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03 Nov 2020 22:31:20
Pleased to see that our manager has attempted to draw a line over the C.V. twins.

They made a mistake just like plenty of other footballers and ordinary folk.

They've been punished, now we move on.

Some would have them banished but were better than that. We look after our own and understand that no one is perfect.

Their cards will be marked and a move pencilled in at the next mistake but for now they are Rangers players and should get support from the fans.

SG has handled if very well IMO.

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04 Nov 2020 02:12:13
I agree SG and rangers have handled it well but they’ll get no support from me. If they had went into training and got caught later it could have ruined the season for us. I don’t care how stupid someone is, they would’ve known that could’ve happened before they made their decision.

04 Nov 2020 03:12:00
Its my understanding there's an investigation going on and both are suspended, are you saying the players are employed by Steven gerard mate, i'm only asking S you commented yesterday that " if clubs can be punished for they're fans behaviour then they can be punished for they're players behaviour, not away from the workplace they can't mate, rather bizarre thing to say,

04 Nov 2020 07:03:06
I agree blue89. That's the bit that can't be forgiven. FACT they would have kept quiet and went in to training if they hadn't been caught. They had no care about how that would have affected our season. That's not an overreaction. We were very lucky that they got caught otherwise our full squad would be isolating. We wouldn't be to fulfil our european fixtures, we would have been thrown out. Our league momentum hampered. The financial implications and then of course the potential was there to spread the virus throughout the club and onto families. Someone tell me how that is overreacting because let's not kid ourselves that was a very realistic possibility as they had no intention of coming clean. Had they not been caught the would have walked into training. What if's don't cut it. That was very much their intention. 👍.

04 Nov 2020 07:40:13
Yes both should get the full support of the Rangers fans

For totally ignoring what millions of people are adhering too

You get better every day mate,

Fxxk them, my wife and nieces are nurses, I won’t be supporting them, my girls wedding was cancelled because people couldn’t be there, but you expect people to support those two clowns, numpty.

04 Nov 2020 08:36:37
Total overreaction still.
You couldn’t forgive Morelos for apparently downing tools and wanted him sold.
Fast forward a few weeks and you were creaming your pants at the goal against the poles!
Life comes at you fast in the land of Hysteria, Coldo🤦‍♂️🤭😂😂.

04 Nov 2020 08:40:59
DK19, you said "They made a mistake just like plenty of other footballers and ordinary folk". Really? Nobody makes mistakes like these two idiots. That wasn't a mistake. They couldn't care less about others when they did what they did. They knew exactly what they were doing and thought they would get away with it. As has been said on here already, they could have ruined our season and affected lives. I still say ship them out, especially Jones who is a complete prat. If they are allowed to stay with no further action then what sort of message does that send out in terms of discipline?

04 Nov 2020 08:49:39
Just a wee thought on this punish players/ club issue.
In light of what has happened in the recent past, all players l would imagine have had it drummed into them that it was vital they comply with the C.V. rules.
I remember an officer in Strathclyde Police breaking disciplinary regs whilst off duty, he was dragged over the coals and dismissed. The force dealt with it quickly and decisively. Stratchclyde Police were not punished for the transgression of one of their employees that knew better. At the disciplinary hearing this officers gaffer was asked if he had told him not to behave in the manner he had. His reply was no l didn't, but l also didn't tell him not to punch anyone, or smash any windows, drive a car whilst drunk etc so if he had done that would it be my or the forces fault?
I think the club have done what was required of them in my opinion.

04 Nov 2020 09:24:46
After your disgraceful post about C.V. the other night bluebell you can no longer be respected. Who creamed themselves? Do you just make stuff up? Another belter👍 Credit where its due I said the ball from barasic and the finish from fredo were both great. 👍.

04 Nov 2020 09:27:32
Bluebell your previous post re C.V. was disgusting and marked your character as far as I’m concerned, and a few others I think

Your obsession with coldo is boring and you are a joke, and pathetic really.

04 Nov 2020 09:31:45
Doiger, this isn't a mistake as you call it. A mistake is spelling there instead of their, oops I've made a mistake. They know exactly what the rules are and knew exactly what they were doing. So my friend, THEY HAVE NOT SIMPLY MADE A MISTAKE!

04 Nov 2020 09:43:13
Stuck. I was quoting what DK19 said. I know it wasn't a mistake, far from it. Read my post properly then read DK19's.

04 Nov 2020 09:53:40
Doiger apologies, that was a REAL MISTAKE. I was indeed referring to DK19.

04 Nov 2020 09:54:26
Absolutely spot on Coldo. Nothing but a pair of selfish b@stards, who could have completely fu~ked up our whole season with their actions. And don't give me all this crap about them being young. They are both in their twenties, and all the men they will ever be. GET RID.

04 Nov 2020 10:05:16
Well, clearly I touched a nerve with all you Perfect Peters on here.

The guys made a mistake, an error of judgment, they disregarded the rules along with everyone else who was there The exuberance of youth - nothing more.

