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31 Aug 2020 19:18:28
Anyone who thinks McCrorie is better than Lewis Ferguson need to look at Fergusons stats. He has aggresion assists goals and a great attitude. McCrorie might be up there in 2 to 3 years but we need a player now that can make a difference. We don't have a box to box player so I reckon he would fit in perfectly. If we don't buy him I reckon in 2 yrs we would regret it. Just my opinion i'm sure plenty will disagree 🤔🙄.

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31 Aug 2020 20:05:07
I agree with you 100%.

31 Aug 2020 20:33:59
I disagree 100%.
He's rank rotten, never stood out in the first game of the season except for 2 horrendous tackles that would be a red card if he was wearing the blue of Rangers which makes him a liability as much as Morelos is slated by some on here for his temperament.
All he has going for him is his second name.
And at the reported £2 million is well overpriced.
Just my honest opinion.

31 Aug 2020 21:17:10
Bluebell I wouldn’t judge him on that 1 game. He’s been integral part of Hamilton and Aberdeen. He can tackle, is strong, good in the air, can drive from box to box, good at penalties, scores a few goals and can create chances. If he is stuck with no room he can keep possession with his strength, he also has ability to play 1 touch passes and is strong with back to goal, he makes everything tick.
I have watched him closely over this calendar year since we were heavily linked with him in January and he has impressed me more often than not.

31 Aug 2020 21:21:47
Let’s go round again
Maybe we’ll turn back the hands of time
Let’s go round again
One more time 🎶.

31 Aug 2020 23:50:03
He's mince, you lot on the sauce?

01 Sep 2020 06:18:29
Ferguson is a big bruiser, a hatchet man. Rangers aren't interested in him.

01 Sep 2020 06:32:36
BWD you are a tim.

BB must be a bad player than if he has had two bad games .

He is the current young player of the year and that’s a FACT.

01 Sep 2020 07:34:49
The old tim card when you have nothing else🤭👍.

01 Sep 2020 08:14:38
Now now coldo, kJ didn’t mean the guys a Tim, he just sounds like one,

Good morning btw, and to the editor.

01 Sep 2020 08:22:09
Are you a dons fan? Why so defensive?

01 Sep 2020 08:43:32
I'm not sure tom, you are a tim is quite conclusive. Good morning to you old chap😁👍.

01 Sep 2020 08:49:53
I would expect him to stand out against Rangers, KJA9, if he’s as good as everybody says he is?
Easy to turn it on and look good when both teams are going for it like the lesser teams do. When he’s been up against Rangers he’s looked out his depth.
And I don’t see him improving our first 11.
Just my opinion.

01 Sep 2020 08:58:01
He wouldn't improve our first eleven. The very reason why mccrorie doc murphy are all gone. We have better. 👍.

01 Sep 2020 08:59:26
Morning coldo, I should be waking up in sunny split this morning, sadly I’m still in springburn, the yuppie part obvs, I’m hoping to hear doiger explain “ no point in scoring 4 and conceding 3, best line I’ve ever heard on here doiger, brilliant stuff,

Only Kidding of course doiger, I have decided to enjoy what is left of life and you made me chuckle, old chap,

Coldo you’re in danger of having a full net.

01 Sep 2020 09:06:52
It’s easy to look good when both teams are going for it? Really mate? So when two teams go for it, does that mean everyone looks good, you do have a alternative view of football il give you that,

01 Sep 2020 10:25:24
Tell me how it is easy mate.

01 Sep 2020 10:50:09
He didn’t look out his depth when he single handily put us out of the cup mate lol.

01 Sep 2020 11:18:03
The boy at hamilton that scored to beat us 1-0 at ibrox last year wouldn't get a game for us COI, what's your point mate? Does that mean that every player who scores a goal against us that beats us would be good enough to play for us? 👍.

01 Sep 2020 11:37:12
Bluebell said Ferguson has looked out his depth whenever he has played against Rangers. He was outstanding against us in the cup semifinal and scored the goal that knocked us out. My point is he didn’t look out his depth that day. If anyone here thinks Ferguson is not good enough for Rangers then they are a dreamer!

01 Sep 2020 11:49:28
I would like him here now, he has the look of a boy who could be a very big player for Rangers.

01 Sep 2020 11:55:43
Ferguson wouldn’t enhance our starting 11 he’d end up like docherty. And how can you compare mcrorie and Ferguson as they are different types.

01 Sep 2020 12:15:58
Nowhere near good enough, people just like namesake players. Absolutely mince, big Bob was twice the player.

01 Sep 2020 12:31:28
The full Rangers team were rubbish that day COI. When we’re on our game, Ferguson doesn’t get a look in and resorts to horrendous tackles and would be a liability in a Rangers shirt.

01 Sep 2020 12:38:57
I’ll try and explain it in simplistic terms for you to understand TomThumb. 👍
When both teams are going for it, it creates more space in the midfield making it easier for lesser talented players like Ferguson to perform.
When he’s up against a fully up to speed Rangers midfield that likes to keep a hold of the ball with ease he resorts to mistimed, over the top tackles.
Always happy to keep you informed of my “alternative” views on football! 🤣🤪🤣.

01 Sep 2020 17:48:21
After my almost 25 as a player with Clydebank, Falkirk, ferranti thistle, queen of the south, Morton and being on the same kilbowie pitch as David Cooper, among many rather well known players, I shall take your advice on football tactics with a very big pinch of salt

01 Sep 2020 18:15:52
Did ye aye.



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