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03 Sep 2020 07:47:12
Signings, hate to say it bears but the quality of the other mob signings thus far and the imminent departure of morelos and possibly Kent leaves me in no doubt 55 is a tough ask,

For me itten roofe not winning the title n letting Murphy doc etc go n keeping barker defies belief in my opinion.

If barker is the best WE the mighty have to try and break through the other teams were in bother.

Been through the great times and the bad but THIS is more important than our 10 in a row oppo few years back.


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03 Sep 2020 08:04:17
RTID73, 10 in a row sounds more important to you than it does to them? Couldn’t care less about 10 in a row and only care about the condition and shape of our club. Obviously I want to win the Title and what bluenose doesn’t but as a club we are probably in the best shape we have been for over 15 to 20 years and are looking forward to our 150th Anniversary! #TAINTED✌️🇬🇧.

03 Sep 2020 08:21:32
Correct yately, I’m with u.

03 Sep 2020 08:22:01
RTID your on the wind up surely? 😂 they signed 2 strikers, both of which Lennon doesn't trust and would rather play a midfielder up top.
Shane Duffy, i haven't seen much off but i'm sure he will be better than the chuckle brothers at the back, their keeper is muck 😂 i wouldn't have any of their new signings in our squad never mind starting 11.

03 Sep 2020 08:22:32
Wheres there quality? Ajeti looks good. duffy is average. and there keeper looks below average. U haven't even given roofe and itten a chance they will b class for us hav no doubts. We do still need players tho. Windows open till october. Keeping aribo fit is massive for us.

03 Sep 2020 08:31:44
Superb post Yately well said sir.

03 Sep 2020 08:53:41
Totally agree with you yately
Our club is in the best shape its been in years on and off the park.
Yet there's still lots of disgruntled so called supporters moaning and groaning it's an absolute joke.
Itten and roofe just in the door with little minutes played getting slated and worst of all our captain getting it for getting us 16 pts from a possible 18 with no goals conceded. It beggers belief what goes through their heads because with fans like that who needs enemies. Remember people supporters actually support their team no matter what!

03 Sep 2020 09:13:44
Rtid either your at the wind up or you’re erse is making buttons! That said I still think we need 2 or 3 starters 👍.

03 Sep 2020 09:14:44
That’s your first post on here and I’m worried for you as well!
They spent £5 million on a keeper who’s already cost them another £30 million CL money!
We have the best 2 keepers in the league and both came on a free👍
And if you were pinning your hopes on winning the title with Docherty and Murphy I’m definitely worried for you!

03 Sep 2020 09:21:47
Brilliant. Write off our new signings already hahah. I think both have looked promising in particular Roofe looks the part. Kent is going nowhere and we will be stronger when we see the back of Alfredo and get to bring in 1 or 2 with some of the cash.
As for their signings i agree i don't think one of them would get into our side. Duffy being bigged up purely because of where he is from. Ajeti can't get into their side.

03 Sep 2020 09:31:59

How can you tell someone that they haven’t given Itten and Roofe a chance yet then slate 2 of Celtic’s new signings? Do they not deserve the chance to prove themselves too?

03 Sep 2020 09:46:02
We are in the best shape we have been for a long time but stopping 10 in a row is a must. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves on👍.

03 Sep 2020 10:06:58
Biff because i have seen duffy play before and yeah he's average. There keeper looks honkin and according to reports he wasnt that great in greece. roofe at leeds was an unbelievable player so we know he's got it in his locker.

03 Sep 2020 10:40:12
What is this post they signed ajeti who as far as I know spent a year at home watching westham start Antonio at Striker. Who spent 5 seasons as a RB at the start of his career. Itten has a better record in Swiss than Ajeti and is the no.1 striker for the national side? Duffy can't start in a team that play 3 centrehalfs. Their keeper is a massive downgrade from Forster.

03 Sep 2020 10:57:40
Dunno if Ed can confirm but two days in a row a supposed "Ger" makes their first post and it's praising that lot. Surely the same bored dhim stuck at home with nothing better to do?

{Ed001's Note - it is not the same IP, but they change so often it is impossible to be sure. However, my first thought was it was clearly a troll.}

03 Sep 2020 11:00:01
rarely do i agree with so many as i do today. except biff. well said lads.

03 Sep 2020 12:04:39
A few of us must kidding ourselves on about the tainted ten and it will be Armageddon. Season tickets going back etc? Get a Grip, you Follow Glasgow Rangers forever 🇬🇧.

03 Sep 2020 12:17:19
Hard to argue with Yateley -
Club is financially looking great and still spending money on players
I’m not too focused on them winning 10 however I do have one eye on it and you are kidding yourself if you don’t, regardless of how tainted it might be the record books will read 10 years in a row as them so there can’t be 1 person on here who doesn’t want to stop it.
Think our signings are looking decent, Roofe only at 80% fit so will get a good return from him, Itten believe he will be good as well. Many contradicting themselves saying they have signed sh*te when it’s only a few weeks into the season.

I believe this year we will win the league but we need to dig deep for it 🇬🇧.

03 Sep 2020 12:43:59
Is this where we are as a club yately? Stopping our biggest rivals eclipsing our achievement of 9 in a row means nothing. Ridiculous statement to make yately. If we have any integrity as a club, stopping 10* is a must. 👍.

03 Sep 2020 14:56:50
People seem to forget the improvement in goldson, barasic, kent, aribo and jack from last season. And celtics signings are hardly a benchmark.

03 Sep 2020 15:24:40
The Tims did 9 first Coldo, so technically they are breaking their own achievement - we only equalled it. 👍
And for someone who proclaimed last season that the League Cup Final against Celtic was a meaningless game, you are getting a wee bit worked up at what they might or might not achieve🤔👀
And putting stopping the 10 in front of the long term stability / direction of our club is a strange notion🤔
But you’ve had a few nightmares on here recently Mr Thumbs Up👍👀👍👀👍.

03 Sep 2020 17:35:29
Stop ten * or admin. What would u choose coldo.

03 Sep 2020 17:38:55
Does anyone on here actually believe any celtic fan will care if we call it tainted 10?

I got one don’t think they will give a hoot and I think it’s childish and embarrassing.

If they win the league this season it will be 10 in a row like it or not.

03 Sep 2020 18:31:22
Our achievement of 9 will mean nothing if they win 10🤷‍♂️👍. We are not going in to admin, ridiculous to even ask that🤦‍♂️👍.
We must stop 10 or there will be a new username again, not the first time the dhims have made that happen👍🤭.

03 Sep 2020 20:38:32
To win the league coldo we need much better than we have. Even u have said that.
So to achieve that we need to spend serious money we don’t have, and turn out worse balance sheets.
So not a ridiculous question.
Why not answer what you would prefer.

03 Sep 2020 21:47:04
because its hypothetical nonsense john. We have proved that we can beat celtic easily, if we are more tactical astute against the park the bus teams then we will win more points, that's what cost us last year. If we want to balance books we should have took that 16mil. I agree we need a couple more john but I don't think it put us in admin, do you? 👍.



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