2021 17:32:03
I may be getting cynical in my old age, but to send your captain on with the intention of getting an opposition player sent off, truly is an act of desperation by Lemon, and whingeing and moaning about referees decisions, - well he never moaned when they won the league cup against all the odds that day with an offside goal did he. The tide is turning and he hasn't got a clue how to deal with it!

03 Jan 2021 17:37:04
Morelos got involved as he can’t resist. He’s a hot head and won’t change.

03 Jan 2021 18:09:49
Yately on this occasion I did not have a problem with Alf getting involved. The tackle was a shocker on Kent.
Aribo, kamara in particular and tav were not slow in getting involved
I remember John brown sayin the team that fight together win together
Actually made me think Alf cared about his teammates.

03 Jan 2021 18:26:38
John25, no problem with Morelos getting involved yesterday, the problem is he does not know how to get himself involved without creating a further incident and getting booked. There is a skill to “getting involved”.

03 Jan 2021 18:48:54
Made me laugh there bankie, I can’t see that a skill Alf would learn any time soon, do u actually see Ajer bottle going when aribo gets in amongst it.

03 Jan 2021 19:04:27
I did John25 and agree Morelos would have difficulty graduating from that particular class. Brown sought to have Morelos sent off. Actually thought Madden handled the situation well.



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