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20 Aug 2020 23:50:58
As everyone of my fellow bears on here will know both myself and coldo are big fans and rate rangers winger ryan kent very highly 👌
The majority of rangers supporters i've spoken to and read about rate kent pretty highly its safe to say. But there's a good few on here who don't rate kent highly at all and that's fine, because they're perfectly entitled to their opinions! So to gauge the feelings of our supporters on here regarding ryan kent,
could you please run a poll for me ED?
The poll reading, should we sell ryan kent for £10million, for £10-£15million, for £15-£20million, £20million + or not for sale at all for now? Thanks ED, very much appreciated pal 👍.

{Ed033's Note -

Sell Ryan Kent poll

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21 Aug 2020 00:47:04
SGL, you rate every Rangers player highly as you do with every Rangers manager. I appreciate your loyalty though. PS. Remember we had a bet regarding Dykes. LOL.

21 Aug 2020 02:35:27
Means nothing, SGL, in fact it shows that 63% would sell him now.

21 Aug 2020 03:07:12
Ryan Kent is the most overvalued player we have. he’s no better than any of the other wingers we have, so little return on so much money. I agree that he has talent, but I’d say he, like Morelos haven’t shown any of the talent that we’ve seen in the past. Kent’s a bit of a one trick pony and defenders know exactly what he’s going to do every time. I’d bite anyone’s hand off that offered £10 million as In current form I can see him being benched. Maybe the weight of the jersey is too much for him, maybe he’s trying too hard. but he’s never been the player we had during his loan spell. Let’s face it lads the team haven’t moved on from last season, Gerard doesn’t have a plan B, or C in his locker, maybe our most valuable players are being wasted because he can’t set the team up right to support them, either way there’s big problems ahead this season with Gerard at the helm, and before you all jump down my throat, I’m not suggesting we get rid of him, that’s just too expensive an option but hand on heart I just can’t see him learning from last seasons mistakes and unfortunately 10/ 11/ 12 in a row is a horrible reality we might have to face. We are maybe too caught up in 10 iar anyway, how many seasons were their main rivals out of the league.
I know a bit of a rant but I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for a while and follow this site every day. I just don’t think we should ever have had a rookie manager, no matter how big the name, his deficiencies in tactical awareness are glaringly obvious. how many of us knew after 10 mins on Sunday we had to change the formation, bring on another striker with 80 mins left would have been a different proposition. we know how Livi play, we know they won’t have many chances if any, so why do we need 2 holding midfielders and only 1 striker. especially when dykes couldn’t play . some of his decisions just beggar belief. I don’t profess to be a manager, but for god sake how can he not set the team up right in the first place . we could all have picked a team to get a win on Sunday and I just fear we will see this the whole season. teams park the bus against us and them. they just seem to either find a way through or get a dodgy decision or penalty . we don’t . Rant over lads. I know that was all on the back of the Kent poll but had a few beers and had to let off some steam .

21 Aug 2020 05:57:03
Actually think Kent is one of our better players so wouldn’t sell him especially as we already crying out for a right winger. Sell him and we’ll need a left winger too. I think he’d be hard to replace.

21 Aug 2020 06:34:15
If you cast your mind back the stuck i challenged you to the bet and the loser would give the agreed amount to the winner's chosen charity 🤔If my memory serves me correct my friend i asked you to name the bet and not a peep came back.

21 Aug 2020 06:56:50
I don’t dislike Kent I just think for the money we paid we could have got better IMHO someone he would actually get assists because he doesn’t.

21 Aug 2020 07:30:12
True blue who would you replace Kent with just asking?

21 Aug 2020 08:02:35
Kent not for sale this season. Yes he is a one trick pony but if he can contribute with more goals and assists not only will his value go up hopefully also help us win a trophy as he is one of a few in our team that has a spark in them.
I do agree with True-blue, I don't think SG gets the best from him due to his tactics in some games but that's a discussion for another day, hopefully not after the Killie game lol.

21 Aug 2020 08:03:12
Kent would struggle in the EPL and if we could get closer to £15m I’d take it. For £7m he has largely failed in Scotland.

21 Aug 2020 09:09:15
i would sell Ryan Kent in a heartbeat. One of the most over hyped players we have had in a long time. He has the odd bit of magic but not often enough and his stats are woeful for an attacker at a club like rangers

On loan when he won young player of the year ( no idea how that happened ) his stats were terrible. Apart from his performances against celtic he was bang average and never a 7m player

We all know we need wingers/ inside forwards/ attacking mids that can gives us double figures in goals and assists ( i know hard to find ) but for me Kent will never be that consistant

He either tries to much and losses the ball or just runs at players and i mean at them as into them.

21 Aug 2020 09:19:10
Just find it crazy he didn't have 1 league assist in a whole season. Really needs to start upping his game.

21 Aug 2020 09:30:40
I know it would be difficult for us to turn down a big bid, however I think if we did sell we would be sending out entirely the wrong message regarding challenging for the title. Kent is undoubtedly one of our best players and unless we move quickly to bring in a quality replacement we would be handing over the advantage to the other lot. The Morelos thing is completely different as he has said that he wants to move on whereas Kent is reportedly happy here. I suppose money will talk in the end but if Leeds are serious and want him I'd hold out for at least 15m.

21 Aug 2020 10:30:19
The only logic for me in selling a player is if you have someone ready to replace them or are confident that you can bring in a better player. Right now I do not believe that we are close to being in that position. Tomorrow Aribo is out again and we don't have a ready made replacement for him. It will inevitably mean that Gerrard will play Arfield and for me we will be playing with 10 men if that is the case. Before we start selling the few quality players that we have we need to bring in more quality players unless of course the manager finally realises that you can play with two up front!

21 Aug 2020 11:04:33
When rangers bought ryan kent for £7million, i agree guys it was probably a bit much, but you're buying potential. Wingers in general can be inconsistent and especially when they're young and still much to learn and potential to fullfil! I don't have one shred of doubt that kent will get better and better and although i also don't think at this moment in time, he's english premier league class, he will be in time,
mark my words fellow bears 👍👌
When we eventually do sell kent in a few years, it will be for a lot more than the leeds utd bid, of £10million! I know us supporters all have our opinions on everything rangers, whether it be ryan kent or castore merchandise, but surely the likes of steven gerrard, all his backroom team, kent's teammates,
neil mccann, jurgen klopp, barry ferguson etc, can't all be wrong when they continually wax lyrical about kent and how talented he is and how good he could become 👌Just think about it for a bit guys before coming away with all this imo s***e regarding kent! I'm delighted ryan kent is playing for glasgow rangers 👍😁.

21 Aug 2020 11:22:35
Berkshire aribo definitely out yeah? Havent heard anything?

21 Aug 2020 11:57:34
Paul, I'm surprised if he's still out, I didn't think the knock he picked up was too bad, but, I suppose that's what a squad is all about, big miss though.

21 Aug 2020 13:26:37
Paul listen to managers press conference no Aribo or balagon.

21 Aug 2020 14:24:35
We're not a two man team! With aribo and balogun out injured, head down and get on with it!

21 Aug 2020 17:58:53
Helander has played well imo and a wee change tomorrow and we'll beat Killie without big Joe.



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