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20 Jul 2020 15:25:43
I see the glasgow evening times reporting there the now that bristol city's billionaire owner is very confident that steven gerrard will be their new manager, with a promise of millions to spend, to take bristol city up to the english premier league. Although the bristol city owner isn't taking NO for an answer, i still can't for the life of me, see gerrard leaving as rangers manager, to become the new bristol city manager! I hope not also!

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20 Jul 2020 15:44:01
Looks like Danny Cowley is the man for that job now

20 Jul 2020 15:49:50
Not a chance, even with mega bucks no guarantee in that league, plus no Europe. If he wants the Pool job he needs to be a success at a pressure club.

20 Jul 2020 15:50:29
Really can't see him leaving for Bristol rovers, think he will want another crack of silverwear with us.

20 Jul 2020 15:53:21
Why not if he takes them up it enhances his chances of the liverpool job when it becomes available soon when there coach leaves.

20 Jul 2020 15:53:29
SGL no need to worry he's not going.

20 Jul 2020 16:29:39
Too good to be true.

20 Jul 2020 16:43:41
If rangers don't win the league they will get him for free next summer.

20 Jul 2020 16:59:05
I think also that this shows he must be doing something right, and ok yes it's only Bristol but folk are watching him and us. Take it as a compliment folks.

20 Jul 2020 17:10:15
Trust you sweep1.

20 Jul 2020 17:19:44
Already said no to them. Move on.

20 Jul 2020 17:20:50
Gerrard must win the league this year👍.

20 Jul 2020 17:44:37
Watford managers just been sacked, I'm sure they'll snap him up with their sugar money.

20 Jul 2020 17:55:07
As I said a few weeks back, the likes of Lennon might be tempted away from managing an Old Firm team by a job in the English Championship but if Stevie Gerrard was to leave Ibrox it would be to a big name club with plenty of prestige about them, not a Bristol City or Bolton type team of serial losers.

20 Jul 2020 17:55:35
Yep trust me to tell the truth Steven loyal, if he doesn't win the league he's out a job.

20 Jul 2020 17:56:05
If he's not on top by xmas hell b away b4 the end of this season.

20 Jul 2020 18:14:17
All these people saying If gerrard doesn’t win league gerrard will get sack don’t agree if we win something and go close in league they won’t sack him crap.

20 Jul 2020 18:17:49
Coldo, i'm first and foremost confident gerrard will win the league this coming season mate. But i'm honestly not so sure that if god forbid he didn't win the league, but lifted the scottish cup or Betfred league cup or both, that he'll be sacked by rangers. I honestly don't think he will be sacked!

20 Jul 2020 18:40:21
coldo 1 of my mates have just told me SG has if not the worst its 1 of the worst records as a rangers coach if true i'm flabigasted he's still here.

20 Jul 2020 18:56:15
Not the worst DSGERSFAN. Ahead of me guen, Pedro, McCall and Murty at a quick glance. Took all of two minutes to find out. Also only 2% worse off the Walter Smith himself in his later period with the club.

20 Jul 2020 19:00:25
Might get a free transfer by October.

20 Jul 2020 19:20:39
huge difference. we can't just keep changing managers. we need some continuity, ok if he was rank rotten then for sure we wouldn't keep him but he is getting closer. getting some results in revenue assures sponsors they will get return for investment meaning more money from non on field activity as well as the revenue from the field itself. i wasnt the greatest lover of gerrard when we got him but he has grown on me and the last thing i want is to see him go prematurely.

20 Jul 2020 19:40:06
Not 1 piece of silver where in 2 seasons trying and umpteen million spent and were no enough better fur the dough spent this is the reason he's no fur rangers if this mob get 10 were gonay here about it till we match it n to be honest i cany see it been done ever again my god many compitions have they won in a row umpteen well no even match that in my living days man.

20 Jul 2020 20:04:20
Stevie's going nowhere, but if the billionaire wants him, give us a hundred million in compensation.

20 Jul 2020 20:36:24
If gerrard was anyone else he would already be out a job. I hope to god he wins this title. 3 seasons without the title would be a catastrophic failure. 👍.

21 Jul 2020 10:00:46
Of course coldo, rangers going 3 years without winning the league title would be deemed failure and rightly so! But in failure we all have to look at the ingredients that we have failed before throwing anyone to the wolves. Surely to god we all on here understand the absolute shambles of a club from top to bottom, that steven gerrard inherited, when he became rangers manager!

Add that to the fact that celtic were destroying us and were scoring 5 goals against us regularly and were light years ahead of us. So for me no matter who became the rangers manager in 2018,was going to have one helluva difficult job trying to bridge the massive gap.

For me gerrard needed at least 3 years like i've said all along! There's no doubt he HAS bridged the gap and we now are capable of beating them on a regular one to one basis! The conundrum we must now sort out is consistency, especially against the smaller teams who sit in playing the low block!

If we solve that and i think we will gerrard WILL WIN THE LEAGUE! I know we're all desparate and impatient for the club we all adore to become the dominant force again, within scottish football and i believe its coming and very close now.

So although the final hurdle has to be cleared by gerrard and our players, i truly think he's closed the gap to them considerably, we're a club in much better shape from top to bottom and gerrard and the management team for me have done a good job in getting us as close, as quick, as we are now! Back gerrard and our players because imo our team is very close to arriving. 👍👌.



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