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23 Dec 2020 20:39:00
Said it last week Morelos should be classed as 4th striker now, he shouldn't have been put on before Itten or defoe.

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23 Dec 2020 20:50:24
4th choice u having a laugh.

23 Dec 2020 20:57:50
He's not doing himself justice sweep, every other ST we have is scoring goals in this 'new position' and the sitter he missed tonight, surely we are entitled to expect better from a ST that our club values more than 16mil. 👍.

23 Dec 2020 21:01:08
Don’t talk utter rubbish.

23 Dec 2020 21:18:57
Yea I think that’s total nonsense to sweep.

23 Dec 2020 21:43:11
Why all this defence of Alfie, he hasn't earned this sort of support this season and some of last season, he's not doing the job well enough or showing enough to start before the other 3 strikers, just my opinion, I know a few will disagree.

23 Dec 2020 21:44:26
Ok guys, who's the no.1 choice rangers striker ATM 🤔.

23 Dec 2020 21:55:39
Kemar Roofe.

23 Dec 2020 21:59:34
Every player in the squad is playing their part, why wouldn't we defend "Alfie" or any other player in the squad that has got us 16 points clear at the top at Christmas? I include Stewart and Barker in this.

23 Dec 2020 22:01:30
Surely we all want to win the league this year
I’m going to assume everyone is a yes to this question

So why would anyone want a striker on who’s not scoring goals let him play from the bench and prove he can start hitting the net like the rest are doing

Let the strikers who’s scoring goals start the game?
that’s a simple black abs white answer whether you fancy him or not
just because I love my wife I certainly wouldn’t want her as the teams no1 striker

Come on you lot give yourself a shake
We want the league this year so Inform players play not your best pals
Goodness me 😉.

23 Dec 2020 22:09:26
is there such a thing. the way gerrard has the team playing there is usually 2 so called strikers playing on any game. still think morelos gives defense the biggest headaches.

23 Dec 2020 22:10:06
Defoe can’t start and was rank rotten against mwell didn’t do enough running to start every week I would only have him off the bench.

Itten has been hit and miss

Roofe is outstanding most games but in y opinion better as right forward or whatever you like to call it.

Fredo mostly miss this season but his link up play and taking CH all over the place has helped others get in behind to score.

Just my 2 bobs worth guys.

23 Dec 2020 22:14:12
Won't be long until he gets sent off again imo and puts us under pressure. I'd much rather play with any of the other 3 strikers, we scored 8 goals in 2 and a half games without him, he's not as big a player as people on here think.

23 Dec 2020 22:14:32
Kemar roofe coop👍.

24 Dec 2020 02:12:31
See the usual suspects can't admit the player in question is just woeful at the moment.

24 Dec 2020 05:52:09
What is it with you coldo? Always having a dig about this “ new position” as you call it. The guy is seriously lacking in confidence in front of goal and his miss was woeful but can you not at least admit his all round play was class again when he came on? Weapon.

24 Dec 2020 07:40:34
Although i've said that roofe is currently rangers no.1 striker, i remain and always will remain a big fan of morelos! He's going through a bad time of it ATM, but undoubtedly will come back to form again ie. form is temporary, class is permanent 👌🇬🇧.

24 Dec 2020 07:41:19
See the usual posters can't see what alfie brings to the game apart from goals! Glad Gerrard does 👍.

24 Dec 2020 08:59:47
Captav, every other ST we have is scoring goals in this 'new position' that people are using as an excuse to defend fredo for not scoring. Weapon👍.

24 Dec 2020 09:36:08
The usual sarcasm is coming to the fore regarding Morelos. IMO in his first 2 years he was never outside the 18 yard box, a bit like Jimmy Greaves, and this season he is linking up play like never before. I admit at this moment he would not score in a bro@@! l, his confidence is shot, last night is an example. I agree his frustration could/ will get him in trouble, but I would start him alongside Roofe. He is not scoring but is more a team player now.

24 Dec 2020 09:57:49
Coldo I have asked u before and will ask u again why does the manager keep playing him.

24 Dec 2020 10:19:46
John you won't get a straight answer! This is the guy that keeps seeing a 4 4 2 formation 🤣🤣.

24 Dec 2020 10:21:02
Fredo was dropped earlier in the season John when he was poor and he was dropped again last night. If roofe keeps going the way he is the manager won't have to play fredo. Why did the manager play ojo, worrall etc when we had better players. Who knows John. 👍.

24 Dec 2020 10:40:51
We played 442 2nd half v liege and it won us the game barrow👍.

24 Dec 2020 11:21:15
Coldo can u explain why SG and McAllister refer to Alf new position.
And being the tactical genius you think u r, can you not see definitely and roofe don’t play the same position as Alf in terms of appearing in own half and defend set pieces.

24 Dec 2020 11:59:46
Coldo you've claimed on three different occasions that we have reverted to a 4 4 2 system! Do you still believe this and as I asked then! Explain?

24 Dec 2020 12:19:15
John why does fredo play this 'new role' but when we have roofe or itten or defoe through the middle they don't play the 'new role'. Forgot more than you know. 👍.

24 Dec 2020 13:00:58
Ah Coldo reverting to type - how do you know what John knows?

I'm pretty sure that SG has forgotten more than you'll ever know.

Morelos has a different skill set from Roofe, Defoe etc hence he is asked to play a role that the others cant.

If you have an open mind it's pretty easy to understand but it feels like you just want to be proved right.

24 Dec 2020 13:23:01
No mention of John's revert to type dig DK? I have been proved correct many times when it comes to fredo. Barrow we played 442 2nd half v liege and it won us the game👍.

24 Dec 2020 13:37:14
Coldo we didn't! You base that on what?

24 Dec 2020 13:49:22
Barrow we did👍.

24 Dec 2020 14:46:35
Coldo we never!

24 Dec 2020 16:14:36
Coldo, in my opinion John is entitled to bite back on occasion but usually just gives an alternative opinion.

You ram your opinions repeatedly down our throats even though they are more often wrong than right.

24 Dec 2020 18:10:41
What is my revert to type dig, must have touched a nerve with the guy that regularly demonstrates he knows nothing about tactics
I’ll go with SG.



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