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29 Aug 2020 09:51:33
Another tricky game this afternoon on the dreaded plastic pitch but if everyone steps up and plays to their full potential we should take care of Hamilton.
Hoping Itten finally gets of the mark.

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29 Aug 2020 10:15:19
Should be beating them convincingly, no excuses.

29 Aug 2020 10:54:59
Hopefully Morelos is back and bangs in a hat-trick! Shut all the haters up!

29 Aug 2020 11:01:50
Highland bear. your saying shut the haters up? Nobody hates him there disgusted by his lack of effort and loyalty he has had over a period of time, if you can’t see that he has downed tools, and if you think that’s ok to do that to Glasgow Rangers then you seriously need to ask yourself a question, the supporters have done nothing but loyal to Morelos!

29 Aug 2020 11:10:41
We are potent with him but against a bus we are to much of a one trick pony. We need to have the bus not knowing what's going on and that means over loading with attacking players in all areas in the attacking phase. Thought we looked pretty good last game would be surprised if he changed it too much. Passing forward at every opportunity with less touches will create chances, were due a 5 goal game at some point.

29 Aug 2020 11:17:00
If he's in the mood he'll score, or at least give their backline a torrid time.

29 Aug 2020 12:00:37
That's some sense of entitlement you have BlueWouldDo!

29 Aug 2020 12:08:45
Cant see him starting.

29 Aug 2020 12:20:10
He owes the club a Hattrick, fans don't owe him anything👍.

29 Aug 2020 12:24:17
Rangers should be beating this side convincingly, come on. Entitlement? standards seem to be slipping on here by the sounds of it.

29 Aug 2020 12:42:06
We should be beating hamilton, no excuses. Its not entitlement. We have players worth more than their whole club. 👍.

29 Aug 2020 12:59:02
Go on then Deano what should I be asking myself? Let me ask you something who been our best player over the last couple of years? Who’s worked hardest in our team the last couple of years? I can’t argue that he’s had a major drop in form since Christmas but the whole team has been poor yet Morelos takes all the heat, I’m fed up coming on here to hear our own fans repeating the nonsense clearly made up by daft obsessed Tim tinks, he fell off a plane drunk, he crashed into every car in the car park he went nose to nose wi Gerrard 🤯 And yes I do think he’s had his head turned but he’s a young guy from another country that potential is there for all foreign players, and by the way when he does leave we’ll make more profit on him than on any 3 transfers out combined in our history! So maybe deserves a little bit more support from our fans 🤷🏽‍♂️.

29 Aug 2020 13:32:42
Hate is not the word rangers . some fans disappointed in him maybe.

29 Aug 2020 13:40:05
Highland bear deserves more support? How much more support can we possible give him, your baffling on as if we owe Morelos something if we do let me know what it is ted card after red card with him we still stuck by him! Now that he’s downed tools you want us to support him? A player that is desperate to get away? Nah not from me.

29 Aug 2020 14:07:08
Football isn't played on balance sheets.
If it was the other teams would as well not turn up.
It is about entitlement thinking we just turn up and the other team will hand us the 3 points because our players cost more, earn more.

29 Aug 2020 15:08:54
It’s the 1st time I am going to say this and hopefully the last but I agree with BWD 100% we can’t be slipping up away to Hamilton and the pitch is not an excuse yes I think they should be banned but not an excuse as to why we draw or lose.

29 Aug 2020 15:24:32
They cost more and earn more because they are far superior. Its not entitlement as we don't expect to be handed 3 points, we expect to take 3 points, no excuses. 👍.

29 Aug 2020 15:50:29
He’s been fantastic for rangers. What a signing, suggested to caxinha by Jonatton johansson who never seems to get the credit he deserves for that 1. Wasn’t Pedro or a scout who spotted him, it was jj. He’s been a great player for us especially in Europe last season. However he’s red cards and suspension have cost us dear and are partly what caused us to lose the league. Thank him for he’s services and show him the door. Paid £1m sell for 16-18. - 10% to hjk that’s a great bit of business for the club 🇬🇧.



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