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19 Dec 2020 18:29:27
Just wanted to say those tactics from Motherwell show exactly why no tv company wants to pay big bucks for the rights to our game. It was an embarrassment to Scottish football. I get they done it to try and get a result but why would someone from outside of the rangers or Motherwell fan base want to tune in to watch 11 men behind a ball with 0 attempt to try muster even a counter attack. Very hard fought win today and the kind of performance we have not seen in previous seasons. Subs were correct and at the correct time changing the game in our favour. Well done SG and the team today showed what we are made of!

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19 Dec 2020 18:43:33
Great Post penny and absolutely bang on Its so infuriating to watch that motherwell was looking for a draw and how there goaly never got booked for blatant time wasting 😠 A real good dug out win and it's games like this that will win us the league. Good substitution from Steven and at the right time. Arfield for me is very much lacking and I hate to say it but Defoe is finished but mind you if his effort early doors would have went in it could have been so much different. Merry Xmas to all my fellow rangers fans.

19 Dec 2020 18:48:27
They tactics got us to a uefa cup final. You can't blame motherwell for playing their game. Teams have been doing it against us for decades. It was clear from the first 20 min that we would have to change it up, the game was desperate for an 'itten'. All day we fired crosses in to 5ft 6 defoe. That was our only option as they sat with 2 banks of 5 on their 18 yard box. I'm surprise it took Gerrard as long to change it. That was a huge 3 points. Expect more games like that as teams will work us out. I hope Gerrard has learned from that. 👍.

19 Dec 2020 18:53:38
Totally agree chaps. I mentioned this on an earlier post. Motherwell were happy to sit and defend and invite Rangers to try and get passed their defence. Well they did 3 times. Absolutely fantastic, Rangers did not give up and their persistence is credible. Motherwell got what they deserved for playing negative football.

19 Dec 2020 18:54:17
I have a feeling there is going to be more of the same as teams will think it’s the only way to get something at Ibrox
Boring and unimaginative but not a lot can be done to stop it
We tried hard and got through it but this is where the squad comes in, strength in depth
The new subs rule is helping us no end.

19 Dec 2020 19:08:25
No coincidence that we struggle against this tactic when we don’t have Morelos.

Ignoring the fact that he made himself unavailable it’s pretty clear that he is not the liability or empty shirt that some claim.

19 Dec 2020 19:13:55
Exactly Coldo! We have no right to expect teams to play open, expansive football, it doesn't work that way.
If teams want to play 11 men behind the ball, that's their choice, and we need to find a way to beat them. Like today!

19 Dec 2020 19:15:41
The fact that he did though DK makes him a liability👍.

19 Dec 2020 19:22:03
Fully get it’s what they had to do to try get something from the game but at the same time it’s completely ruining the reputation of the Scottish game. How can we possibly attract more lucrative tv deals when that’s the kind of football being played. I also know we got to uefa final playing very defensive football but we did also try to attack when possible. As soon as mwell scored there was no attempt to try play attacking football even a quick counter it was litterslly 2 banks of 5 sitting in the box which then turned to a 6 4 0 which I’m sorry defeats the purpose in a game of football. Our game desperately needs revenue especially in the times we are in and football like that is going to be the reason we will never get it.

19 Dec 2020 19:34:30
How is he not a liability DK?
Why was he not playing today.
He holds the record for getting sent off the most times in a season so his stats say he's a massive liability.

19 Dec 2020 19:37:49
100% correct DK we have missed him and yes it’s his fault but doesn’t get away from the fact we have missed him hopefully he is back Wednesday with a bang.

19 Dec 2020 19:37:52
Coldo I never seen us play a 5-5-0 or 7-3-0 on our uefa cup run.

19 Dec 2020 20:04:00
Exactly g4rry it’s nowhere near the same as the uefa cup run.

19 Dec 2020 20:16:38
An early goal for us is vital in games like today. Make teams have to come out a bit.

19 Dec 2020 20:17:32
Three cheers he does not hold the record Ryan Jack does first season at rangers.

19 Dec 2020 20:18:00
541 then garry, you're splitting hairs. We parked the bus. 👍.

19 Dec 2020 20:31:31
Well I for one would rather have that particular liability in our team most games than not at all.

19 Dec 2020 20:36:32
robinson the new craig levein, scunnered face wee rat, all our goals were mistakes, no mention of their goal.

19 Dec 2020 20:41:27
Coldo youve got to win games to get to europa finals so your wrong to say way played that way we did have a good defence but we never played that way like motherwel.

19 Dec 2020 20:48:32
5-4-1 is hardly splitting hairs, 5-5 is craig levein scotland tactics lambasted then and no different today.

19 Dec 2020 20:56:26
See end of day a team play whatever tactics they think will get them a point or a win.
Motherwell tactics would have done them no good if we had not lost such a sloppy goal or one off defoes efforts had went in b4 they scored.
Off teams adopting that tactic against us probably would not score early IMO.

20 Dec 2020 08:31:27
W hoever mentioned us getting the early goal in games such as yesterdays was spot on, they would've had to come out then, and we would have beat them more easily. I thought Itten was very good when he came on yesterday, on Wednesday very few chances were there for our strikers, but late on yesterday they were. Brilliant 3 points which can't be underestimated, as we gained against all our nearest challenges.



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