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16 Nov 2020 22:25:36
Watched Benfica game again and crying out for a Ross McCrorie in the final 20 minutes to inject athleticism and physical edge to close the game out.

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16 Nov 2020 23:52:40
That’s a very good shout bankie. I e still not seen th game mate I went to my pals n she didn’t have it on total waste was raging but anyway. I said McCrorie was/ is a great player for Europe and old firm he’s a similar player in that defensive mid role to bus quest in his physique and style. Can’t believe he didn’t make the grade as he’s a great player.

17 Nov 2020 03:34:07
Don't get that bankie, Rangers had plenty players to close it out, on the pitch and the bench, it was 2 minutes man, surely we had players capable of holding out for 2 minutes, ? If your saying memories was the only player who could see the game out then we're not a good team at all, because mcrorie was about 8th on the midfield pecking order, nope fraid that's just pish mate,

17 Nov 2020 07:14:08
We should have closed it out without the need for McCrorie.
Airfield should never have released 3ball forward that he did and we could have broken play up with z couple more subs.

17 Nov 2020 07:55:17
Why is there always a rush to look at negatives, we are in great shape in a good group, and flying in the league, we have identified the need to be smarter in our game management, and I wouldn't think it will happen again. Inwards and Upwards for us.

17 Nov 2020 09:21:06
So McCrorie is to sit on a bench most of the season until we need him for a 20 minutes every so often, boy has a career to think about.

17 Nov 2020 09:24:54
McCrorie isn't good enough. Even if he hadn't been moved on he wouldn't have made the European squad. Honestly, the urge to remember players as better than they actually were is holding you back from seeing facts! We would have gladly accepted the draw in Benfica pre-match and the fact that a draw has pissed us off shows how far we have actually come!

17 Nov 2020 10:50:16
Sorry lads, I’m struggling to see what all this fuss is about with McCrorie. Average player at best who lost his man twice at the goals in the recent semi at Hampden. We’ve conceded seven goals this season and are dictating games better than before, so why all the fuss? Would he get anywhere near the squad?

17 Nov 2020 11:17:17
After an Old Firm game remember Gerrard saying McCrorie was an animal out their today, he covered every inch and broke up play all over the pitch, he was a special player out their today.

17 Nov 2020 11:41:24
Do the bouncy mccrorie was a shoe in for Europa league squad, learn the rules re home grown players.

17 Nov 2020 11:59:49
Banking and more recently mccrorie helped cost Aberdeen goals at hampden!

17 Nov 2020 13:49:40
John25, I know the rules. Do you really think a man who wanted away from a manager who doesn't rate him would have made the squad? Grow up, dry your eyes and accept that he's just not that good.

17 Nov 2020 15:34:05
Do the bouncy I believe u knew the rules, always a first I suppose.

17 Nov 2020 16:29:36
Ffs I have heard it all know McCrorie would have got us the win 🙈.

17 Nov 2020 17:42:48
kJ ah no it’s great what some think, as I have written before as much as I liked Ross he is not the standard we require.
I wish him well though.

17 Nov 2020 18:10:05
Do the bouncy course he would have made the squad. Weve not been able to name a full quota for europa due to homegrown rule, mcrorie in one of free spaces as homegrown. learn the rules as u clearly don't know them 👍.

18 Nov 2020 01:31:17
Herewego, yea let's keep him he fills the space for young scot, in europe, amazin.

18 Nov 2020 17:20:54
I didn't say that. Just pointed out s guy saying he wouldn't have made the europa squad while claiming to know the rules regarding this. Merely pointing out of course he would have made squad as he counts ad homegrown, not hard.



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