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09 Nov 2020 13:30:59
FFS I've just read a article by Davie provan claiming us rangers fans would not be clamouring for the heads of ryan kent and morelos if they had broken the C.V. rules the same way we are about Jones and Edmondson, well i would like to say this to him, it makes no difference who the player or players are, we rangers supporters are human beings first and I'm sure everyone of us would condemn any player regardless of the level they play at. How dare you insult us like that Mr provan.

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09 Nov 2020 13:47:01
It doesn't help when some on here are saying the same thing! Imagine having the same mindset as davie provan! 🙈.

09 Nov 2020 13:47:20
I read that yesterday mate, the guys an absolute p. Rick.

09 Nov 2020 14:15:37
Still smarting at getting turned down by The Famous, much like Fartson and the failed trialist. No mark, Incapable of saying anything positive about us.

09 Nov 2020 14:55:01
I’d want rid regardless who it was, just not sacking them sold at first and best opportunity.

09 Nov 2020 15:43:37
I really don’t understand these folk saying, ‘you wouldn’t be having such a go at these players if it were Tav or Morelos or Barasic etc etc’. The point is, it WASN’T those players. Probably because they are acting professionally and are listening to what Gerrard and everyone else at the club has told them and are following the rules. So it’s a ridiculous point! I think just about every rangers fan could of guessed as soon as we heard two players had breached the lockdown rules that one of them was going to be Jones, because he’s proven himself to be unprofessional in the past.
It’d be like sitting in court and the defence lawyers argument to the jurors being ‘well surely Members of the jury you won’t want to send my client to prison for this murder because what would then happen if you were to murder someone, you’d have to go to prison too! ’.

09 Nov 2020 16:11:31
What would we be saying if half of our 1st team were at the party?

Give the league to Celtic as we'd sacked our best players?


09 Nov 2020 16:22:50
Spot on BMGH01 and ingerrardwetrust. Completely agree Gers1978👍.

09 Nov 2020 16:25:05
Kent looks like he's not enjoying his football just now. He was angry at getting subbed yesterday.

09 Nov 2020 16:28:39
Provan is just another washed up apologist trying so hard to be relevant and failing miserably.

09 Nov 2020 16:43:28
As someone who was involved in a long protracted debate on those two, I never saw anyone on here saying that it would be different for other players BMG, nobody at all,
Btw, proven is equally scathing of Celtic every week if they deserve it, and especially lemon and liewell, I always enjoy that, nope, I have to be honest and say proven is the best column on a Sunday morning.

09 Nov 2020 16:51:56
The problem is Mr Provan is 100% correct.

09 Nov 2020 17:07:31
Efriar, would you prefer Kent to go off cheering and clicking his heels, funny when Alf goes off scowling u say his attitude stinks.

09 Nov 2020 17:08:45
Kja9 none is not. I’d get rid anyone who ucks up 55. No matter who.

09 Nov 2020 17:19:24
Nonsense Efriar👍

KJA9 no he's not, not for my opinion anyway, agree with John👍.

09 Nov 2020 17:20:18
I never said that Tom! I was saying there were those on here accusing us of having double standards, and If it was kent or borna then we wouldn't want anything done to them, which is pure rubbish.
I can categorically state that regardless of who breaks the rules, i believe they should all be treated the same and be out on their ear.
Does that clear that up Tom?

09 Nov 2020 17:45:59
KJA9 you're basically calling fellow Rangers supporters liars here. Hang your head in shame!
Considering what you've went through, and the support we gave you on here, you are out of order doubting any of us!

09 Nov 2020 18:16:43
What's the point in posting what if's DK? Half the squad weren't there so totally irrelevant point.

09 Nov 2020 18:58:29
KJA9 So the fans on this forum opinions don’t count or the rest of the millions who support the club? How can you say Provan is 100% correct? Provan is just looking for headlines and to create a negative headline about our club as we are flying high. His opinion is irrelevant .

09 Nov 2020 19:25:24
Listen up KJA9!MR. Provan isn't correct pal and most definitely that nugget doesn't speak for me. I'm a staunch rangers fan of many years now, who follows the glasgow rangers,
the club i worship everywhere! I work in an hospital and have witnessed the devestation of C.V. and had the terrible virus myself and i can assure YOU, that if it was kent, morelos or whichever rangers player that broke these rules, which are in place for a very good reason, i'd be saying the exact same thing, as i said when i heard about jones and edmondson breaking the very serious C.V. rules, ie. make an example and get shot of them. They knew the rules and both aren't wee school kids! So mr. provan and you for that matter don't speak for me, let's get that straight mate!

09 Nov 2020 19:35:29
Anyone can have any opinion Scotty.
BMGH i believe if it was Kent and whoever 2 people that played regular then it wouldn’t have been blowing out of proportion like it was in here that’s my opinion.

Lastly SGL I don’t care what you say as I don’t believe a word that comes out your mouth OK.

09 Nov 2020 20:12:26
And you are wrong KJA9! You, and a few others on here are out of order questioning the integrity of fellow Rangers fans, and you should be ashamed of yourselves! The way you, and others, have cast aspersions on what we believe to be right and wrong, accused a poster of caring more about a league title than he does about human life, and accuse us of acting like tims because we have morals, is down right ignorant and insulting.
There's having an opinion, then there's being a complete buffoon with too much to say!

09 Nov 2020 20:19:41
I honestly have absolutely no time for you KJA9,I make no apologies for saying this! Your saying i'm lying regarding working in an hospital beside poor unfortunate C.V. patients and that i didn't have the virus. For stating that i most definitely have taken massive offence and ED, i would hope you have a word with this character, because as far as I'm concerned, that's way below the belt! We've probably all had family/ friends or whatever who've succumbed to this terrible virus. For you KJA9,i don't want any more correspondence with you on here whatsoever. Having a difference on opinions on players or football club is one thing, but i'm NOT having that s**t from you pal, OK!

09 Nov 2020 20:53:55
Snell, the reason is that you set a precedent by calling for anyone who breaks the rules to be sacked.

IMO there has been a complete overreaction on here partly because of the two players involved.

If there had been a quiet get together to celebrate a win in similar circumstances and 6 of our first team including McGregor and Davis were caught I don’t believe there would be the same reaction.

09 Nov 2020 21:50:14
Fair enough DK. i'm not one of the sack them crowd, would like to see them moved on though.

Take your point that you feel that way if there was a wider/ larger group but don't personally agree mate.

If that happened scenario happened the club would be hammered!

09 Nov 2020 22:20:15
SGL, I'm with you on this one, no need for anyone on this forum insinuating a fellow fan is lying, glad you came through that Virus, can't be easy seeing the misery this thing causes.

10 Nov 2020 06:38:09
Very much appreciated irvger and thanks pal👍 Its absolutely devestating to watch on, what this terrible/ aggressive virus is doing to people and their loved ones 😞.

10 Nov 2020 07:59:35
What can the Ed say to me for having an opinion on that matter Nothing I haven’t said anything wrong FACT.

The reason you don’t want any correspondence is because I keep showing you up on here as you say players aren’t good enough and I bring up the players that you think are good enough and they certainly ain’t.

BMGH where in this did I say any of our fans are acting like tims Don’t put words in my mouth because that is wrong FACT.

10 Nov 2020 09:31:45
Sorry mate that wasn't aimed at you KJA9, but it was said. If you read my post It does state you and other posters when referring to what was posted. I believe the term he used was "tim behaviour".



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