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23 Nov 2020 20:10:34
Over the last six games, Rangers are the club side with the best form in THE WORLD. ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ.

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23 Nov 2020 20:24:26
That's interesting Snell. ๐Ÿ˜‰
I'd never have thought of that.
Long may it continue. ๐Ÿ‘

23 Nov 2020 20:33:44
One swallow does not a summer make.

23 Nov 2020 22:17:08
Agreed Bankie, let's hope this form continues through and into the new year.

23 Nov 2020 23:58:39
Stop the count XD.

24 Nov 2020 00:24:12
Long as deecee stops posting about 55 everyday, long long way to go, , and Rangers were flying last Xmas, so much so they were favourites to win the league, and some fans had already bought the 55 scarves, , i'm sure gerards got that at the back of his head and will keep it hatched down for the foreseeable.

24 Nov 2020 01:36:44
The Glenbuck Cherrypickers once went 125 games undefeated, in the Glenbuck and district world championships, played in, Glenbuck, every Sunday when the shearing was done and the cherries had been destoned and pickled in syrup, they're only Defeat, a closely contested cup semi finals match against Glenbuck Cherrypickers BC, went to penalties after the BC couldn't stay out any longer as it was Monday the next day and the goalkeepers mum was up early for her shift at the big house, and it was getting dark, , after a thrilling game the Glenbuck Cherrypickers were finally defeated by 32-31, and the Glenbuck Cherrypickers BC went on to international glory, beating the Inter Milanda Nursery in the old fairs Cup, leading to Milanda calling for the European governing body to disqualify the Cherrypickers BC, for no other reason than they got beat, and they claimed at least 5 Bc players were showing signs of having illicit pocket money, its no fairs was they're call, they wrote letters, in crayon, to everyone from the head nursery teacher and the jannie, to the head of skool uniforms, claiming the Cherrypickers had worn undeclared strips and they also claimed an ice cream van had deliberately set its chimes off when they were taking a penalty but failed to mention that 4 Cherrypickers men ran off to get a cone and a bottle of ginger before returning and sharing a fag with half the milanda team, the strip situation was explained by the Glenbuck Cherrypickers board that they had originally declared they're strips as being manufactured by New Balance, but they were changed to Castore, after they're former star midfielder and board member SuperCooper had got mixed up with all the deals being done every Friday, , and so the Cherrypickers went on to become Legendary, in Glenbuck and the surrounding area, and they still talk of the good old days down the Glenbuck and surrounding area social club, known in the local area as the GASAS, club, , a true story, honest.

24 Nov 2020 07:17:48
Tom, you ok?

24 Nov 2020 07:53:19
Morphine mode, but I began to believe it,

24 Nov 2020 07:58:53
Tomthumb. Before you phone your GP to make an appointment (which I suggest you do) you cannot compare last season or the season before with this season. This Rangers squad is strong, deep and are flying in every game. If we are still at least 14 points ahead in January after the Celtic game then we WILL win #55. We are a totally different kettle of fish this season. Good luck with your appointment. Psychologists can do wonders nowadays.

24 Nov 2020 08:18:54
Thanks very much for your concern and your advice Doiger, now please use your obvious intellect how and why โ€œ you canโ€™t compare last years team with this years โ€œ, thatโ€™s a very strange concept isnโ€™t it, can I compare last years Xmas with this years? Or last seasons European champions with this years? Or indeed last Sundayโ€™s steak pie with the one I had 3 months ago, the simple answer to all of that, is quite obviously โ€œ YESโ€ I can compare them, and everything else, now explain in your own words again, why I โ€œ canโ€™t โ€œ compare? Il hold off on the doctor advice thanks.

24 Nov 2020 08:19:50
And btw doiger, I never at any time compared the team to last years did I?

24 Nov 2020 08:36:29
The key for me on this season's squad to last season's squad is from the bench now, we can replace quality with quality ๐Ÿ‘Œ That for me will make the difference this season, along with the tweak of the system, where gerrard has our players interchanging constantly, making it hard for the opposition to mark ๐Ÿ‘
The players are playing the system superbly and without shouting its over, because its not, or anything like that, this is why i do fancy us to win the league title this season ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™.

24 Nov 2020 08:46:03
Important question Tom. Which steak pie was better? ๐Ÿคค.

24 Nov 2020 08:55:39
You might as well have compared a 3-month old steak pie to previous Rangers teams as the comparison is similar. Good luck mate. It is only banter.

24 Nov 2020 09:25:07
Nobody compared anything, I simply said it was far too early for talking of 55: it was you who jumped in, but yes youโ€™re right, itโ€™s banter,

Great steak pie in Blackadders, maryhill rd, expensive but good, and in muirhead.

24 Nov 2020 09:26:54
That was pure funny as fck.

24 Nov 2020 09:56:23
I'll take over from Deecee.
55 incoming!
We're a totally different side from last year.
Defensively tight at the back.
Scoring goals from all over the park.
Quality on the bench.
Playing some lovely football.

24 Nov 2020 10:32:33
is shorts pie shop / bakery still going it was on the pollokshaws road shawlands now that was a pie with no comparison.

24 Nov 2020 11:10:58
Best butchers and steak pie ever. Blackadders, Maryhill Road.
I make 100 mile round trip to buy here.

24 Nov 2020 12:04:08
Please send me one of these steak pies as I live 500 miles away from Glasgow!

24 Nov 2020 14:01:54
English lesson for today
Here you go Tom. A couple of full stops for you to use in forthcoming posts.
Remember though, one is followed by a capital letter.
Ps . new paragraphs can be a bonus .

24 Nov 2020 14:26:48
Doiger u would not be disappointed.

24 Nov 2020 22:24:16
Thats whT I said John,

Mols, give me peace son.

24 Nov 2020 23:39:58
Briangersfan, I'm sure Shorts were taken over by Brownings of Kilmarnock. I agree about their pies, we used to come out the Ritz Ballroom in Irvine at 1am, and get a roll with a mine and onion pie on, delicious.



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