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10 Nov 2020 00:09:13
Wee post for bit of fun. Value of our squad? Al try be fair and not exaggerate my values. Let's see how we get on with a total value.

McGregor - £0 (too old and will retire here)
McLaughlin - £4m
Tav - (controversial) £15-20m
Patterson -£1m (still to prove self)
Goldson - £10-12m
Helander- £5m
Balogun- £5m (but not under long contract)
Edmundson - £1m
Katic- £5m (when fit)
Barasic - £20m (perhaps £25m after euros)
Bassey - £2m (still to prove self)
Davo - £0 (too old will retire here)
Kamara -£20-25m (best mf in country)
Jack - £15m
Arfield- £2m
Aribo -£10m (1 more season -£15/ 20m)
Hagi- £7m (needs to improve)
Kent- £20m
Barker- £0 (don't rate him at all)
Stewart £200grand?
Jones- £250grand?
Roofe- £5-6m (so far I think is fair)
Itten- £2m (jury's out)
Defoe- £0 (will retire here)
Alfredo- £15-20m (depends on form/ discipline) .

Management team- £5-6m (still to win trophies. Brendan went for £10m)

That's around £165m for playing squad. Add in management that's £170m and that was me taking the cheapest values I've gave. We've come a long way. what do fellow bears think?

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10 Nov 2020 07:36:14
quadruple the management team valuation what the have done in the time and money given has been miraculous.

10 Nov 2020 07:50:47
Helander ain’t worth 5 million at his age to be honest bud.
McLaughlin we would be doing well to get 4 but the rest pretty spot on maybe ambitious about kamara.

10 Nov 2020 08:16:22
KJA9 you on wind up? Helander is only 27.worth 5m easy in todays market.

10 Nov 2020 08:17:09
I would actually say Bassey would be worth more has played great even in Europe when called upon plus I think down south they will rate him higher I reckon, he’s a cracking player and for being so young he’s going to be a star in the making I reckon

Not sure about McLaughlin as he age going against him I think
Everyone else pretty spot on in my opinion
Paterson if got a run of games would probably get his price tag up too
Overall the club have to be very happy with what we now have in our ranks?

10 Nov 2020 08:45:07
Did you rate him when he came on and scored a very composed goal? Laughable that you've given the player below him a rating as he is absolutely rotten and cannot even get in the team.

10 Nov 2020 08:55:38
McLaughlin has never went for a transfer fee I believe, so no way anybody is paying 4m for him. Balogun age, injury record 1m prob. Jack 6-8m arfield age would struggle to get much of a fee. think perhaps a bit optimistic with some prob 12-15 barisic simply due to age maybe 8-10 for tav same same reason.

10 Nov 2020 10:16:07
Some of those valuations are ridiculous. Who is going to pay £4m for McLaughlin?, £20m for Tavernier? £12m for Goldson?, £15m for Jack? £5m for Balogun or Helander? Pint of what you are on please.

10 Nov 2020 10:37:49
Defo a fair bit optimistic 🤣🤣.

10 Nov 2020 10:49:12
Have to agree with biff and herewego. 👍.

10 Nov 2020 10:58:47
My take on some of these. Think your over inflating a fair few of the players.

McGregor - £0 (too old and will retire here)
McLaughlin - £2m
Tav - £8-12m
Patterson -£1m (Potential)
Goldson - £8-15m
Helander- £5-10m
Balogun- £2-5 (if he signed a longer deal)
Edmundson - £1m
Katic- £3-5m
Barasic - £12-20m
Bassey - £1-2 (Potential to be worth £10 in a year or so)
Davo - £0 (too old will retire here)
Kamara -£12-18m
Jack - £4m
Arfield- £1m (Unlikely to ever move for a fee)
Aribo -£8-12m
Hagi- £5m (Potential)
Kent- £18-25m
Barker- £500k-1m
Stewart - Move for free
Jones- £500k - £1m
Roofe- £5-6m
Itten- £3m (Potential to be worth £10m in a season or 2)
Defoe- £0 (will retire here)
Alfredo- £18-25m.

10 Nov 2020 11:37:47
I get the prices are on the high side for some players guys but why not. Fair do’s re McLaughlin, I think at 33 he’s worth something you’ll get 5 or 6 years out a goalkeeper at that age. But points taken. Anyway, Example Celtic just paid £7m for Jullien, they rate ajer at £15 or something, so why is Goldson not worth £10m? Tavs goal involvement and performance is ourstanding. £15m isn’t a lot for a full back in today’s market. Both are what 27? Barasic sis probably the best player at ibrox along with kamara should we value our best players at less than £20m? Balogun looks a class centre back and if we had him on a 3-4 year, deal I’d be quoting £5m for him. Is he not also 27? 10 year to go. Ryan jack for £4m? C’mon mate how can u say that he’s a great midfielder. Villa just got chin for £2.75m and rated him at £50m 6 months later. Same when Arsenal got tierney his value went from £25m to £50m after about 3 games. I don’t expect arfield to move for a fee either guys but if he did £2m for a club in championship is a fair price. As for barker, I just don’t rate the bot at all he’s not my cup of tea. I couldn’t put a price on his head I think he’s crap. Nothing against the boy. I said at the start a bit a fun man some a yez are jumpin down my throat 😂 take a chill pill man. If we disagree who cares lol 👍🇬🇧.

10 Nov 2020 11:51:07
Sorry guys I don’t know why but I thought helander was in his 30s must have baby brain in isolation.

10 Nov 2020 11:56:53
Barisic is 28 transfer fees are highest for players up to prob 26 as you still have some sell on value. As good as borna is that's why I think prob 12m or so. balogun is 32 not going to fetch a fee. Same arfield. Same mcglsughlin who's going to pay that for a goalkeeper who's never even cost money in his prime never mind at 33?

10 Nov 2020 15:12:39
I get barasic is 28 mate, I maybe I’ve went high. I take it on board. Still think though £20m on 5year deal isn’t too bad for a Spurs West Ham Southampton etc. He’s a top class international player I stand by my barasic valuation. Although maybe not £25m. I didn’t know Balogun was 32. I’d say £2m maybe fair if under coantract he’s a good player. Same with arfield he could play another 4/ 5 years £2m ain’t much to ask head run amok in championship. But he’ll stay here so irrelevant, McLaughlin . the valuation of him shouldn’t concern his previous valuation or career moves. At 32/ 33 he has 6/ 7 year in him keepers at his prime in his 30s not like An outfield player. If not £4m then £2.5/ 3m he’s got a value guys 👍.

10 Nov 2020 15:13:54
Everton just bid £5m for Romero, he’s 33. Man Utd kb’d it and asked for £10m. Keepers have different values in there 30s than outfield players.



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