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02 Sep 2020 23:28:28
😂😂😂😂 the amount of people on here against Tav is mental lol clearly not got a clue. Gerrard and the rangers players all know and state he's a huge influence and a integral part of how we play. 🙈🙈🙈🙈 i give up, surely any one in a gets top working hard for us should be supported? Or am I just insane? Wheres my medication. 😂😂.

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03 Sep 2020 07:35:03
Most people give him stick because of his performances, and the constant mistakes and very poor decisions he makes which usually leads to the other team scoring. So far this season he's actually done well crossing has let him down tho. So the stick he gets it fully justified just because he's played OK so far this season doesn't make up for seasons gone by.

03 Sep 2020 08:25:54
Deemc bollocks. Its nowhere near justified. OK he's not the best at crossing. But he's integral to how we play.
Why doesn't ryan jack get stick, this season he hasn't been good at all. Dropping far too deep n giving nothing going forward. Cost us some goals v Celtic n Porto last year.
Tav is one of our most consistent players n is very rarely injured.

You know what I hope we. do sell him and you all realise what we are missing when he goes. If i was him i'd say f*** you n go down south. The level of stick he gets is a joke tbh.

Yes everyone deserves stick if they have a bad game. Tav could set up 3 score 3 but cause one goal in a game n he would. still get abuse. Its embarrassing man.

03 Sep 2020 08:37:45
Cos Jack is a "rangers man" Kri55, that's why I think so anyway and I agree with what you are saying.

03 Sep 2020 08:41:37
The fact that a player is rarely injured is in no way evidence of his ability as a player so using that to add weight to your argument about his footballing prowess is invalid. It is an asset of a different sort.

03 Sep 2020 08:49:18
Kr55. I’ve wrote this I don’t know how many times but let’s put this the easiest way possible purely based on the fact that people who see tav as a good rb clearly have no clue as opposed to the ones that see right through him.

Pros and cons list


Gets UP the park to support in attack
Really struggling here seriously


Loses possession
Gets caught out of position because he can’t get back
Hits 1 in 10 crosses.
Can’t beat the first man in the rest
Can’t shoot
Misses pens
Can hear goldson VC barking instructions over him
Certainly not captain material


03 Sep 2020 09:15:53
Kri55 tavernier didn’t make the grade down south hence the reason he only cost 225k we should remember that.

03 Sep 2020 09:22:43
Probably / most definitely our weakest position in the team.

03 Sep 2020 09:25:22
Someone got out of bed in a right bad mood this morning.

03 Sep 2020 09:54:48
Tav has started well this year but that does not mean he has turned a corner, going by seasons gone by tav is liability and is never a captain. His crossing is poor, god knows why he is on set piece's, very rarely beats the first man and his positional sense is also very poor. He can't defend which first and foremost is his job. 👍.

03 Sep 2020 10:10:33
OK let me see.
The Muppet fair point mate il take that.

The 12th man, i'm struggling to reply to you tbh as i'm laughing so much.


Look at his goals and assist stats. go on mate.
As i say, jack lost possession and cost us goals. v Celtic and Porto but didn't hear a peep from anyone.
Not every captain has to shout n bawl, god know why you think that's " captain material"
He's been part of a record breaking defence this season, no plaudits.
Him and BB are tasked with playing higher up the field, and we have Cntr mids who are tasked with shuffling over to cover this. its how we play.
I genuinely think. Tav has pumped your Mrs or something because you have a personal agenda. against him.
I usually respect peoples opinions but i'm struggling with. yours!

Finally G4rry, i think most folk on here get out the bed in a bad mood the. With their anger toward our captain.
I have zero anger in my post 🤔. But good chat mate.

03 Sep 2020 10:28:23
Also Bgate. How many other players do we have who "didn't make the grade" down south etc.
That's a ludicrous statement.

03 Sep 2020 11:02:00
Every player loses possession ☑️
Caught out of position - that's why we play with defensive midfielders to cover the full backs bombing forward☑️
Has most assists this season already ☑️
Has already scored ☑️
Has scored more penalties than he's missed☑️
We should have leaders all over the park☑️
I think that puts it in the simplest terms for people who do t understand his role. 👍☑️
Oh, and I'll trust his teammates and Gerrard opinion on Tav over yours 12thman any day of the week. 👍☑️.

