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28 Oct 2020 20:17:45
Gerrard interview on rfc TV stating that Defoe can't play every Thursday and Sunday? Why have a fit player who is only going to play 60 mins a game? A week. Not two full matches in a row. 1 hour a week. Less than a game. He's on 35000 a week. Yes his goal was brilliant, but 35000 quid. To play an hour a week. I'm in the wrong job. I must be missing something.

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28 Oct 2020 20:52:14
You could try becoming a celtic defender like Duffy he's not very good and on 45k per week.

28 Oct 2020 20:52:25
Rossco, your definitely in the wrong job mate, if you disagree so much or have an issue with that then you should of stuck in at football!

28 Oct 2020 20:54:05
He might only be required to play 1 hr a week but he has to commit his life to the cause . no beers, no cream cakes . all is not what meets the eye.

28 Oct 2020 21:08:23
Is he on 35k a week?

28 Oct 2020 21:16:41
I see Lech are 16th in their league and lost their first 3 games.

28 Oct 2020 21:31:47
Oh and how do you know he’s on 35,000 a week? You got a copy of his contract?

28 Oct 2020 21:41:49
I seriously doubt he’s on anymore than £20g a week.

28 Oct 2020 21:45:59
He’s not on £35k per week 😂😂.

28 Oct 2020 22:08:41
I made a post about this a few days ago defoe has scored a goal every 2.1 games since he has been at rangers and if you if u take into account most of his appearances are off the bench getting 20-30 mins a game

he must have the best goal to mins ratio in the spfl so even if he does only play 60 mins a week as long as he is banging the goals in does it matter what he is on a week.

28 Oct 2020 22:26:24
Have you got proof he is on 35k? No chance is he on that.

28 Oct 2020 22:34:06
Who cares what he's on, our Manager, backroom Staff and all the Players love the man, that's good enough for me.

28 Oct 2020 23:09:14
Stated on all websites, one hundred thousand a week at Bournemouth and he took a 65% wage reduction to join gers. Equals 35000. It's easy to see and find out. Why do people even bother questioning? Look it up before trying to shoot me down. Arfield, Tav and Morelos are also on more than 30 k a week. It's common knowledge. At least they play all the time. Should we be paying that much for a player who rarely plays? He's a really nice guy, but 35k. Is he that special.

28 Oct 2020 23:56:24
The quality of his goal at the weekend was World class. Not sure what the point is about defoe.

29 Oct 2020 00:45:06
Would you rather have Defoe as 3rd/ 4th choice striker or big Sadiq?
Plus he isn’t only just contributing an hour every so often. The knowledge he will be passing on to the other strikers will be invaluable.

29 Oct 2020 06:27:47
FFS, the same article you refer to says he was on £3m per year which takes his salary to £57k per week. 65% reduction puts him now on £20k per week. You can’t pick and choose parts of the article to back up your point (although I still don’t know what point you were trying to make) . Are you in the £50m for Morelos club?

29 Oct 2020 06:58:09
From what I read at the time, Defoe signed a 65k a week contract at Bournemouth which included an additional 2m a year signing on bonus. Now, unless we included a yearly bonus, would that not work out as 65% wage cut on 65k a week that works out as 22.75k a week?
Again, it's only what I read, but I think this is a much more realistic figure.

29 Oct 2020 07:44:52
Umar Sadiq, the hunter without a gun😳.

29 Oct 2020 07:53:49
Are you high? The article described his package when he was on loan from Bournemouth.
He signed a 12m contract with Rangers at start of season as his loan deal had ended. He will be on £20k per week.

29 Oct 2020 08:17:09
Is this Post a joke? You are questioning Defoe? The model pro who is 38? Still fitter than anyone, or most? The whole point of having a player like Defoe is, he will be content with not playing every minute of every game, he makes a diff when he does play, he's played for many years top level. I don't understand this post at all. Do you feel the same about Steve Davis? Again, i don't get this post what so ever 😂😂.

29 Oct 2020 08:28:28
The wee man has just voted his goal against Livi as his 4th best out of his 300. The cost to us? Priceless!
What a guy!

29 Oct 2020 08:29:04
Hey Rossco your looking at it way the wrong way. Given guys age he can't play 90 mins full on without picking up serious injury. Plus given his goal last week after 60 mins on park his match time to goal ratio is more than worth wages. When he begins to get limp and incontinent we can rethink front line.

29 Oct 2020 08:55:44
I guess another way to look at it is this, we are arguing over how much Jermaine Defoe (who plays for us) gets paid.

Look how far we've come to have that as an issue.

3 nil to the famous tonight troops and 2-1 to Lille.

29 Oct 2020 09:38:36
Jermaine Defoe will be pencilled in for a coaching job at Rangers when he calls it a day. You can’t have enough people like the wee man around our club he is a total pro.

29 Oct 2020 10:43:53
An hour of Defoe or 90 mins of Alfredo (currently) ?

29 Oct 2020 10:48:00
We paid 35% of his salary when he was on loan, he 65% you are on about is the remainder of his salary which Bournemouth would have paid. I'd be amazed if he is on anymore than 20k per week.



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