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29 Dec 2020 01:13:31
My 2nd transfer suggestion for the night, done it on rumours pager losing question could would should Kevin nisbet be an option with defoes age and losing Alfie, likely, to come in and play a role I. The Squad and see how he does his scoring record is phenomenal. 69 in 102 games. My next one I have for u guys to discuss is If arfields Injury is going to keep him out and jacks persistent problems coul we try and get young Gilmour on loan as an alternative to jack for the 2nd half of season and maybe try keep him next year on loan again to help him play 30 -40 games in a year title push and champions league football? Worth looking into it. My other suggestion is Armstrong at Southampton firstly could we afford him and if so he could be a replacement for arfields attacking prowess which we will miss nisbet at end of season and try get Gilmour in January to summer and offer him set amount of games while how much would it cost to get Armstrong could we afford it if we can then he'd be perfect to replace arfield. What do we think guys of the 3 suggestions?

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29 Dec 2020 07:48:24
1 i like nisbet i would take him defo.

2. Would take gilmour although never going to happen. Hopefully jacks not far away and arfield not too bad.

3. Armstrong is massive celtic fan and hates us really cannot see this ever happening.

29 Dec 2020 08:41:44
I have liked nisbett since he was at Dunfermline.

Billy gilmour can’t see us getting him on loan.

Would take Armstrong but don’t think we can afford him and he does get his game for Southampton so can’t see them selling.

29 Dec 2020 09:09:19
IGWT, I said the exact same on here months ago that after watching kevin nisbet at dunfermline several times,
we made a mistake in not signing him 🤔 I don't wear all this s***e on here ie. he's only playing in scotland with dunfermline then and now hibs etc and he's not good enough? He's good enough alright IMO and now there's several english clubs including sheff utd, very interested in signing him🤔He cost hibs a mere 250k, what a steal that was 👌 Nisbet has made the step up to hibs look very easy 👌I also said on here he's streets ahead of lawrence shankland! What's not like about young nisbet fellow bears 🤔
He's a very good/ natural finisher who's scoring goals with hibs, he's good in the air and with both feet,
he has a terrific attitude/ work ethic, he's quite fast, he can drag defenders out of position, so strong and can run the channels 👌 I rest my case 👍If we signed nisbet he would have got better and better and i truly believe this guy has a big future ahead of him, no matter who he eventually signs for after hibs and for the scottish national team!

29 Dec 2020 09:58:56
Young lad Nisbet certainly looks good although think we’ve probably passed on him by now. If Morelos and Defoe away next season think we will spend on a quality striker perhaps from Eastern Europe to compete with Roofe and Itten. Next season would also like one of own young strikers break thru from the youth team.

29 Dec 2020 10:18:00
I'll just wait to see what our management do guys.

29 Dec 2020 11:09:09
I'm not sure Nisbet would want a move to Ibrox as he would very likely not be a regular starter and he'll be wanting as much game time as possible to force himself into the Scotland squad for the Euros.

29 Dec 2020 11:34:21
Bankie what makes Eastern European strikers better than nisbett?

BLuebilly what’s the point of these sites if we can’t talk about signings etc. your response of wait and see what the management do is boring.

29 Dec 2020 11:42:17
1) Nisbet a maybe, although I would hope Itten steps up to the plate as a replacement for Fredo, I believe he has everything to be a great striker .
2) I have no interest in developing other teams players that we cannot sign permanently .
3) Armstrong starting and doing well in the EPL so not sure he would be an option .

29 Dec 2020 11:45:30
Bankie our young strikers not quite ready, Coombes to light. Weston a cracker only just turned 17, Graham best we have just 17.
Alegria if he signs will be pushing I think.

29 Dec 2020 11:55:50
What about McKee?

29 Dec 2020 12:15:47
Yes good again just a bit young and inexperienced for first team.
We have best crop 17; 18 year olds than we have had for 10-15 years IMO.

29 Dec 2020 12:26:03
The question isn't whether Nisbett is good enough in Scotland but whether he can score goals in the latter stages of the Europa League and hopefully next season the CL.
In both cases, it's a no from me.
Gilmour and Armstrong, I would have in a heartbeat as they improve the squad.

29 Dec 2020 12:37:26
John25, always a bit worried when we say our crop of youngsters have quality and promise and not quite ready. We’ve recently lived thru the Dallas, Hardie and Ruddy etc and told they had promise and would make the grade. Once a player reaches 18 don’t believe they progress much skill wise. We can all think of players who have made the breakthrough at 17-19 age group both at Ibrox and elsewhere.

29 Dec 2020 12:40:55
Anybody fancy dykes?

Kiddin on coops 😂😂😂😂😂.

29 Dec 2020 12:56:52
I haven't seen Nisbet play but his stats look great and I'm trusting Coops' judgement. Losing Morelos and Defoe in the summer is likely. Itten and Roofe are class but we'd need backup. If that's not workable for Nisbet and game time we could loan him back to Hibs.

29 Dec 2020 13:12:09
Should've signed him and loaned him to hibs or the sheep to develop him.

29 Dec 2020 13:32:56
Bankie, agree this crop are far better than three u mention.
Rudden struggles to get game at Patrick
Dallas can’t get game at Cambridge
Hardie gets odd game at Plymouth hardly scores
I wrote on here many a time the three u mention would not reach double figures for rangers
I feel same re Coombes and mebube
I think Graham and Weston will go all the way. Keep an eye on Graham.

29 Dec 2020 13:35:57
KJA9, that's why I'm on here mate to tell you what I'll be doing, is that not what the site is all about.

29 Dec 2020 13:46:39
I think that’s the route we need to go down guys is sign the best in Scotland and loan them out to a team suitable to there style, they either make the grade at ibrox long term or we sell them off down south for a small profit. There may always be the odd waste of money. But it’s successful for Chelsea to sign and loan out until players are ready for club or just not quite good enough so sell them on. It’s a good model. With regards nisbet I also haven’t seen much of him I’m going by numbers and hype and peoples opinions. But I think he may be worth a punt. I think we could maybe get Gilmour on loan tbh I wouldn’t rule it out as long as we garuntee game time. With Armstrong I take you’re points guys he probably happy where he is.

29 Dec 2020 14:06:18
I gerrard our finances don’t allow us to buy loan out and help other teams.

29 Dec 2020 14:11:54
James graham is the striker from ross county John25,is that correct mate 🤔.

29 Dec 2020 14:12:32
Good one GazzaLoyal 😂😂😂.

29 Dec 2020 14:29:29
Yes SGL, he is very very good player already.

29 Dec 2020 17:40:27
I get that John mate I do, my only answer to that is when we sell 2 or 3 and we will the board have said so, then now we would be on a stronger financial footing to then put that model in place but cheap n loan out to develop, hopefully coming into the team in 1 or 2 years. Coming back every year for pre season. If it doesn’t work out sell on for a profit. It’s a good model in theory but I do understand we may struggle to do that financially mate.

29 Dec 2020 18:29:46
Not for me I gerrard, not a good model IMO.

29 Dec 2020 20:09:10
Chelsea have something crazy like 40 odd players out on loan all in I'm sure lol.



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