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14 Dec 2020 18:26:26
Hey guys, wee post here on Morelos.

1st thing he should have had a red card yesterday. but ref and officials missed it.

2nd, a lot of people on here not happy with Morelos because he's not scoring. But if you look at his game play. He drops deep to get the ball ( brings defenders with him ) and allows Tav to push forward.

3, I'm like many ok here wanting the guy to hit the back of the net. but I think his game play this season has been great! Maybe he's missing that atmosphere of the fans getting on his back to push him.

4, if you watch the way he plays for his country it's all across the top. Maybe that's where he is comfortable and we ain't relying him to get us the goals, but I think Ally hit the nail on the head on commentary - quote, how will the rest of the league feel when Morelos and Kent start hitting form again.

Thoughts guys?

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14 Dec 2020 18:39:43
Fifa guy ref never missed it, he took action, wrong action IMO
I’m reasonably satisfied with how he plays.

14 Dec 2020 18:41:51
Fifa guy for me he had 2 freshair swipes at goal inside the box, miscontrolled a great through ball which would have left a tap in then got in tavs way after and also missed a sitter of a header from 5yards that's simply not good enough when we've got plenty options in the shape of roofe defoe and cedric he needs left out for a couple of weeks we can't afford passengers.

14 Dec 2020 18:44:25
The ref never missed it as he booked him for it.

He should have been sent off but wasn’t.

14 Dec 2020 18:57:06
The dreadful 'new role' talk being hinted yet again. He's been woeful all season. Do people really think he's missing sitters now in order to fulfill a new role?

14 Dec 2020 19:18:07
BlueWouldDo, i honestly never thought morelos was a natural finisher TBH anyway 🤔He always seemed to hammer the ball with power all the time,
when the more natural goalscorer finishes at times by passing/ placing the ball into the net! Look at the way super ally could change his finishing ability, his current teammate defoe and so on, those strikers are natural finishers 👌.

14 Dec 2020 19:38:14
I would bet we all would really prefer Alfie to get back to his winning ways but not his tantrums and getting red carded again.

Stevie must be trying to see what position is most beneficial to the team rather than playing him as our main striker every game.

That's what I think anyway right or wrong. Only Steve and staff know for sure.

14 Dec 2020 19:38:49
Defoe and itten are scoring goals in that 'new role'👍.

14 Dec 2020 19:49:18
Coldo Defoe doesn’t play that role and never has 👍

Itten has scored one goal in that role 👍.

14 Dec 2020 19:49:59
BWD have a day of.

14 Dec 2020 20:02:54
Got to laugh coldo the tactical genius, Defoe is not asked to come back, into his own half or defend corners or free kicks. Itten is, but has scored three goals to date.
For both u experts on Morelos are u saying SG is a liar when he says Morelos is being asked to come back, link up, and create space for mates same as firmino does at Liverpool.
Try answer the question, because every time I ask you two it not one has the guts to answer.

14 Dec 2020 20:12:32
Ferries, I couldn't agree with everything you said, and sgl, I have always said alfie is not and never will be a natural finisher, nor is he even a good finisher, he's exactly what you said, a battering ram, who smashes the ball most of the time, often from utterly ridiculous areas and his heads like a 20p piece, often the ball runs down his neck and comes off his shoulder, or goes in completely the opposite direction from his forehead, now, being from an era of players like DJ, McNiel, Jackson, followed by Hatley, butcher, goughy I know a thing or 2 about players who could head a ball straight through the net from the halfway line, so I get angry when alfie can't hit the net from 2 yards, but this is the point, he isn't a good finisher, and his pathetic behaviour has been defended now for over 2 years, he's made it perfectly clear on many occasions that he doesn't want to be here, yet still they defend the indefensible, its quite strange how some people talk of " when he returns to form " eh " what season is that going to be in then?

