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02 Nov 2020 13:43:43
We as a club are very very lucky that Edmundson and Jones have been caught before going into training this morning. If they had arrived and mixed with the squad then everyone would have had to self isolate. It would have meant forfeiting our Europa League games for next 2 weeks due to how many players we had under self isolation. These 2 should be fined the maximum we as a club could fine them and they should be told to look for new clubs at the earliest opportunity. We can't afford to just free the pair of them but they should be told to permanently stay away from the club until they move on. Forgetting about the games we would have had to miss they could have put all their team mates and their families under risk of getting this virus. From someone who has a daughter with Cystic Fibrosis and follows the rules I would love the opportunity to tell these 2 to their faces just how dangerous and selfish their actions are (Keeping a 2 m distance of course) .

We are very very lucky they were caught and stopped before attending training like I said. Blatant disregard for all their team mates and staff at the club. So angry about this.

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02 Nov 2020 14:07:42
Sack them. 👍.

02 Nov 2020 14:07:46
Good post moc. An unnecessary distraction for the club.

02 Nov 2020 14:24:10
Jones will not play for rangers again.

02 Nov 2020 14:31:54
Paul I hope not. I’d find it hard to cheer him. We do not need unnecessary distraction.

02 Nov 2020 14:35:33
If Jones doesn't play again why should George?

02 Nov 2020 14:39:36
Neither should edmundson paul👍.

02 Nov 2020 14:45:40
Remember when Jones was a few on here's saviour a couple of weeks ago🤔
And some wonder why he doesn't get more starts / squad places than Barker. It's because his attitude is terrible.

02 Nov 2020 14:56:06
Wouldn't sack them personally, let's them walk into a new club and ask for a bigger sign on fee. Both are done though, would sell and any fee we get is a bonus.

02 Nov 2020 15:08:51
Jones won't be missed at Ibrox if he's punted, which I hope he is.

He had the chance to potentially play a part in stopping 10IAR and playing in Europe and he's so thick and selfish that he chose to party and put others in jeopardy.

What a cretin.

02 Nov 2020 15:10:21
Sweep I tend to agree. But Jones has crossed the line too often.
Edmundson May be lucky and in last chance saloon.

02 Nov 2020 15:33:40
If it was Kent and Barisic, would everyone still be taking the moral high ground wanting them sacked🤔
Very easy to say sack them when it's 2 squad players. 👍.

02 Nov 2020 15:56:26
Yes tottieheed I’m afraid I would still be saying time to go regardless who it was,
I wouldn’t be saying sack as that’s a silly knee jerk move imo. Players worth money should be sold. Not sacked. We need to get what we can for these 2 and move on. And if it was bb Kent tav Alfredo it would be the same they just nearly stopped us playing a game at home and in Europe for minimum 2 weeks, we wouldn’t even have been aloud to train. Season woulda been over if they made training today. Clowns man 👊👊.

02 Nov 2020 16:04:16
I wouldn't give a toss who it was MPH, no player is bigger than the club!
Are you condoning their actions? Do you think they should be given a 2nd chance?

02 Nov 2020 16:10:34
They are a pair of clowns and should be hit with the severest punishment that the club can legally impose on them. However, the whole squad wouldn’t have had to isolate or any games forefeighted as neither have tested positive for C.V. as far as I am led to believe. Hope neither pull on our jersey again.

02 Nov 2020 16:15:44
Yes spudnut I would. Standards of our club do not exclude anyone👍.

02 Nov 2020 19:10:11
I'm not condoning their actions BMG.
I'm not a fan of Jones ( unlike others who had him as the RW saviour a couple of weeks back ) but both deserve a second chance.
I'm not interested in the hang them high brigade.
Plus I'm old enough to remember Super Ally getting done for assault early in his Rangers career. Should he have been kicked out of Ibrox?
Answers on a morality postcard please.

02 Nov 2020 19:27:44
Crossed the line to often? That's nonsense he's been sent off in an old firm game before this, what else has he done wrong?



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