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22 Jul 2020 07:51:10
John25, a wee question 4 u pal. I realise like myself you've been going to watch rangers for many years. I've been going boy and man everywhere to see rangers for almost 45 years now. I was too young and wasn't at the our great european cup winners cup triumph in Barcelona 1972, but my late dad was and he along with my uncles and their pals also went everywhere to watch the rangers, god rest his soul! As you have experience of going many years watching rangers yourself, i was wondering if you were also at our european triumph in 1972 mate? 🤔.

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22 Jul 2020 09:28:46
No I was not there. If honest I was not allowed, my mum said too young.

22 Jul 2020 09:49:34
I know we have our differences from time to time on here John25, but i do honestly respect your opinions mate. I know like myself, you have a lot of experience following the rangers everywhere over the years and i respect that totally! I also want to take this opportunity to wish you and all your family the very best of health, wealth and happiness in your new home in ayrshire mate, i truly mean that! 🙏👍.

22 Jul 2020 11:43:58
Thanks SGL kind words.
Our disagreements are healthy I’d like to think we both want the same. i always respect your views but don’t always agree
U and your family stay safe and healthy.

22 Jul 2020 11:47:57
showing our age gap here. i had a ticket for tannadice for 9IAR but mum made me go on family holiday to tenerife as was only 11 at the time. Was at motherwell game at ibrox, bit watched united game in pub over there.

22 Jul 2020 11:57:59
I was fortunate paul86,as i was at tannadice that midweek in 1997 when we clinched our 9iar👍👌.

22 Jul 2020 12:06:58
Hand ✋ on heart 💓 John25,how much do you rate the job steven gerrard has done up until now, as rangers manager mate? I honestly think he's improved our club a lot from top to bottom, especially so as the mess he inherited! From your personal view if god forbid gerrard didn't manage to win the league, but won silverware, do you think he should remain as our manager? I certainly do, as i truly think he'll win the league for us and will become a very good manager.
We're all impatient to an extent mate, but i honestly don't think gerrard is too far away from making us the no.1 club in scotland again,
where we belong! I said from the outset when gerrard was appointed,
that i'd give him a minimum of 3 years, to win the league and become the best team in scotland again and i'm still very much prepared to do that! 👍.

22 Jul 2020 12:30:15
Honest answer he has done a fantastic job. I know many want rid off him, incredulous.
Our club is moving forward, he has attracted better players than we had, made lots from Europe, also he is raising profile off the pitch.
He needs to win something soon, however I want him here till end 2024 as long as we keep seeing improvement.
Within two years I reckon we will see four or five academy players in 18 every week, that is progress.
I have said it would take club till 2022 to win league and stand by that, however I’m not saying it can’t be done sooner.
Never forget they tried to kill us and still hate us.
We will be back, when the going gets tough the tough get going. One day soon we will have a hell of A party, look how long it took Liverpool and Leeds to achieve what they have.

22 Jul 2020 13:40:34
i always knew there was a lot of luv here with you two. have to agree john. there's a lot goes into building a standard without unlimited funds and no guarantee then. it does take time. a lot.

22 Jul 2020 14:23:16
John25,i totally agree and we're old school pal. We've had many a year and many experience following the glasgow rangers, the institution we love! I'm patient enough to know and confident we're improving under gerrard and we'll get there.

22 Jul 2020 15:16:56
SGL, I'm claiming seniority here as I was at Barcelona 72 as my 21st birthday present ten months early! And I totally agree with both you and John that SG is doing sterling work for our club in the face of adversity from corrupt officials the likes of which Liverpool and Leeds could only have nightmares about.

22 Jul 2020 16:06:16
The covenanter, i guess you, John25 and i have witnessed practically every experience over our many years going to watch the famous mate 👍
The knowledge between the 3 of us is without doubt a helluva lot. So although everybody is perfectly entitled to their opinions, isn't it funny how 3 of the most experienced supporters on here all agree, that considering everything, steven gerrard is doing a very good job and should be given the time to take us to where we all want to be and we all think he'll take us there! We see the full picture, where others just see it is black and white with nothing in-between. there's always reasons to why anything happens.

22 Jul 2020 16:45:30
Covenanter I was born 1955.

22 Jul 2020 16:46:45
SGL bet we were all like that years ago. Straight black and whiteb.

22 Jul 2020 18:29:42
SGL there are more than 3 old yins on here. i for one went to my first ibrox game in 1969 at 8 years old. starting working at 15 and bought my first season ticket in 1980. didn't have a dad to buy one for me so had to save on my apprenticeship money. seen many poor displays and teams in my days including John Greig managership and many incredible displays. never thought i would see my team go under like it did, my oldest brother (sheriff officer) and st mirren supporter told me they were going down and always thought he was just winding me up. actually knowing where we have been is what drives me to believe that the glory years aren't far away again and being at ibrox for the return of the european games to me is more important than stopping 10iar (not that i don't want that to happen) . but its more important to get revenues in and improve our international standing to ensure we continue for the next 100 plus years.



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