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20 Dec 2020 09:24:08
Are there any motherwell fans that come on this site for a wee look? If so how do you justify that approach yesterday? Motherwell had 18% of the ball and most of that was spent just booting the ball either up field to nobody or out of the park. Here's a word of advice for any coach thinking of adopting the same tactics, make sure your team can keep it up for 90 mins and not tire badly after 75. With no out ball to a striker to hold up and give your defence a chance to catch their breath it was 90 mins of intensity for them where as our center halfs were playing as attacking mids.
Of course a team can play any way they see fit to win or steal a point but that would get football stopped.

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20 Dec 2020 09:51:57
Motherwell can play whatever way they want to regardless of how brutal it is. Rangers, or any other team, do not have any right expecting teams to play the way they want them to, that's not how it works.
Motherwell came to Ibrox with a plan to nullify our play, and for over 70 minutes, it worked. As much as it was painful to watch, they nearly got a result, but they didn't!
This isn't going to be the last time we see this tactic, so suck it up lads, it's going to be a tough watch.

20 Dec 2020 10:05:07
Yep bmg.

Itl not be the last we see similar tactics. We just need to find solutions.

20 Dec 2020 10:10:15
Walter smith european tactics?

20 Dec 2020 10:12:32
Spot on BMG. 👍.

20 Dec 2020 10:19:37
We were never that bad, Paul! Granted, it wasn't open, fast flowing and easy on the eye football, but it was better than what we witnessed yesterday.

20 Dec 2020 10:32:07
At least Walter played with a striker, Paul86.👍
And it was a tactical masterstroke by Gerrard to take off the ineffective Kamara and Arfield against a 5-5-0 formation and replace them with Aribo and Hagi who have much more guile to try and unlock a packed defence.
Horses for courses. 👍.

20 Dec 2020 10:37:23
Yup, as you guys say It def won't be the last time we see park the bus teams and it is up to the opposition teams to find a way round it.

Although it sticks in my craw to say it, timco generally can get round those park the buser's (well no recently ha ha) .

20 Dec 2020 10:38:07
Might not have been exactly the same but Its was still parking the bus, anti football tactics BMG. I remember at the time we got a lot of grief for playing in that manner. There will be plenty more game like that, we will have to adapt our tactics. 👍.

20 Dec 2020 11:09:46
The team is crying out for a bit of steel. Jack has it but too often on injury list, lungstram the answer.

20 Dec 2020 11:20:51
If other teams play like Motherwell not only is it a drain on them but also us. We need that solid squad to allow some rest from games like that.

20 Dec 2020 11:22:23
Motherwell played nothing like rangers did in that European run! And yes they have every right to set up anyway they want! Just like we have the right to condemn it.

20 Dec 2020 11:42:38
I haven't talked to a single Scotland fan that defended leven when he played 5-5-0 that time, it was actually embarrassing and I was wondering if the well fans were embarrassed or happy to play that way.

20 Dec 2020 11:46:49
Teams are allowed to play whatever style they want to. It's up to Rangers to break them down and get goals in any way necessary.
What was pleasing yesterday was the team kept going and we didn't rely on set pieces to get the goals.
Onto the next "most important game of the season" v St Johnstone.

20 Dec 2020 12:15:00
Well were happy to play that way with their goal Jyf mate.

20 Dec 2020 12:34:33
Condemn it all you want mate, but I thought it was only the tims that done entitlement?
Instead of condemning it, I would suggest you accept that's how it's going to be, and as much as you, and others, don't like it, you better get used to it.
Every team we come up against now in the league will be the ones hoping more than anything that they'll be the team to derail us this season. There will be no favours! No one likes us, we don't care!

20 Dec 2020 12:46:49
Rangers uefa cup run is nothing like the way Motherwell played yesterday nothing at all.

All but one mwell fan (my cousin) I have spoke too about the game have all been disgusted with the way they set up yesterday and said they got what they deserved.

But the manager decides how they play and that’s they way they went.

20 Dec 2020 13:19:28
Jyf a team can set up with whatever tactics they want. It’s for us too break them down.
How would u like st Johnstone to set up Wednesday.
The reality yesterday despite there set up we commanded the game, made plenty chances and scored three goals
If you watch there players they tired significantly last thirty.
This was due to amount of work they had to do covering our ball movement in their half.
As someone pointed out helander and goldston were like attacking mids.
We countered their tactics very well.

20 Dec 2020 13:21:30
BMG entitlement? And yes I will condemn it in a footballing sense because its bloody awful to watch! I understand why they did it! But it doesn't change that fact! My opinion get used to it.

20 Dec 2020 13:41:57
Get used to what? Are you serious?
Oh dear! 🤣🤣.



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