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02 Aug 2020 14:14:14
If Gerrard fails this year which I believe we all fear what would you guys think of Eddie Howe.

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02 Aug 2020 14:28:20
Not for me but 1 game in and your asking about replacing manager should he fail? what have you seen pre season and in one game! That would promote such a question
Unbeaten in 5, 5 clean sheets

02 Aug 2020 14:28:36
Jsijenkins you really are very negative. Yesterday it was that the strips were squinty and Castore are rubbish. Then it was the result/ performance now it’s, let’s find a replacement for our manager. after one game. that we won. away to Aberdeen. a game we drew last year. Give it a break will you.

02 Aug 2020 14:29:59
Eddie Howes not a winner he takes a small fish to a big pond and out does the other strugglers ans he spent a lot of money on flops like Solanke and Ibe that didn't wirk out for him so its a no from me.

02 Aug 2020 14:30:08
Howw will be in a job by start of season but instead of looking at contenders why don't u back SG instead all the way.

02 Aug 2020 14:40:29
Unbeaten in 6 blue sea. and we conceded v hamilton.

02 Aug 2020 14:42:30
Not negative at all, I asked a question yesterday and today I'm throwing a topic of debate across.

We were all having these thoughts only a few months ago I am merely throwing a name into the conversation.

02 Aug 2020 14:45:52
For a banter and debate page yous really are a bunch of ignorant people, are yous only on her to be nasty to others I see KJA9 gets it quite alot. It's a topic of conversation guys get s grip.

02 Aug 2020 14:54:38
Jeez ohh 1 game in!

02 Aug 2020 15:03:19
Jsi I get it because I speak the truth am a big auld guy and I can handle anything idiots throw at me lol.

02 Aug 2020 15:09:47
Js we could not afford Howes wages. He will get a job very soon, mb watford.

02 Aug 2020 15:10:44
kJ can u handle what us non idiots throw at you mate 😂.

02 Aug 2020 15:14:30
I can handle what people say I'm just asking for us bears to show respect and intelligence in debate instead of acting like our unwashed Glasgow neighbors.

02 Aug 2020 15:31:30
KJA9,i know me and you over the piece have exchanged a few unpleasantries to one another but i wholeheartedly apologise if i ever offended you in any way mate! I respect your opinion pal, like i do everyone on here, believe it or not.
We're all entitled to our opinions right, wrong or indifferent! We're all bears wanting the very best for the club we all love. So personally i would like to take my opportunity to throw it out there that although we can all say things to each other in the heat of the debate, i don't take it personally when i get it and i hope to god none of my fellow supporters on here take it personally/ to heart when i give it out! I can't remember know who called me a bully on here, but honestly guys that's the last thing i am, or want to be called as i totally detest a bully/ bullying. I used to stick up for people at school who tried to bully another person, honest to god guys, straight from the heart!

02 Aug 2020 15:44:00
SGL I wholeheartedly apologize for calling you a bully and hope we can have healthy debate in the future mate. We all want rangers to be on top again I just feel that there is some people on here that comment with nothing but snideness because unfortunately they lack the intelligence to have a debate.

02 Aug 2020 15:46:54
And John I did think he may be out our reach but I thought I'd Chuck the name out and see what fellow Bears would think. As for him not being a winner tho he steered Bournemouth away from what looked like certain relegation from the EFL which would have resulted in the end of the football club, he then took that wee diddy team to the best league in the world.

{Ed001's Note - with the backing of a Russian billionaire and lots of money.}

02 Aug 2020 15:48:55
Js u r right. I used to regularly ask people to show respect to each other, total waste off time.
Yet they r all nicely nicely to impostors from the east.

02 Aug 2020 16:01:48
No need to apologise jsijenkins and of course we can have a healthy debate mate, just like i hope i can have with every bear on here, with the exception of obsessed celtic fans who come onto OUR site! I wouldn't dream of going near their site because as a rangers supporter of many years i'm not interested what that lot say on their site!

02 Aug 2020 16:01:54
I would like to see how Eddie Howe performs at a big club as he is potentially a top manager.

I'm happy and have always been happy with SG in charge at Ibrox though.