A bit Like our national hero Sean Connery saying that it was OK to slap your wife or Gascoine or McGregor or Goram - error of judgements galore.

I've made plenty of mistakes and at times have paid the price but I was allowed the opportunity to redeem myself and have ended up not too bad.

Obviously if you've never made a mistake you won't understand but as far as I'm concerned these guys should be punished and then given the opportunity to prove that they are good enough to play a part in our future successes.

Just an opinion, albeit an unpopular one.

04 Nov 2020 10:26:30
If they had not been found out by police, what would they have done?
Turned up for training with a word or confessed and self-isolated?

04 Nov 2020 10:34:45
The thing is DK19, it’s not exactly Jones first ‘mistake’ is it? He has a long history of being a disrespectful numpty from tweeting when he was still employed by Kilmarnock, to getting himself purposefully sent off (and injuring himself as well) against Celtic in some dumb ‘playing to the crowd’ manner. To getting done for dangerous and reckless driving, to this. And these are only the ones we have heard and know about. And as everyone has clearly pointed out, including Gerrard in his interview, these guys have been told almost daily what they can and can’t do, how they must behave and what the rules are. How can it be a ‘mistake’ when it’s been drummed into the constantly? It would be like me saying to you ‘Don’t walk over there and kick that baby’ 20 times and then you, walking over and kicking the baby and saying ‘oops, it was a mistake! ’
And by the way, Gerrard hasn’t drawn a line under it, he rightly no longer wants it talked about and focused on in the press because as he said, everything has been so positive about Rangers recently and now this has brought about bad press and he doesn’t want that, so of course he wants the press to draw a line under it. However he also stated that once the players return after 14 days suspension they will be dealt with AND further punished by the club. And rightly so!

04 Nov 2020 10:37:32
Seriously bluebell you’re way off, 100% wrong.

04 Nov 2020 10:45:49
No need to apologise Stuck, so many posts on here on this matter!

04 Nov 2020 10:45:54
listen mate you simply aren't able to comprehend a worldwide C.V. is killing millions and may kill thousands in this country in the coming months, and yet you continue with this " mistake " nonsense, no mistake was made, they meant it, don't you know the difference? They didn't make a mistake, they got dressed and went to a party they weren't mistakenly there son, they meant to go there they're paid very well and they're tiny brains aren't asked to do much, just pile up your wages and stay home there's a C.V. and you can't go out, what part of C.V. is it that you don't get DK? Try to get this this time no other " mistake " matters, this time the world is dying, fm maybe when God forbid some clowns " mistake" affects one of your family you might actually realise your talking rubbish now.

04 Nov 2020 10:54:49
Has nobody on here had there kids or relatives in to see them? Or went to see there elderly parents? that's still breaking c. v regulations. It was stupid but hardly hanging material.

04 Nov 2020 10:59:20
Not talking rubbish Tom, just expressing an opinion but its clear that some on here only want to hear opinions that agree with their own.

There is an old saying, “The loudest voice in the room seldom belongs to the most intelligent mind. ”.

04 Nov 2020 11:21:50
Mmmm, aye ok pal, you carry on with your nonsense no point in trying to find some logic or intelligence,
Although I would love to see your explanation for telling coldo " if a club can be punished for they're fans behaviour then they can be punished for a players behaviour in they're personal life "?

You were saying about loud voices and most intelligence?

04 Nov 2020 11:37:23
55, your usually on the ball mate but your way way off here, my nephew or niece popping in or my next door neighbour coming to the door is not going to close football down, its not going to cause my entire club to shut down, its not going to have a catastrophic effect on Rangers season and hand over the title because we lost all momentum , its not going to cause widespread condemnation and embarrassment to the entire club and the new sponsors, is it?

And BTW, you, my old sparring partner have said a few times that " there's no evidence they intended to go into training, really ? Wtf were they going to do then ? Its they're job mate, come on 55 don't get dragged down with the dross and ignorant your better than that.

04 Nov 2020 11:40:03
I wonder if everyone’s opinions would be the same if it were 2 different players! Let’s face none of these 2 guys are good enough for rangers, some will disagree but in my opinion both would move on eventually for nominal fees even if they hadn’t went to this party. If it was a couple of fan favourites like barasic and Jack for instance would the hysteria be the same? I doubt it! However as much as I don’t rate the players I do sympathise, life for everyone has been on hold for quite some time now and I don’t think C.V. is going anywhere so perhaps it’s time to get back to normal and stop hiding from it, keep the vulnerable safe and everyone else should get on with life! Just my opinion but the longer this goes on the worse it will be for everyone.

04 Nov 2020 11:43:10
Getting yourself all worked up Tom?

Time to calm down and understand that these pages are all about opinions and that everyone is entitled to express one without you throwing around accusations like an attack dog.

You think I'm wrong, I think you are wrong, end of, life goes on.

