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18 Aug 2020 22:02:03
Guys putting this new post on instead of replying to one way down page as I want to direct a few questions for

@John25 and hoping he sees It tonight or tomorrow

1st off though I'd like to say I agree with KJA9 down the page
It might be negative what we're now saying but it's going with what we see playing in front of us - not saying crap to be bad about team or Gerrard

Sometimes in life you come up against something that's too big - could be or not be happening to Gerrard right now

Just my opinion

At John25 you said you think it will take another few years For us to win the league as we're building the team up just now?

Sorry to say you must also be in the negative squad 👍 lol

But my my main question for you John was someone mentioned possibly Mccrorie going to Aberdeen that Ferguson could be involved coming to us as you said you know the Mccrorie family
Do you know if any substance to this rumour? Or any of there players coming opposite way?

And the other question was
You said you heard if we clear out the guys we now don't want that a few players could be signed before transfer deadline

Any names of who they possibly are or what positions he's still looking to fill or add cover for?

Sorry for all the questions I'm a bit nosey as you may have guessed and hate the waiting game haha

Any info you could share would be very much appreciated

And if you want to keep things close to your chest for time being that's also cool bud

Just thought I'd ask incase you can share at this stage if you had indeed heard a bit more

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18 Aug 2020 22:24:57
I know the family, two things how would they know rangers transfer intentions.
And if they did they certainly would not tell me or anyone else. they are a family of impeccable trust.

With regards signings the honest answer is no. I could make up a few names, but never do that. What I do know is we r looking at first pick high level players.
We r not in a rush to sell Alf. Also I have been told Olsen is wanted, two mids and mb rb cover.
None off that should surprise anyone, as many write that on here.

18 Aug 2020 22:36:23
Sorry one More point to john and everyone else for that matter

If it wasn’t Steven Gerrard in charge right now and all money spent so far say it was still Graham murty or if it was warburton
Even pedro can’t forget he was the one who brought in Alfie?

If we’re still building and being able to spend this money on some thoughts that we still ain’t good enough to win the league

Can I ask - why does Gerrard get too be the guy building the team? What experience has he in building teams from scratch and getting the winning formula at the end?

Why not the other guys I mentioned? Pedro was a nightmare but was he given 3 seasons?

Mccoist never got any real money to spend and took over when we were in the rubbish

Just wondering why does Gerrard get the 99.9% backing mangers of the past never got

It’s Been a burning question of mine for a while now

Mr grumpy

Sorry for anyone I missed out I know there’s many

I’m just interested to know evryones opinion

Why does the inexperience of Steven Gerrard get to be the guy that gets to build a team from scratch and gets possibly 3 seasons to win something

Why not a an experienced guy

Listen it’s a sincere question not trying to heckle anyone
Be good to see everyone’s point of view for discussion 😊😊.

18 Aug 2020 22:46:11
Stigno for the avoidance of doubt I have never been told a story by anyone directly involved at rangers about transfer business. Example my comment about mcrorie going for a medical at Aberdeen came from sky, Not any where else.
I am like many on here who pick up snippets from friends who hear stories, rumours gossip.
And choose to share bits off it if I think it is off interest.

18 Aug 2020 23:28:00
Gerrard has spent the best part of 30mil how can we still be rebuilding, that's ridiculous. We should have been serious challengers last year and fell well short. No more excuses. 👍.

19 Aug 2020 04:20:13
If we had built the team, league would have been won by now. Stigno he gets the money to try stop ten.

19 Aug 2020 04:30:21
Supporters 😆 🤣 😂.

19 Aug 2020 07:34:13
Someone posted above "another few years to win the league". Well I'm sorry, if that's the case then I'm lost for words. How many titles do we need to sit back seeing them winning exactly?

19 Aug 2020 07:35:44
Why didn't rangers go for an experienced man instead of SG I've no idea.
The reason I've given SG support is I can see what he and the club are trying to build.
I genuinely think we can win the league this season, especially with a couple more signings.

19 Aug 2020 07:51:18
Decent question Stigno. In all honesty I think the reason Gerrard has had more time and money is a few of reasons. Firstly in my opinion the calibre of player we have signed under Gerrard has been better than it was and I think that is basically down to his reputation. Before anyone jumps down my throat and lists all the signing that haven't worked out let me clarify that. i'm well aware that a lot of signings haven't worked, Grezda, Sadiq, Jones etc but the players we have been targeting are generally of a better standard than before. Secondly, I think our European performances have gone a long way to the board giving the manager extra funds. Lastly I think the presence of a Director of Football also helps. Mark Allen and now Ross Wilson are in part responsible for signings too. I don't know fully the working relationship between SG and RW but I imagine its something like SG going to RW and saying he needs a player in a certain position and RW would then list suggestions to SG from the knowledge that he and the scouting team have and then SG has the final say. Before SG came to the club we had no scouting network. That side of the club has been built up from nothing and there has been a marked improvement in our youth system. Our young players are of a much higher standard than before SG came in. We attract young players from all over Europe now. Granted we seem to then lose them to other clubs after a season or 2 and that is my biggest frustration with SG. So much work has gone into building our academy up and we watch our talent walk out the door. that's the area I would like to see improvement. A clear pathway to the first team. Patterson has a chance but that's about it.