14 Dec 2020 20:23:56
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Alfie part of the team that has went 27 game undefeated. Yet some of our fans want rid of him, I just don't get it.
I'm old enough to remember super ally and big hately getting the same response of sell them ect from an element of our support. Get behind the guy he has been brill for us.

14 Dec 2020 20:32:32
Agree fifaguy morelos is only in the team either because he is giving his all and playing the role the manager wants him too. Otherwise he wouldn't be playing. Theirs a reason he is rangers and scotlands top goalscorer in european history and it certainly isn't because he is garbage. The guy is class and isn't scoring at the same rate as we aren't relying on him as much to be our main focal point. The guy always puts in a shift and the fact he sometimes has a face like a bulldod chewing a wasp is a good thing for me. It shows the guy has passion and cares. I also see him smiling and joining in the celebrations of other goalscorers but people don't point this out. Would u rather he was gutless like eduard over at the other mob who literally is a waste of a jersey. Morelos will guarantee u a shift huffy and passionate or not the guy wears his heart on his sleeve which ain't a bad thing. And he is a rangers player so let's back him. Probably the same guys who want rid as the ones who wanted rid of tav not too long ago. Support all our players. Esp ones who have literally written themselves into rangers history. In gerrard we trust. Support el Buffallo like our manager does.

14 Dec 2020 20:37:32
Sgl your bang on the money about norelos and his finishing in front of goal. His goal record over the past couple of seasons has been good but he just lacks that little bit of finess, bit of class to vary his finishing. Totally agree that most of his goals (scored a few crackers in the air to be fair, feyenoord springs to mind) are just hard drives at goal. If he had that bit of flair about him to mix it up he would have scored a lot more.

14 Dec 2020 21:16:59
Agree with Steven Gerrard loyal Morelos was never a great finisher he just seemed to do the job always rifled it man I don’t want to be controversial but I never seen him as a great centre forward number nine goalscorer x.

14 Dec 2020 21:19:48
Regardless of whether it's a new role or not his work outside the box has been good this season but he looks way short of confidence when shooting or in a position to.

That being said he was poor all round yesterday. He could probably do with being out of the team for a couple of games. Hopefully he rediscovers his form coming off the bench.

14 Dec 2020 21:22:13
The 'new role' must mix up the squad roles, a lot of defenders getting on the score sheet👍.

14 Dec 2020 21:29:11
Fergie, that was meant to say I couldn't agree more with what you said.

14 Dec 2020 21:31:39
Did itten not score two at fir park playing through the middle KJA9? Why is defoe not playing the fredo role when he is through the middle John?

Why would we reject 16mil if we wanted more but then play him in a role where he doesn't score as many which will drop his value to less than what we rejected. That doesn't make any sense. Why is only fredo playing this new role but defoe isn't? 👍.

14 Dec 2020 21:34:00
Its him who's been trying to leave mate, constantly for 2 years, I suppoted him at ibrox and abroad, until I got sick of his selfish and pathetic behaviour, had he been scottish he would have been slaughtered and cast aside,

14 Dec 2020 22:28:24
Still not answered questions. U have proved u r not the tactical genius you claimed to be. Coldo.

14 Dec 2020 23:19:54
He's been abysmal all season, some on here must be watching different games. Does missing embarrassing sitters come as part of the role? He's more of a nuisance to the team nevermind opponents.

14 Dec 2020 23:31:32
The one thing i do know even at the now tender age of 38,is jermain defoe is an absolute thoroughbred 👌
Easily the best/ most natural finisher at ibrox, who's clever movement in and around the box is still better than any other striker currently on our books 👌I can't sing this wee man's praises enough 👍Defoe has the full package still for me, although i do understand its game management with gerrard on when to play defoe! Our manager is managing defoe superbly well! Morelos who i'll reiterate i rate,
should absorb every ounce of defoe's full package to become that top striker and be able to play in better leagues during his career!

15 Dec 2020 01:07:17
Does missing embarrassing sitters come with this new role?



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