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10 Nov 2020 17:43:44
With the transfer window not too far away I’m really hoping players don’t get unsettled if there are rumours of interest. Southampton scouts watching the Hamilton game is only one that we know of so far, but with how well we are playing I’m sure there will be a reasonable amount of interest in a number of our top performers. Fingers crossed Gerrard has it will tell players to stay grounded and focus on the task in hand of securing 55 and Champ league football next season and convince everyone to stay put. After all there is a serious chances for everyone to become written into our history books in a league win that’s been well overdue!

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10 Nov 2020 18:13:08
Kamara has to be at least 10milliin in today's market. Kent 20.personally I don't think one member of our current squad wants to leave. except. Stewart is just getting a wage, as is Jones. We spent a million on edmunson and he might be one for the future or punted. We don't really need them. katic will be back soon and bassey can fill in as CB. We'll sign up balogun on a deal. With Tav, patterson, gold and borna, we have a decent number of defenders. No matter what, we need to keep focus. One day closer. 55.

10 Nov 2020 18:31:26
Rossco imo kent worth about 12. at the moment he's far to inconsistant for 20mill imo. Had an inreal start to season. Then like an empty shirt for 4 or 5 games.

10 Nov 2020 18:41:20
Correct Paul👍.

10 Nov 2020 18:56:58
Yeah I don’t see how Kent is worth more than kamara or barasic. For me Kent is only worth £20m cause he’s English and helps the homegrown quota they need in Europe and maybe league? We kb’d £14m from Leeds and he’ll get a new improved deal so he’s worth upwards of that. Potentially £20m but not worth more than kamara.

10 Nov 2020 18:57:37
Yep we would easily make our money back on but imo nowhere near a 20m player. 10 to 12 fair atm but the potential is there to kick on n makes us huge money in the 20m bracket if he can level performsnces.

10 Nov 2020 19:00:40
Kent nae chance of 12mil.

10 Nov 2020 19:18:03
What u mean dsgers? As I’m not worth £12m? We just kb’d Leeds for 12?

10 Nov 2020 19:23:45
Kents a 20m pound player easily for me in todays market. We would definitely look to be more than doubling our spend on him.

10 Nov 2020 19:26:47
When we do eventually sell ryan kent, it will be for a helluva lot more than £12million. His age and potential makes kent's transfer value, higher than both barasic and kamara, ingerrardwetrust!

10 Nov 2020 20:01:20
Kent is what 23/ 24? Kamara is 24 also? I don’t think Kent has yet but the height I expected or most fans did and I think he needs to really up his game if he’s to be a £20m player. I think we’ll get it for him but I also don’t think he’s as good as some fans make out. Why is he worth more than kamara coops? Same age so sell on value etc is there kamara wan international and regularly gets money for his nation.

10 Nov 2020 20:02:58
See what I’m seeing here is players being judged on what we spent on them instead of there quality and value to the team. That’s not how players are judged. Kamara tav barasic all are above Kent for me in value to team and valuation.

10 Nov 2020 20:26:10
Kent (and maybe Kamara? ) Would count as home grown players in England due to three years at a team before 21, which is a right baw ache when submitting squads. Means their fee would be a premium and should add a few mill on easy.

10 Nov 2020 20:28:11
Ingerrard there is no way an English club will pay more for tav than kent.
Let’s be happy we have two players producing.

10 Nov 2020 20:32:40
I agree with you IGWT tho kent has the potential to be 20million he ain’t there yet.

Kamara is outstanding.

10 Nov 2020 20:53:51
If biscuit hips tierney is worth 25mil Kent is without a doubt worth 20.

10 Nov 2020 21:11:28
John25 I know they won’t mate but I don’t see it. Tavs a class right back. Kent needs to up his game kamara better than both and barasic aswell. Jack and aribo not far behind. I still say tavs worth £15m and yeah we’d prob get £20m for Kent but is he really worth that yet? It’s weird how transfers are made up. Some players better than others but not worth as much it’s f*** up.

10 Nov 2020 21:13:10
Kent can only dream of tavs numbers at rangers might I add 👍.

10 Nov 2020 22:01:03
Very true ingerr.

11 Nov 2020 04:57:58
Kent involved in a lot of our goals, another assist at the weekend and involvements in other build ups, work rate and movement/ tracking back etc is a nightmare for opposition regardless of him getting the ball and going past players.

11 Nov 2020 09:54:41
Kamara is outstanding however he is a player that at the end of last season most fand would have taken a few million for. Once kamara finishes a full season playing well we will have a player on our hands worth a lot of money.

Kent has been the catalyst for our teams good play for 3 seasons now with his only true blip being the second half of last season when the rest of the team were also poor.

Kent streets ahead of kamara imo. The difference in prices may be that the club will be happy to move kamara on when a large free comes as he's probably replacable. Could we replace ryan kent at the moment? I don't think so.

11 Nov 2020 12:25:59
We prob can’t afford to replace like for like any player in the squad Dunfermline were now going to copy the model of Celtic in a way by bringing in potential train them up sell for a profit and also bring in loan players other clubs don’t want if that do well we buy them sell them on and do it again. Well prob have a long running link up with Liverpool on this as they’re u23 players could come up here do a job play in Europe add value and be moved on for £££ it’s a win win.



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