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13 Jul 2020 16:13:44

We all know that Rangers should have won the league cup and we dominated Celtic in most games we played against them especially at their own ground.

If we do that again this time around and breakdown the park the bus teams,
cant see us failing to get the 55.

The refereeing decisions Celtic got against us were laughable, hand ball and offside goals.

This will be Gerrard's year.

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13 Jul 2020 17:34:36
G MAN your posts are laughable. Its all irrelevant. We won nothing! If SG wins the league he will be a hero. If not he's bye bye.

13 Jul 2020 17:47:21
Firstly let me state of course we all want the league title first and foremost! But if gerrard doesn't win the league and for the record i think he will, i don't agree with you As1974 that it will be bye bye gerrard, if he wins something i think gerrard will remain rangers manager!
He has to win silverware though!

13 Jul 2020 18:18:01
SGL. No way, even if he wins a cup. So you let Celtic get 3 titles in a row and you'd give SG another season? Seriously? Would you have gave Warburton more time? Or Caxhina? Come on man.

13 Jul 2020 18:20:26
We won’t sack gerrard.

13 Jul 2020 18:25:28
I disagree SGL if Gerrard doesn’t win the league this year he will most definitely not survive as Rangers manager, any decent manager in the world could finish second in the spl at our club and he’s no longer a rookie this will be his 3rd full season he’s not been up against a stellar Celtic team by any stretch of the imagination so for me if he can’t get it right this year he probably never will. I do however believe that he will do it this year💪🏼 and stay for a crack at the champions league the following.

13 Jul 2020 18:26:59
If he doesn’t win the league he needs to go, if it was any other manager he would have been gone by now it’s just because it’s SG.

13 Jul 2020 18:27:33
He has to win the league, 3 seasons incharge without a league title would be a failure. 👍.

13 Jul 2020 18:32:56
I agree Bye bye. As for winning the league cup, we didn’t even get to the final! You need to get to the final before you have any chance of winning it.

13 Jul 2020 18:48:24
Coldo agree. But we can’t rip up the model every three years.
If we replace him first patter is give new manager year or two to build his team.
Last time Celtic watched nine was tough. Then ore souness Aberdeen dominated.
We need to keep following th strategy we r on.
Best thing is academy is progressing. We can’t rip all that up.
When did we have academy players we could lend to clubs in top league ie mccrorie, kelly Middleton
As hard as it is we must keep following that pathway.
Although not popular I said that would do 12.

13 Jul 2020 18:48:58
Zikos r u on drugs. We were in the final.

13 Jul 2020 19:06:47
I agree John the academy model must not be ripped up, a new tactical model for the first team would be a good place to start. 👍.

13 Jul 2020 19:29:30
I totally agree with John25 and his post on what the situation would be.
I also don't think gerrard will be sacked if he doesn't win the league but wins silverware.

13 Jul 2020 19:32:39
I don't see Gerrard being sacked even if we don't win the league next season. There are a number of reasons for this. Who would take over from Gerard? It is highly unlikely that we would get a top manager so we would end up with someone like McInnes! Add to that the fact that Gerard has had to rebuild a team pretty much from scratch and with one hand tied behind his back financially. Yes we paid £7m, (reputedly), for Kent, but in general we have gone for lower priced youngsters with potential or for good quality 'Bosmans' and he has done a very good job in conjunction with his DoF to recruit good quality youngsters and develop the Academy. Should we fail to win the league and stop 10 then Gerard might walk although that would be admitting defeat and that is not in Gerard's vocabulary. In such circumstances we would face similar problems in recruiting a better manager. No one of any substance is going to take on a Team that needs radical surgery without a significant transfer kitty. Like everyone else I want Gerard to win the league this coming season but I also want to see him given the financial support to recruit the three first team players he needs to give him a better chance of success. For me he has done well up til now, especially in Europe but our team still lacks the character, leadership and a winning mentality that is needed.

13 Jul 2020 19:56:12
How did zikos miss us being in the cup final tho 😂😂😂.

13 Jul 2020 20:37:49
If he doesn't win anything this season I think SG will resign, I agree with John he won't get sacked.

13 Jul 2020 20:57:19
Ziko what part of the league cup final that Celtic beat us 1-0 last season do you not get.

13 Jul 2020 21:35:55
Zikos is probably just getting the cup competitions mixed up.

13 Jul 2020 23:08:19
Great post Berkshire.

14 Jul 2020 00:36:51
@Berkshire. Hand behind his back? What about Hagi? SG has had more money than any other manager in recent times. Problem with SG is he sticks with the same dross that underperformes. That will ultimately get you the sack. I'm not buying this "He won't get the bullet" stuff. If the fans turn then the board has to act. Other than a few great runs in Europe he's not done a very good job IMO. Gives guys a chance like Jones, Murphy, Doherty etc. We badly need another Forward, Creative and Solid DM and a RB. Change the captaincy for a start.

14 Jul 2020 08:41:24
AS1974, my view is that Gerard needed to totally rebuild the Team since he inherited a total shambles and given the amount that Caixinha, (or what ever he was called), totally wasted in less than a season it is debatable that Gerard has spent more. I agree fully that we need another forward, a creative and solid DM and I would like to see a change of captaincy, but for the latter to happen I would suggest that we need to buy, not promote from within, because right now I don't see the Captain we need at the Club! While I agree that Murphy merits a chance but I have seen nothing from Jones to suggest that he is anything other than a squad player at best and there has to be a reason why Docherty doesn't play. I expect a lot from the DoF, given that he is supposed to be the best, but we will see come August when the transfer window opens what he comes up with, or is it just more freebies and youngsters on loan. Just out of curiosity, if Ranges sacked Gerard who would you appoint as manager?

14 Jul 2020 11:39:54
Thing is we don't promote within. When was the last player through or youth set up to the first team?
We can't keep buying. Its not the answer nor do we have the £££.
The manager I would TRY and get is Sean Dyce. (Very underrated) l Pie in the sky maybe but we can't go for these rookie managers anymore. We need someone that knows the game. I've always said that SG, for the time being is out his depth.

14 Jul 2020 19:51:21
As1974 Gerrard has had more money than any other team in Scotland apart from celtic! And guess what we finish above everybody apart from celtic! In my honest opinion? Gerrard has figured out how to play against teams that actually play football against us! Look at how we outplayed them in most games and our euro run? Its the teams that sit in that's the final stumbling block along with consistency.



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