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03 Jan 2021 11:33:11
Really good 3 points yesterday but brought back such memories.
My dad and brother were both at the old firm game at Ibrox 1971.
They always used stairway 13.

I remember as a kid waiting with my mum to hear from them after the news reports. They had both left before it happened and were totally oblivious to it. My dad had gone for a pint with mates and my brother had got a bus on Paisley Road with my uncle.
Days before mobile phones etc, waiting on news was torture.
Puts football into perspective.
Lost both of them now but l always think of them and all the families that lost loved ones at that awful tragedy.

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03 Jan 2021 12:11:46
remember going to ibrox from the late 60's on jings the crushing during and after the games was frightening to say the least. we used to stand beside the huge pillars up the copeland rd end and hang on to one an other for dear life . on a happier note though i remember being lifte over the turnstiles due to the kindness of the olice and stewards at that time . also remember the small blue cars arked all the way round the track also at the back of the dugout was a space that blind supporters would gather and there was a guy giving commentary for them now i think about it i see how helpful and ind people can be. also remember the the fighting circles when they would break out and then they would be pointed out to the police and ejected from the ground then there were the fans who if anyone got into difficulty the hankies scarves etc would be waved to attract the attention of the ambulance men ahh memories .

03 Jan 2021 12:28:05
The wee guy selling the macaroons.

03 Jan 2021 12:34:40
brian, we used to wear crash helmets in the 70s. When a fight broke out the non fighting fans would chant "Hooli Hooli Hooligans", but the noise at Ibrox was off the scales.

03 Jan 2021 13:05:48
Yes 55,selling the macaroons and the evening times newspaper and the way the guy selling the newspaper used to shout the words 'EVENING TIMES'😂Brings back memories when i was young and going to ibrox with my late dad 🙏I totally relate to your poignant post pacificShelfBunnet👍
My dad, my uncles and their pals always stood on staircase 13 and moved that fateful/ terrible day because it was more congested than usual! They were the lucky ones that day as they all returned home safe and well, sadly the 66 poor souls who perished didn't 😥😞God bless them 🙏🙏Its only 1 of my uncles who's still living from my family members and their pals who attended that game that day 😥God rest their souls 🙏.

03 Jan 2021 13:06:22
Yes 55, and the Pink Lint Rolls, and the 'Spearmint Chewing Gum, those were the days.

03 Jan 2021 13:11:39
remember it well brexit jam also the bottle and can throwing. worst i remember was up the celtic end in hampden scotland v brazil in 73friendly someone threw a pomagne bottle and hit a child infront of us it was his first match dad brought him down from fort william so sad . aye the terraces were dangerous places but the atmospere was amazing.

03 Jan 2021 13:25:37
Briangersfan, you mentioned the wee blue cars and the man selling macaroons and getting lifted over the turnstiles, wow, that's the exact memories I had. Were the blue cars mobility cars? I remember my dad telling me ' do not let go my hand ' I also remember when I was young the strong smell of urine!

03 Jan 2021 13:37:42
Days before mobile phones and 2 hours in an SMT bus with no radio, to get home. First I knew there was a problem was my mothers hand on the back of my head, then a cuddle.

03 Jan 2021 14:20:33
The stuck. You still get the smell of urine but it’s only when the mahnky mob are there.

03 Jan 2021 14:57:00
SGL do you remember the pink Citizen on a Saturday teatime, all the results.

03 Jan 2021 15:20:39
Usually the cans and bottles had been pissed into Brian.

03 Jan 2021 16:11:47
Dont know about that Brexit jam never drank out them! 🤣🤣😉.

03 Jan 2021 16:20:48
Always asking the guy with a radio. what's the half-time scores mate?

03 Jan 2021 16:48:14
Nice Post Brian gersfan. I remember all that and the half time scores going up on the trackside at the Copeland Rd end. We used to start at the Tim's end and if we were shooting into the other end after half time we went round to "see the goals". That's when you ran the gauntlet of getting pissed on from above.



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