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07 Aug 2020 23:25:42
Not going to be popular here but i cannot see where we get 15 million for Morelos. Lille look they have ended their interest and this 19 clubs interested is a load of nonsense. This guy has been rank rotten since the end of last year. He is not filly fit, disinterested and has a shocking disciplinary record and record against C$^%%. He believes his own hype. Every time he plays his value drops. If we get 15 million we should drop him at his next location before they change their mind. We are likely to get more money for Barisic than Morelos the way it is going.

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08 Aug 2020 00:34:19
Anyone else thinking?

It is looking like we might be stuck with a player who no longer wants to be here, but won’t help his chances by getting back to what he does best, scoring goals and playing well for the team?

If there was a list of teams wanting him they would have bid and he would be away

It’s starting to look like no one wants to take a chance on him especially with his price tag we have put on him now

I don’t know about the rest of you guys,

But when does the Morelos escapade end?

When can gerrard stop worrying about him, can he play him? Will he drop him, will he be sold, can we get the money we want for him?

Or does no team come in with the right price and we’re stuck with a Morelos who really is unhappy?

What headache does that give the manager?
And what disharmony does that bring to the squad

I think the whole situation has became a bit of a farce
And I really can’t see how it’s going to end now

If Lille were very serious about taking him couple weeks ago and other teams wanted him they would have all bid and we probably would have had a few firm bids in
And he would probably have left by now or being reported he was leaving

I think we’re going to 1 be stuck with an unhappy player

Or 2 he gets sold way south of £10 million to let him go?
Either way the situation needs sorted now

Gerrard said he’s capable of putting it out his mind and can play, he hasn’t shown he can do that in a while now
He’s not been the same player for a long time

Does he get to continue to play 3-4 more games to show while he’s here he can contribute

Suppose time will tell.

08 Aug 2020 00:38:36
Agree with every word you said Stevie. I said something similar about anything north of £10 million we should take it, thank him and move on and got accused of being one of these rangers fans who under values our players and thankfully I'm not in charge of transfer deals at the club etc etc. His value is dropping every day and do you see a list of clubs queing up to sign him?, there aren't any. Lille signed Jonathan David so they won't come back in and there's nobody else. Purely for morale in the dressing room, he needs to go. Remember the rumours that Morelos was the issue behind the slump after the winter break, all the players got run into the ground in the Dubai heat, while Morelos got time off. He doesn't want to be here which he's made obvious with all the talk about wanting to play in a more competitive league, which is quiet ironic given he's won nothing in the non competitive league he's playing in plus, Gerard seems to have lost patience with him.

08 Aug 2020 05:47:59
Only thing I’m thinking of is Alfredo getting another 29 goals plus he’s got a few buddies to help him now. So enough with the negative stuff. Buff still a rangers player ungrateful the rubbish I hear on here the wee man has gave everything he can for us.

08 Aug 2020 06:48:44
Time will tell lads.

08 Aug 2020 07:45:33
We'll be lucky to get anywhere near the 17mil that's being quoted, gerrard now saying that he only wants to work with players that want to be here🙈👍.

08 Aug 2020 08:33:53
Totally agree with you Stevie. Personally I am sick and tired of Morelos attitude. The guy is clearly an idiot, it’s simple, you want a move (because you overrate yourself) so what is the best way to make that happen? Well you show the world what a great player you are, you knuckle down, work hard, score goals, keep you stupid hot head under control, and the offers come flooding in. But what does Morelos do? He does the opposite, he downs tools, he gets lazy, his goals dry up, he continues to huff and puff and take tantrums like a baby. Result? Ain’t nobody in their right mind is going to write a cheque for £20m.

08 Aug 2020 09:13:51
We need him gone by hook or by crook.

If nothing permanent happens fire him out on loan.

08 Aug 2020 09:18:00
Dwallace. We are all sick and tired of him. We need players who will give there all for us for a full season not spit the dummy out in January.

08 Aug 2020 09:27:26
I’m thinking that you lot who value Morelos so lowly are showing your poor knowledge of the football transfer market.

Alf is worth £20m any day of the week. He is immature and still developing as a person and player but his ability is unquestionable.

Suggesting we accept £15m or even less is ridiculous.

08 Aug 2020 09:50:21
Who would pay 20mil for someone who is immature🤔 honestly DK🤷‍♂️👍.

08 Aug 2020 10:32:07
Hypothetically coldo, if someone did pay over £17m for Morelos would that mean that team/ manager was nuts? Or that you might (just might) be wrong? 🤔.

08 Aug 2020 11:00:39
Coldo never admits to being wrong, he just disappears for a while ☹️👍😢😢😝

His superhero Kent went missing last season but did we hear from the guru? No chance he was on an extended sabbatical.

What about when Katic was making rash challenges? Another sabbatical from Guru Coldo.

If only the guru was proved to be correct then his belittling of everyone else would be profound but since he talks as much rubbish as the rest of us his bullying responses are simply pathetic.

08 Aug 2020 12:20:41
I'll drive him to wherever it is if we get 17mil grumpy👍




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