03 Sep 2020 11:17:14
We have several kri55 but you’re the one who said he should go back down south?

03 Sep 2020 11:24:11
Mr Potatoe head! I owe you a pint. Finally someone on my wavelength who sees the true picture 😁.

03 Sep 2020 11:41:41
All the Tav haters basically base their opinion on that 3 or 4 games where he cost us goals in Europe etc. he's a modern fullback, the top EPL fullbacks get caught out position every week its part of how they play. 'Hes not a leader' because he's not an 80/ 90's hard man like Gough, Souness etc but who is these days? Strolls it in SPL consistently. We need 2 or 3 signings but RB is really not an issue for us.

03 Sep 2020 12:08:18
Kri55. The big picture hahaha. And for the record I have no hate on what I post. I speak my mind like your supposed to. I can guarantee there is more people doubting him than with him. He’s a liability. my opinion on tav is I over the last 2 season collectively. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Whether you or anyone else agrees with it makes no difference to me. 🤷‍♂️.

03 Sep 2020 12:33:15
Bgate I said he should go bk down south to escape the morons up here who, no matter what he does, berate and criticise him. Its embarrassing.

And for the Record the 12th man, i'm glad your are not actually the 12th man at rangers because we would be playing junior football under your stewardship. You have shown here that essentially you don't have any real knowledge. Your opinion yes but by god its Laughable.

03 Sep 2020 12:45:48
Kri55 you should celebrate stupidity by sharing a beer😁👍.

03 Sep 2020 13:05:35
Coldo 😂😂.

03 Sep 2020 13:10:59
Seems to be a lot of mixed opinion on tav and how bad or good he is. Would be interesting to see a poll result on that. Listen a think it’s clear he’s just no the right guy for me at rb never mind captain. I also know I’m not alone. So hey. Least it’s not just me that watched every game and deciphers the guy is boaby.

03 Sep 2020 14:05:02
Coldo with some of your posts you've the cheek to call anyone stupid. That's all il say on that matter. Personal attacks show your class :-)

03 Sep 2020 14:06:41
Aye the 12th he's well boaby as you put it. There is a comment a few up above that pretty much ruins your original comment. But you've avoided that cause its made you look silly.
Its all well n good he isn't your cup of tea, but to be personally attacking the guy is a joke n pretty immature tbh.

03 Sep 2020 15:51:12
Ironically posting as the 12thman but not showing it by supporting the players in the team. 🤦😂😂.

03 Sep 2020 15:53:15
No hate? Yesterday you “ couldn’t stand the man,

03 Sep 2020 15:58:06
Good old Coldo.
Contradicting himself as per usual.
So although Tav has started the season well, we've to forget the assists, goal and clean sheets so far because of how he's performed in previous seasons?
Does that mean your love child "the best £7 million we'll ever spend" who was rank rotten for most of last season - then we've not to trust Kent this year even though he's started the season on fire🤦🤔
I think you can join the "celebration of stupidity" by buying the first round! 😂👍👀👍👀👍.

03 Sep 2020 16:38:49
Potatoehead. The money I pay in season ticket money supports the team. I also have a right to an opinion although. It’s hard to believe in here with all the “experts” makes ye laugh. If I and I do consistently see a flaw in the side I have a right to point it out. It’s clear I’m
Not alone in this hypothesis. He does not have my backing as captain nor first choice rb. We need better in that position. I don’t see how it upsets so many people. It’s right in front of ye. You have the right to your opinion of him. Crack on. He’s no going to prove me otherwise now.

03 Sep 2020 17:24:44
Rather have Ryan Jack in the team before Tav every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

03 Sep 2020 23:11:45
Seeker you on the gin? RJ plays every week lol and is a CM. have i missed a joke here lol.

The 12th man, you are entitled to your opinion, no one denies that, its your personal attack on Tav we disagree with.
Others who don't rate him. keep it on a football level.
As I have said, you may not be alone in your. view of his ability of player or captain.
But I ain't alone in mine either. Annnnnnd I must point out. The only opinion that matters is that of a certain. Mr Gerrard so :-) enjoy your night mate n get a well required good nights sleep.

04 Sep 2020 18:34:41
I do keep it on a football level mate. How else can I put it. Personal attack? It shouldn’t be annoying anyone except him and I severely doubt he’s reading all our pish. Yes you are right it’s down to Sg judgement. 100%. But let’s not forget there has been more than a few times we have all been left baffles with some of his tactics. Managerial exp or other wise. We need bats than tav, better then barker and the moment better then hagi. Hagi needs to get wise very quickly and try beef out a bit. Far too many people knocking the ball away from behind him. He has got it just needs to step it up. But anyway. It’s all about opinions eh 🤷‍♂️.



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