04 Nov 2020 12:03:19
HB81, agreed!

04 Nov 2020 12:11:19
The hypocrisy continues TomThumb.
So it's ok for your family and neighbours to break the rules and potentially spread the CV but your only grip about Jones and Edmundson is that it had the potential to derail our season! Which it never.
Embarrassing post and there's been a few on here regarding this matter.

04 Nov 2020 13:03:03
hi fellow bears just a wee point which i have made before . C.V. has killed approx 1.2 million worldwide although many have had underlying challengees . 10 million children die through poverty and related conditions yet no one cares about them? strange world we live in that's for sure.

04 Nov 2020 13:25:32
But u said in another post they can't be treated differently from normal people. But your saying it's different for your niece and nephew as " they won't close down football" so either they do or don't get treated differently.

04 Nov 2020 14:00:01
Watch briangersfan, the hysteria mob will be blaming Jones and Edmundson for that as well 👍.

04 Nov 2020 15:51:59
Briangersfan what's child poverty got to do with this? Child poverty isn't a highly contagious virus. Child poverty hasn't resulted in the world going into lockdown. Child poverty hasn't the potential to be the most infectious virus known to man. Child poverty hasn't affected our normal way of life. Child poverty has no bearing on our football league. Child poverty never handed the league to Celtic. Child poverty isn't the reason why we are at loggerheads with each other because of the selfish actions of 2 clowns.
Do you see where I'm going with this? It's all well and good throwing about stats etc, but they've got to be relevant to the debate, or they're worthless.
Child poverty is horrendous, but it has no bearing whatsoever in this discussion.

04 Nov 2020 16:14:46
bmhg01 like i said no one cares because it doesn't affect our normal way of life . child poverty and related challengees of which there are many because its not relevant its meaningless? fair enough that's your opinion. . i'm not throwing stats around it is a fact . i was just making a point that there are many things happening around this world that in my humble opinion are just as important as C.V. .

04 Nov 2020 16:16:48
These players could return to the first team later on, there has been a massive overreaction to this. Time to get behind the team and keep this fantastic winning streak going.

04 Nov 2020 16:57:32
You're absolutely right Brian, child poverty and deaths are horrendous and need highlighted, it just isn't relevant in this discussion mate. I know where you're coming from, but the debate here is how these 2 clowns could have (yes, that's could have mph) caused far more carnage than they did through their selfish and downright stupid actions.
No offense meant!

04 Nov 2020 17:12:53
none taken bmgh01 all the best mate.

04 Nov 2020 18:11:39
Since March I haven't been near a pub, restaurant, cafe etc. I haven't been on holiday, abroad or otherwise. I have 2 businesses and when I'm not in either place I"m at home or walking my collie. I've been to B&Q maybe about 5 times. The only other place I've been is in my house or garden. I'm making these sacrifices to protect friends, work colleagues and family, especially vulnerable family. I've almost washed the skin off my hands and I have a face mask on every day. It makes my blood boil when I see people openly flout the rules, cavort about at parties and walk about arrogantly refusing to wear masks. These 2 jokers may be young guys with raging hormones etc but really, with all the guidance from government and clubs themselves, constant testing and working in bubbles etc, surely at some point they have to get it into their thick heads that this is real. This is not a game and people's lives are on the line. It is just not on. It will just not do. Rant over!

04 Nov 2020 18:30:14
Fantastic post Seeker, really well put! Stay safe sir.

04 Nov 2020 18:43:59
There might be a way back for Edmundson but not for Jones. He has shown himself to be the dummy some thought he was when he signed and he'll be shipped out in January.

04 Nov 2020 18:51:06
You don't have to wear a mask 24/ 7 Seeker.
Only indoors ( shops etc ) , unless you have a medical reason why you shouldn't. 👍.

04 Nov 2020 19:11:57
I am with bluebell on this massive over reaction from fans that the majority have broken rules as well it’s absolutely ridiculous they way you lot are going on.

04 Nov 2020 19:14:22
Herewego 100% with that post.

04 Nov 2020 20:46:13
Bmgh01 👍🇬🇧🇬🇧.

04 Nov 2020 20:51:22
I know that BB but when you see people arrogantly stride into shops without masks on and then cause bother when they are asked to comply. I saw one balloon drop a carton of milk on the floor and walk out when the wee lassie on the till asked him to put his mask on. Absolute moron. Funnily enough was wearing the green and grey.

04 Nov 2020 21:06:22
have you heard of the professional sports bubble, and why its there? Wtf, how can someone coming to my door be compared to 2 halfwit football players going to a party then as they surely would have, returning to the bubble, utterly pathetic that you don't know the difference.

05 Nov 2020 09:10:55
There is no difference Tom in the real world.

The virus doesn’t differentiate between your family or a footballer.

Pathetic to argue that these guys should be sacked or hung whilst saying it’s ok for your family to meet (breaking the rules) when they like.




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