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26 Jul 2020 11:23:11
Morelos agreed personal terms with Lille. Sorting out transfer fee with rangers. KJA. Only 24hours after my comment looks to have been proved right. Clear he doesn't want to be at club. Hopefully get it done 2moro gives us time to bring someone in for next week.

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26 Jul 2020 11:42:54
If he wants to go he can go.
I want us to keep him but if it is TRUE then rangers are stupid letting our only fit striker go 6 days before the 1st league game of the season.

Also you were guessing you didn’t know for a fact that he wanted to leave.

26 Jul 2020 11:49:24
Will be Glad if this happens

As you say Paul86 shows he had no interest being here and it gives credence to his underwhelming performances of late

It also shows no big team in England has been interested if he does indeed leave without one of them also throwing in a bid and that also says slot in its self for me anyway!

26 Jul 2020 11:53:13
Because we are going to sell the only fit striker we have 1 week before the league starts!

More newspaper nonsense that some keep falling for!

26 Jul 2020 12:10:12
DK 100% mate

The stig who has ever said a big club in England has been after him like? There is no way a top 6 club in England
Would take him imo as they all have better strikers than him.

26 Jul 2020 12:13:11
Paul out of interest how much do you think we will get for Morelos when/ if he does leave.

26 Jul 2020 12:21:07
kja imo we will get between 12 and 15 mill. And am going to say this. Its really an utter shambles by rangers. If he goes were going into crucial season with 1 injured striker. If he goes needs to be 2moro give us time to get someone in. Also i am a massive fan of morelos. Love the guy, can just tell by body language he didn't want it.

26 Jul 2020 12:23:41
Would be interested in Morelos's 'biggest fan' theinstigno1 valuation of fredo as well? 😁.

26 Jul 2020 12:32:23
kJ I’m hoping between 18-20 million.
Lille in process selling their striker to Napoli 60 million.
Don’t accept alleged first offer off 15.

26 Jul 2020 12:57:15
I have ever said he can’t score when he wants to play?
Look back over my posts have I ever said that?
Me grumpy

On his A game and willing to play he will score goals given the right chances which he has showed

But his petulant attitude and throwing tantrums and getting needless suspensions

Mr grumpy answer me this mate in you honest opinion does that sound like a player we as a club really need going into one the most important years for the club in my opinion BTW

Does the dressing room need this? Your honest opinion dude?
And every other Morelos lover in here do we need really need that right now?

I want and hope we get late least 15 million plus any add on why would any real Rangers fan want any less dude?

If he's happy and gets himself into shape and can be controlled for majority of season he will score goals I’m sure if it

Now I’ve answered your question my man mr grumpy and everyone else’s

How about one honest opinion of your own of the player over all his attitude he needless suspensions
His lack of goals against Celtic
The lack of silverware the club have won over the years recently since some thing we’re doing fine

Com on let’s have have your answers and opinions without the smart comments jumping on other people opinions without your own real opinions

Mr grumpy have I seen you and a few others actually come on here and say we really need to stop 10 this year

Let me see you say it buddy put it down black and white or even better in red white and blue

Show that you want to win this league without the stupid Sarcasm show your hurting about not winning this league or getting as close as possible

Atleast I wear my heart on my sleeve buddy and show my emotions and hurt that the team I love hasn’t won that league in along time

Listen. Anything less your no real supporter in my book lads
Have a good long think about your responses instead of coming in making stupid sarcasm remarks that will get no respect wirh being a Glasgow Rangers supporter

Nothing but the best I want for my club and silverware speaks volumes 2nd place means nothing to me.

26 Jul 2020 13:20:59
Thestigno I have said it many times ten in a row is not the priority.
We need to build and survive.
They tried to kill us and still want to.
And for u to say I or others are not real supporters, I have probably put more into club than u club Europe season tickets tabes at at least three matches a season.
I have attended ibrox for 60 years and always want us to win.
Would u rather we go burst trying to stop them winning league or we just need to keep working at it.
I know if they do 12 as I have predicted I will still be there at ibrox, travel in Europe regardless.

26 Jul 2020 13:46:34
Sorry John25 not good enough for me

If you think they will win 12

What’s the point in even trying then? Why turn up at all?

I’m not getting carried away with pre season results was same last year and and we didn’t learn from the previous year

And I don’t want petulant little a- holes playing for the team either

My opinion of course 😁.

26 Jul 2020 13:49:48
Oh dear has someone's feelings been hurt? 🤔
I suggest you look back at some of your posts?
Last night's especially?
I've made my opinions clear on pretty much everything you've mentioned.
We're a better team with Morelos in it.
Nowhere have I mentioned I think we're a one man team.
We need to win the league this season (which I think we can)
If we don't, I think SG will resign.
You keep going on about 'real' supporters.
As if anyone who disagrees with you isn't one 🤔
I believe in supporting the team, after winning last night you went off on one ranting and raving (please check your posts)
I and others pulled you up over it.

26 Jul 2020 14:22:19
Mr grumpy 👌 had to double check score last night. Wasnt sure I watched us winning after witnessing the stig having a meltdown.

26 Jul 2020 15:34:25
Oh and Osijek.

26 Jul 2020 16:52:35
Mr grumpy only thing I see is people backing Morelos over the club and rest of team

It’s not good enough - I’ll ask again what’s your opinion on his overall behaviour for our team?
It’s a pretty easy question and should have an easy response

I like you say put down exactly how I feel About his behaviour just because you and MMA h don’t like it doesn’t mean it will change my mind 😁

It’s became the Morelos show instead of the Rangers show
One man and he is definitely replaceable that’s for absolute certainty 😁

His own team mates don’t even back his antics says it all dude 😁

@herewego I had to check our league standings past few seasons the way your going on buddy

Unfortunately it wasn’t pleasant reading 🤔.

26 Jul 2020 18:13:18
Backing Morelos over the club and the rest of the team?
It's become the Morelos show for theinstigno1, definitely!
Your still Havering, seeing things in people's posts that simply isn't there.
If Morelos didn't have his 'issues' he'd have never signed the lad.
What Morelos has done, scoring important goals (Europe) and assists outweighs the 'issues' for me but I support my club and players no matter what.
It's what all Real Glasgow Rangers supporters should do😉.



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