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15 Nov 2020 16:21:24
I might be wrong
But I'm not a Ferguson fan don't see what he would bring to our team that we don't already have and I think there is and will be a lot better out there for us
The better we play in Europe win this league we will have real pulling power and also have funds available to go on and strengthen

I'd be very surprised if we went for Ferguson and if we did I think he would find it hard to cement a first team place
Imho 😊.

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15 Nov 2020 16:50:15
Totally agree Stig.
At this moment in time Ferguson gets nowhere near our team. 👍.

15 Nov 2020 17:14:57
He is the best young midfielder in Scotland and that’s the kind of players we should be going for it’s that simple.

15 Nov 2020 17:31:44
Like I say KJ I could be wrong
But I just don’t get or see what all the hype is about him to be honest
He’s no where near What Barry Ferguson was at the same age and I say a big Nowhere near the same level

Not for me - but I could be proved wrong 😊.

15 Nov 2020 17:36:52
Alot of the same people who don't want ferguson also still pissed of we let Docherty go. no sayin this is yous btw 😂😂😂.

15 Nov 2020 18:08:47
Docherty was nowhere near good enough either.
Ferguson maybe the young player of the year in Scotland but we aren't exactly blessed with talent, so it isn't a vindication he is good enough for Rangers.
And who would Docherty or Ferguson replace in our starting 11? Kamara? Davis? Jack? Arfield?

15 Nov 2020 18:52:40
Anyone thinks at least 4 players won’t be sold in jan/ summer are seriously misinformed, this is why young promising players must be bought cheaper than what goes out, simply economically sound and will help Rangers go forward without financial concerns, Ferguson is a good player, so is Kenny McLean, and both rangers fans, don’t get the instant dislike of youngsters who are obviously recognised elsewhere as good players, is it that they’re Rangers fans? It’s strange but some have a problem with that, doesn’t happen with other clubs fans, and anyone thinks Ferguson isn’t good enough must also think they know better than the manager and the people who voted him ypoy.

15 Nov 2020 18:59:11
Doc is bang average and will never be good enough for us.

15 Nov 2020 19:02:42
We need more than 11 players bluebell. Davis has one more season tops, afield getting on a bit. Think we will lose kamara, may not sign zungu dependinds how loan goes. We will sign at least 1 poss 2 midfielders next summer.

15 Nov 2020 19:33:18
Tom I can usually follow your posts
But you lost me on that one buddy?

question mate where in my post did I say I know for a fact?
And where did I say I know more then the manager?
And where does it say we’re definitely buying him or Rangers even interested?

Please re-read the post mate as I think you must have read it wrong, I said in my opinion and I also said I could be proved wrong
Wasn’t stating a fact just my opinion mate 😊

Oh and it’s nothing to do with being a rangers fan all the better in my opinion if a player comes int here already a big fan of the club
So nothing to do with him being a rangers fan why I don’t honk he’s good enough
Again didn’t really follow your post tonight and usually I do.

15 Nov 2020 19:35:24
Herewego W will prob will sign more midfielders but doesn’t necessarily say we will buy Ferguson
We could be looking across all continents

Still fail to see where it says we’re definitely buying him as the way everyone is goi g on it sounds like the deal is done

Have I missed something?

15 Nov 2020 20:06:25
Stig, when did I say you “ know for a fact “? Or the point about knowing more than the manager was aimed at you? Sorr mate but none of that was true, the point about knowing more is clearly prefix by tthe word “ anyone”

You do realise there were others posted after you,? My post wasn’t aimed at anyone, it was my opin, fm.

15 Nov 2020 20:15:30
I am still staggered that you thought any of that was about or aimed at you, it was my opinion, and nothing but my opinion, , we’re does it say anything about you stig?

15 Nov 2020 22:52:02
Sorry Tom must have been the way I read it
I thought it was aimed at me directly
Apologies if I read it wrong mate 😊

As i said it was my opinion too in my own post about Ferguson that’s why I found it weird with your reply
But as you have pointed out I’ve obviously took your post the wrong way 😊.

15 Nov 2020 22:54:32
Think I just heard the bell. Back to class boys before you get detention.

16 Nov 2020 06:25:49
Think is i reckon 1 or poss 2 of our big players will move on for max profit. As last few years the books have looked terrible. So 2 out of kamara, borna and morelos imo will move on in summer. Would be great to have champs league 30 mill on top of that aswel.



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