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30 Dec 2020 07:35:44
Kent v Morelos. A tale of 2 players.
Kent's head has been turned by the offer from Leeds.
Kent has downed tools since Rangers rejected the supposed £10 million Leeds bid.
Kent has underperformed for weeks now.
Even though Kent is playing poorly he still attracts attention from opposition players leaving space for others to exploit.
Gerrard still picks Kent as he is the best option in his position.
Kent is a liability against Celtic after getting involved in a spat with Brown and receiving a retrospective punishment for an over exuberant goal celebration.
Swap Morelos for Kent in the above and you can see their is a clear agenda against Morelos. 👍.

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30 Dec 2020 09:50:30
don’t know if it’s just me
But i don’t get your post lol

Don’t think Kent has any way had his head turned and downed tools at all?

The boy runs his socks off and gets kicked from pillar to post and keeps his head
Some of his decisions going forward could be better
But look at the amount of games he’s played
If anything just needs a rest
He’s never acted unprofessional and never gave lip to the manager or showed contempt
He’s been a very professional player in every way
Very rarely sent off always available for selection

Morelos could learn a thing or two from Kent in his professional manner

So no idea what your post was about

Sorry 😕.

30 Dec 2020 10:09:53
Agree MPH but it won’t change the set in stone opinions even if he hits a hatrick this weekend.

30 Dec 2020 10:22:15
I don't care as long as one (preferably both) start scoring goals!

30 Dec 2020 10:36:20
So swinging a punch at Brown in an Old Firm game is being professional?
And how do you know he hasn't downed tools like Morelos apparently has?
And some of his decisions could be better? Have you watched his recent performances? He doesn't beat his man any more. Constantly gives the ball away in the final third and petulantly moans at the referee when he goes to ground far to easily and doesn't get the foul. Cumulating in a booking for diving when it was easier to stay in his feet and score!
All of the above have been aimed at Morelos recently.
I've no idea what your post was about Stig but you are welcome to an opinion. 👍.

30 Dec 2020 10:36:44
Potato that’s a strange post pal, maybe you have an agenda?

30 Dec 2020 11:02:51
Kent is leaving in the summer, head has been turned.

30 Dec 2020 11:17:51
Yes, Bgatew, I do have an agenda.
That we look at all players objectively and equally. Instead of giving our favourites an easy pass for similar actions that sees others vilified.
Thanks for your riveting input. 👍.

30 Dec 2020 11:22:18
Wash your mouth out John25. You can't bad mouth the wonderboy Kent on here! 😂
Though like I said in my original post, swap Morelos for Kent and you'll get plenty of back slapping from the usual suspects. 👍👀.

30 Dec 2020 11:29:04
Kent's head has not been turned and fredo owes us a hattrick although we'd settle for one goal👍.

30 Dec 2020 11:34:37
MPH i get what you are saying 100% mate but fredo is an easy target for some on here and they all live the boy wonder and he can’t do anything wrong.

Both need to play on Saturday for me 👍.

30 Dec 2020 11:54:34
Correct KJA9👍
I'm only playing devils advocate for debate.
We all know Kent is capable of a piece of magic even when he is playing as poorly as he is just now.
And whether Morelos scores of not, he always gives the Celtic defence a torrid time.

30 Dec 2020 11:57:34
listen i am all for slagging and complaining about any player that isn't playing well or makes a few mistakes. its the actual hounding players out of ibrox i object too. these are our players, the manager sees what we don't every single day. Morelos is an important player the way Gerrard has set the team up this year. Coldo doesn't yet see the change in positions that Alfie is getting into though its obvious to everyone else. use stats/ incidents to suit your agenda but miss all the other attributes is biased perspective to say the least.

30 Dec 2020 13:16:06
Agree both must play Saturday, Kent tends to turn it on against them and Alf drags the defence all over the place.

30 Dec 2020 13:28:21
If I remember correctly guys it was Kent who knocked back the deal He wanted to show loyalty to Gerrard for the faith shown in him and he also wanted to stay in Glasgow until his missus finished her uni degree? Remember he has been a journeyman so far in his career and probably wants to put down roots and find consistency before attempting the epl. IMO Kent isn’t good enough core epl and would get found out to be an absolute flop. Not slagging him off it’s just my oppinion and I hope I’m wrong when he does eventually go.



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