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02 Aug 2020 19:44:41
I believe our first 5 or 6 games will determine our fate for this season guys.

I posted we would be behind on goal difference because we could only score once in our first game and got suggestions I was a timco fan .

We are now already down 4 goals on timco after just one game so I shudder to think how many it will be after 6 games if we manage to even keep level points wi timco.

That's if we keep winning cause they won't be beaten or even draw with any other SPFL club apart from us that is.

So those of you who slagged me for saying goal difference after one game is irreverent , think again once your behind you are playing catchup regardless of how many games have been played.

By the way I have been going to all our home games and as many near home games as possible wi my Dad since I was ten.

So please realise it is bitter disappointment wi our club that has turned me sceltical of our chances to topple the timco mob.

If I am the only supporter with these doubts fair enough but I will continue to live in hope till the bitter end results this season and the rest to come.

Have a nice day guys.

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02 Aug 2020 20:09:18
Bluebilly, celtic will drop points outwith the 4 old firm games mate! It won't be a lot but they will drop points. Far too early about worrying about goal difference mate, common!

02 Aug 2020 20:11:52
So you thought c*ltic would score more goals at home, against Hamilton, than we would against the sheep away from home🤔
Your footballing knowledge is unquestionable.
Congratulations 👏.

02 Aug 2020 20:16:20
Goal difference we played one of the so called better teams away and they played a team that’s relegation material.

The league this year won’t go to goal difference it will be won by points IMHO.

02 Aug 2020 20:24:27
not sure celtic will drop many points watched us yesterday them today there squad is far bigger and better felt we were slow at going forward the pace from celtic was alarming we should of had players in before now few injuries and we are in trouble rather we just sent 2nd string out on thursday game in germany.

02 Aug 2020 20:27:24
Bluebilly i totally agree with u have been saying same fur past year but got told i'm just being negitive.

02 Aug 2020 20:31:13
Columbo must be shi@ing himself!

02 Aug 2020 20:44:52
Rangers played Aberdeen away from Home and won. didn't concede any goals either.
Celtic played a Hamilton team at home who are filled with young boys and won.
I know which result i would be happier with the Gers any day.

02 Aug 2020 20:45:29
If we don’t get a big striker in to give us a plan B it won’t be Celtic that’s dropping points. Some games we need 2 out and out strikers, not 1 and 2 number 10’s. However, given his footballing knowledge and experience just edging mine I’m sure SG is fully aware so fear not and fingers crossed the signings will come.

02 Aug 2020 20:55:39
Didn’t want to drag myself into this convo lol

But hey I’m here now

I watched there game today - it was Hamilton they were playing but they definitely have pace in all areas of the field

And they have a bigger squad than us and unfortunately eduard looked in top form and the whole game was a bit of a stroll for them to be honest

I do think as the season goes on they will hopefully drop points But as some have said it won’t be many

Anyway forget about them for a moment

Gerrard really has a very big season ahead and who ever he has planned to try get to come through the doors they have to be players who are better than what’s here just now and can go into 1st 11 and improve us straight away otherwise I feel it will be a waste of our money and time

They unfortunately have had a settled team for a while now and pretty much a settled management team when Rodgers left Lennon slotted straight back in and knew the club inside out

Gerrard should now know more about our league or club what the fans expect and what his job now is

With all that in mind he really should be looking for the most talented players we can buy that will help us bridge that gap and hopefully over come them

One or two on here has said they expect Celtic to get 10
And I said that’s not what we should expect at all

But possibly I need to take of the blue tints look at the bigger picture and possibly accept they might and possibly do have a much stronger side than we currently have

And by the way that kills me to say that it really does but we’re still rebuilding and it’s possibly going to take longer than I had hoped for

One game played its teams 3 points
Can only take it a game at a time

Our team though can not afford slip ups this season the silly slip ups and we can’t afford for players to let there head drop either the year
If we can do them things we might be able to at the very least take them to the wire

This post is not about defeat at the 1st hurdle bu the way
It’s taking a step back and listening to my fellow supporters and realising possibly we all want things to happen quicker then they can

Win our games let them worry about themselves

Gerrard needs more quality in the door though suppose it all ldlends who wants to come who our scouts have identified and how much spending power we have.

02 Aug 2020 21:03:50
Let's go out and win every game then f**k goal difference.

02 Aug 2020 21:20:20
Honestly guys, that scoreline today was predictable, we won away from home, 3 points, no fuss no fan fare, they dick a rubbish Hamilton team at home, what did you expect, stop rubbishting your trousers after one game, your as bad as the obsessed, Fact. Its what we do that matters, and that only, we do not control the refs, the fixture list or other teams, We must solely concentrate on one game at a time, and when they slip up, We don't! We will be in the chase for the whole season, so calm your jets guys, We are Rangers, stick together.

02 Aug 2020 21:23:56
Aye DSGERS, we are being negative in a way I suppose, but the facts are there and our team need to go out and prove us wrong, which I hope they do mate.

02 Aug 2020 22:00:46
I thought there first goal shouldn't have stood. Thought elyonoussu fouled the full back by clipping him as he runs across him. Hamilton also missed a couple of free headers first half they should have scored with. Therecdefence looked shaky and there to be got at.



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