02 Aug 2020 16:10:52
Is he is a top manager. He was close to getting Arsenal job, I still think he will get a big job in England soon.
Ed is right he had loads of money. But he punchedway above his weight.

02 Aug 2020 16:16:52
Correct ed but he done exceptional with zero budget also, and I would like to see him manage a big club and what bigger club than Glasgow rangers. SGL I'll always apologize when it is required and it certainly was. John the impostors from the east are who we should direct the nastiness to atleast we focus on rangers and not obsess over the dark side.

{Ed001's Note - you might want to tell Burnley that. And you were wrong about Bournemouth being certain for relegation before him, they were not in particular danger of going out of business, unlike Burnley were after employing him. When Dyche took over he had to sell players to keep the club afloat thanks to the mess Howe had left. Howe can't organise a defence, he is massively overrated because he is English and friendly with lots of journos, because he is a nice guy, so they twist stories to present him in the best possible light. At the end of the day, with the obscene amounts they spent under him, they should have been in the top half. He is not that good and Bournemouth will have a lot of work on to fix the mess he has once again created.}

02 Aug 2020 16:37:50
Éd when he took over in 2009 they were 23rd in league 2? Forgive me if I am wrong but seems in relation danger although I do admit it did not work for him at Burnley but it didn't work out for Walter at Everton and no one will claim Walter was a bad manager even if he did have Murray's millions.

{Ed001's Note - they had plenty of time left, it wasn't like it was a miracle rescue, again they had money (comparatively) and were in no danger of going out of business. Walter Smith did ok at Everton, now that was working with no money at the time, the football was horrible though. Howe was a miserable failure at Burnley, it was completely different. I am not sure why you are bringing in Smith though, not sure why it is relevant that a completely different manager did something completely different at a completely different level in different countries. Oh and plenty of Everton fans would argue with you regarding Smith, because the football was so dire. When you play football that terrible to watch and win nothing, you are not going to be remembered fondly. I know quite a few Toffees that would say he was crap and just lucky to have millions to spend in a weak league with little competition. Howe plays 'pretty' football, so people seem to think he is great, even when his team punches well below their weight. This is Howe who was so bad with transfers they had to bring someone else to take over recruitment, as even he admitted to being hopeless at it, but people still rave about him. I just don't get it.}

02 Aug 2020 16:42:19
Jenkins no one being “ignorant” as you put it All most replies mentioned was fact we’ve played one game but you felt it prudent to ask a question about replacement manager? by all means ask it but not after one game
Ed hit nail on the head as far as Howe is concerned.

02 Aug 2020 16:58:48
Interesting insight ed.

{Ed001's Note - I just find it odd that people think so highly of Howe when he got £50m worth of players in the summer and still couldn't save the Cherries. People often confuse pretty football with good football.}

02 Aug 2020 16:59:41
Js I don’t engage with the dross from the east.

02 Aug 2020 17:05:09
I was under the impression since they had gone into admin that they had little to no financial backing at the time. My mistake I hold my hand up the ed has it right.

{Ed001's Note - most people seem to think Bournemouth had no money and spent little, even though they spent so much to get promoted that they received a fine from the EFL for a major breach of FFP regs. Maxim Denim keeps himself and his investment very low key to be fair, so people can often forget he was there all along.}

02 Aug 2020 17:08:31
so here is another twist, you say we all want Gerrard out if he doesn't win the league, that's not true, provided we run them close and we still see signs of improvement (i get it that everyone has a different measure on what those signs are) then i don't want to keep changing manager after manager. we need some stability and continuity. we can't just keep changing manager who will want total change in personnel.

02 Aug 2020 18:48:53
John yea I can you are one of the good guys on here.

SGL no need to ever apologise to me mate we both love the club and have different views from time to time but recently we have been agreeing a lot to be honest.

The only one person I have a problem with on here as he doesn’t listen to anyone and it’s only his way is right when 99% of the time he is wrong and the KID knows who he is 👍.

02 Aug 2020 20:07:43
To be fair remember reading Walter was the only manager in the league at that time to make money from transfers at Everton. Remember big Dunc being sold from under his feet. Working with one hand tied behind his back.



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