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02 Nov 2020 17:18:54
A lot of people mentioning the sack for the two idiots and for me it’s completely wrong because if it was anyone that is in the 1st 11 then you wouldn’t be mention the sack.
They have done something wrong they will be punished but I very much doubt they will be sacked.

I am more worried about Benfica on Thursday think we will be doing well to get a draw over there.

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02 Nov 2020 17:55:03
Rubbish! There's plenty of us who do not differentiate, so that's just crap!

02 Nov 2020 18:12:00
Never mind sacking them, just hang them both and get it over with, in public in the middle of our pitch as a deterrent to the rest of the staff.

No mistakes ever allowed, no lessons to be learned, one error of judgment and be gone with you!

02 Nov 2020 18:27:58
Can't agree KJA9, kent barasic I would still be calling for the sack. Our club's standards do not exclude anyone. 👍.

02 Nov 2020 18:44:42
Easy to not have to differentiate when it's 2 squad players but if it was 2 important first team players?
A whole new ball game.
Anyway they've been punished by the club, will be punished by the SFA and in Jones case will never probably play for Rangers again.

02 Nov 2020 18:57:50
A lot of moral compasses pointing in all directions tonight! 🙄.

02 Nov 2020 19:09:44
Are you trying to play devil's advocate on here MPH, or are you just being a fud?
Again, are you condoning their actions? Do you think they should be given a 2nd chance?

02 Nov 2020 19:31:39
Premier league players greenwood foden didn't get suspended for too long.

02 Nov 2020 19:44:05
They don't play for our club 6counties. 👍.

02 Nov 2020 20:01:19

I’m sure you’ll be taken seriously by all concerned following that intervention.

02 Nov 2020 20:08:22
That you curtain twitching DK?

02 Nov 2020 20:13:30
Are you still sore about me ripping you a new one DK19?
Calling someone a fud pales into insignificance when you try to justify cheap laughs aimed at those with disabilities! Remember that when you try, and fail, to get your wee digs in.

02 Nov 2020 20:17:13

MPH is 100% correct in my opinion with what he is saying.

See all you people wanting the sacked can you lot honestly say you haven’t broken any rules since March?

If the answer to that is yes then you are a liar 🤥.

02 Nov 2020 20:41:43
That's poor KJA9! Me, or any other fan, breaking C.V. rules would not have any bearing on the club. Come on mate you're better than that.
Look, I don't have a problem with fans sticking up for players, but not with something as serious as this. This isn't Gazza getting drunk, McGregor pumping someone's wife, Alfie booting brown's baws, Goram wearing black armbands or everything else that's went on over the years we have all turned a blind eye to, this is a different ball game all together.

02 Nov 2020 21:12:04
Gazza knocked **** out his wife, and left her an awfa state and got welcomed back. My opinion is there time at rangers are done but worse has happened and players have been welcomed back.

02 Nov 2020 21:12:08
Snell 🤣🤣🤣.

02 Nov 2020 21:15:39
There's plenty of fans on here sticking to the rules KJA9, there's been plenty of posts on here to back that up. 👍.

02 Nov 2020 21:16:47
BMG, haha haha.

You’re entitled to an opinion but that’s about it.

02 Nov 2020 22:23:34
Must admit since 1st lockdown i have followed rules either. Esp the 5 mile travel nonsense was away walking up the glens often.

03 Nov 2020 06:39:21
Just because someone has said they have stuck to the rules religiously coldo doesn’t mean it actually happened.

I ain’t really sticking up for them and someone put a good point up about Gazza can’t remember fans wanting him sacked and he done a lot worse than those 2 but because how good Gazza was that was ok and that’s one of my main points that because they aren’t playing regular people just say sack them.

03 Nov 2020 09:23:33
I understand what you are saying KJA9, I get that. I read an article not long ago where a club down south, lower league club, they offered a contract to a player who was convicted of domestic abuse. There was the usual backlash on social media and pretty much within hours club sponsors were threatening to pull out of the club because they did not want their name associated as it would give the impression that they condoned that behaviour. Such as the world we now live in. The club decided to withdraw the contract offer to the player. Anyway, the point is that its different times to the gazza times. I'm not saying I agree or disagree I'm just pointing out its a different world nowadays and if gazza was playing for us today and he did what he did, chances are he would not have been welcomed back to the club. With social media and the way of the politically correct world, its not good business sense to have associations with such poor behaviour. 👍.

03 Nov 2020 15:04:43
Was there ever a time it was okay to better your wife coldo? Your talking about standards then saying your not saying u agree or disagree with that?

03 Nov 2020 16:15:18
Never been a time herewego. I meant the player not getting a second chance and the impact of social media on sponsors. 👍.



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