Stigno, my answer is all over the place because as I was writing my head started filling with all sorts of opinions lol but hope that answers your question or at least part of it.

19 Aug 2020 08:02:57
Morning Stig fella.

My, opinion in it re Gerrard is this. he was a big name and could attract a better calibre of player which we certainly have.
Its a rebuild, anyone we have won't do this in one season. I think that the board have backed him, as with any job, he impressed most on interview?
I hate not winning every game and do get frustrated but we have improved, all over the club. Maybe we could have done with an advisor to SG for 1 maybe 2 yrs but i read that he's in constant contact with Sir Walter?
So its not an easy asnswet tbh mate i just think the board have seen it, on his appointment, as a longer project.
Not ideal I know but. bigger managers with bigger budgets at big clubs have tried n failed so.

19 Aug 2020 08:43:46
Good. Post kriss.

19 Aug 2020 08:58:03
John25,i also heard that we're very interested in danish winger skov olsen, but have to shift players out the door first. Brian laudrup allegedly highly recommended him as did peter lovenkrands 👍Was hearing the deal would be similar to the hagi deal, with loaning skov olsen from bologna for a season with the option to buy at the end of the season, on a set transfer fee agreed between both rangers and bologna. I really hope we get him, as he looks terrific and was never suited to italian football, a bit like brian laudrup wasn't all these years ago now!

19 Aug 2020 09:05:33
Morning Stig, Gerrard has restored our name on the European stage, yes, he has spent money, but he inherited a total mess created by those before him. We also have a new Board, whom, I feel, are more professional than what we have had for years, I would think that we are probably in a break even situation as regards money spent versus made in his two years.

The one disappointment for me has been the lack of young players coming through who would have saved us money in the transfer market. Don't forget the money spent by Alex Ferguson at Manchester United before they saw a return on it, so we need to stop the knee jerk reaction every time we don't get it all our own way, we are still a work in progress, but, I feel we are heading in the right direction, now this is only mu own view, I wouldn't expect everyone to agree with me.

Hopefully Stig, that gives you some sort feeling as to how others may thinking, your view may differ, but, keep posting them.

19 Aug 2020 09:07:20
Why don’t we splash out and bring in players who will guarantee us the league?

Messi and Ronaldo are unhappy with their clubs and there must be a couple of superstar attacking midfielders to unlock defences like Livi.

Surely we can risk £200m or so to stop 10 in a row even if it means liquidation?

Time to take a reality pill and accept that Celtic are a really strong team and we have no divine right to overhaul them. SG had a major rebuild from youth set up to first team and he is well on the road to success.

Those of you who crave instant success are living in the Murray days where we could attract top internationals (but not necessarily afford them) .

19 Aug 2020 09:37:46
Stevie G got the job because of his name as a Footballer to hopefully attract better players but for me the majority of his signing has not been successful it’s a poor record in that sense.

I have never said he should be sacked or leave yet.
I just don’t see any positives from the way we play as seen by Livingston.
People can say it’s only 4 games in but it echos the 2nd half of last season and more often than not we are going to face teams like that week in week out in this league.

We need another 3/ 4 players in I reckon:

19 Aug 2020 09:38:35
Morning everyone

Great response, thank you for all your replies and you
Logic behind your thinking on the situation

I agree with a lot of what you all say in bits and parts

Our training academy, youngsters getting lost along the way go g on to other clubs not getting a real chance to shine etc

It’s a new board and we are re building from the mess we were not so long ago in

And we are now starting to attract the better calibre of players

And we are playing better football overall - European run proves that

Just need more consistency

And hopefully as some of you said one or 2 more good players in the door might be the finishing touch
We need

Fingers crossed

But again thanks for reply’s - it’s appreciated 😊😊.

19 Aug 2020 09:59:37
Yes stig the replies have been good reading. I agree with most of what is being said. Irvger I'm not going to say you are wrong definitively about the breakeven over the last coue of years but just from memory I would think we are a long way from breakeven. I think or should I say it feels like we've spent way more than what we've brought in. Happy to be proved wrong my friend but maybe someone with the knowledge of outgoings to incoming transfer fees can let us know.

19 Aug 2020 10:10:58
Nonsense DK, gerrard has spent the bulk of 30mil, if that was murty pedro or anyone else they would be gone. We should have been serious challengers last year, we fell well short. CV halting the league did gerrard a favour👍.

19 Aug 2020 15:59:51
MOC Bear and Coldo, what I was referring to overall was the cost of players versus the cost of earnings from Europe. I am aware that the total cost of running the Club would exceed the income, but, I am hopeful, that the new Reatil position will negate that short to medium term and allow us to move on without soft loans as was the case previously, as I said many others will have their own views on things which is what the form is all about.



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