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13 Jul 2020 15:54:26
Do you guys on here really believe SG can win us the title this year?

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13 Jul 2020 16:46:56
Yes I do.

13 Jul 2020 16:57:53
I live in hope but there will be a niggling feeling that Stevie G is not meant to win a league title in his entire football career. That feeling I hope will be extinguished in may.

13 Jul 2020 17:02:05
Yes with at least four first team players signed. Present squad no chance.

13 Jul 2020 17:14:05
I hope that I’m wrong, but I don’t tbh. How can we possibly win the league? Teams have us totally figured out. Last season when we were going for a championship we could only manage 4 wins from the 9 games after the split!

This team had a bit more dig than warburtons but tbh, that’s about the only difference. If we have given Warburg in the money that SG has had I do t think we would be any worse of than we are currently.

SG hasn’t been able to make a final yet! Forget winning a trophy - we need to get to a final first!

For me SG should already be away but for sone reason most fans cut him far too much slack. He was lucky the season got called because if we had lost that season by 20 points he would be out of a job!

Let’s all hope either the Bristol City rumour is true and he is gone or that he has learned from the many mistakes he has made and finally leads us to some success.

13 Jul 2020 17:30:54
Guys I am the same and it’s not about being negative, it’s about being honest and not looking thru blue tinted specs that some do on here.
We need at least 3 most probably 4 1st team starters to have a chance.
Our players have proven over the season they ain’t got it in them.
People might not like this but Celtic have match winners all over the park and get the job done when they need to.
They down struggle when teams sit in they find away.
That’s what SG needs to do find away to break these teams down and I ain’t confident he can.

13 Jul 2020 17:31:42
Zikos we were in the league cup final mate.

13 Jul 2020 17:33:48
Na don't think so been saying that fur ages.

13 Jul 2020 17:42:41
ZIKOS I agree with your post.

We don't have the strength and depth to win the league. As much as I wish we could i don't give us much hope. Maybe I'm being negative but I think I am a realist. SG is judged as a manager and not the player he was. Signings not good and tactically inept as we've seen. I hope he's learned from last season. Hope I'm wrong and we do win the league but can't see it.

13 Jul 2020 17:43:45
Think I’m right with this one.

After the split we averaged 1.2 goals per game. Celtic averaged 3.4 goals per game!

That’s where we lost the league right there! That’s relegation scoring form. He needs to correct that because as everyone knows defence is not our strong point!

If he can get 15 goals + from Kent, Arfield, Aribo The. We will definitely have a chance. Now ask yourself if you can see either one of those players get over 15 goals let alone all 3 because that’s what’s happening over the city.

13 Jul 2020 17:51:20
Honestly KJA9,i most definitely do think gerrard can win the league for us this upcoming season. I've stated before, that i feel gerrard needs to sign 3 quality players, that can go straight into our starting 11.I also would keep jamie murphy, as i honestly think he'll be an important player for us this season 👍.

13 Jul 2020 18:09:02
At the moment there is nothing to suggest we are a better team than last year, absolutely nothing. SGL says he is confident we will win the league, but clearly that is coming from the heart not the head. As it stands we have the same team as last year, a team which proved itself incapable of consistency and without the craft and firepower to break down even the weakest of teams. Three weeks to kickoff and we desperately need reinforcements. We cannot afford to drop stupid points when the season kicks off and fall behind so early it’s imperative that we get off to a flyer. Still time for these signings but ideally you would want them in place ahead of 1st Aug with time to settle in.

13 Jul 2020 18:22:10
Zikos u not counting league cup final.

13 Jul 2020 18:29:30
I would give Murphy a shot maybe good coming of the bench but won’t start.

What if we don’t get those 3 1st team starters SGL?

13 Jul 2020 18:50:08
Seasons not started window still open not a ball kicked in anger but we’re beat, not good enough, manager inept signings poor can we at the very least play some competitive games before the slaughtering starts?
We were arguing other day about Calvin Basseys height!
Some of our support need a right good look at themselves
I know SG made mistakes I was critical of lates subs etc
Some of the guys on here, gives us break by all means if it’s as bad as your posting by December I’m all in and with you, but let us start though!

13 Jul 2020 18:54:43
Sorry my bad regarding the league cup final - feck knows why I had that as a semi final!

SGL I don’t think we can win the league because of the lack of goals. You seem so positive that we can, can you please give us some insight into how things are going to change, because I just can’t see it.

Morelos will probably get around 25 goals, Defoe 10, Kent 5, Arfielf 5, Aribo 3. Is that enough to win the league? By that could we would need one of the best defences this league has ever seen and win every game 1-0 or 2-0.

I just can’t see it.

SGL, where are the goals coming from?

13 Jul 2020 19:19:31
We ran out of steam last year and we were unlucky with injuries and suspensions at key times.

The run of games we had in December was unbelievable. Aberdeen, Hibs and Celtic away plus the UEFA cup games. People forget Celtic qualified with only 4 games while we played Feyenoord away and young boys at home.

Sg can’t be without blame as he was too rigid with his 4-3-3 and his use of subs and squad could have been better.

However I don’t think we were too far away. We should we can beat them and go on good runs. Cup final we were the better team, Aberdeen were allowed to kick us off the park in a game we should have won, the Hibs game being moved to a Friday meant we couldn’t play the St Johnstone game. we could have been going into 2020 5 points clear. Celtic got the breaks and we didn’t. No conspiracy theories, sometimes that is just how it is.

I’m confident going into the new season. I always am. SG as manager, Tav as captain, Goldon and Helander heart of defence, Jack and Davis in midfield, Hagi, Kent and Alfredo up front. Plus Borna B makes a great nucleus. That is a massive improvement from Mark Warburton team.
I hope SG and the team do us proud and bring home 55.

13 Jul 2020 19:43:52
Given that the transfer window has not yet opened it is too early to say whether we can win the league or not. We saw the problem last season. We barely had a first eleven of the quality needed especially with some of our players with potential being in their first season. We didn't have a squad and not one of those players that we have allowed to leave at the end of their contract were good enough. I strongly believe that we are only three or four first team players short and while I would also like to see a couple of better squad players signed if we sign the right players then Yes, we can win the league. They all need to be strong, they need to believe in themselves and ideally they need to be winners.

13 Jul 2020 20:27:54
Berkshireblues, SG has signed enough players for 2 teams. How come we didn’t have a squad good enough to compete? Because he keeps signing utter gash from Liverpool reserves and the likes on loan, whilst letting good promising talent go out on loan. He brings in King and let’s McCrorie and Doherty go on loan! Wtf! He let's candeias go and brings in Ojo on loan again wtf!

He needs to bring in 1st team ready players and Get the likes of Kent, Aribo etc on the Bench where they belong. They might develop into absolute superstars, but atm they are far from that.

13 Jul 2020 21:04:47
BB that’s BS if we haven’t got enough quality that’s down to one man SG as he has bought loads of players.

13 Jul 2020 22:55:40
KJA / Zikos, We might have signed a shed load of players but the real question is - were they all quality players - and the clear answer is No. The DoF has the job of finding players and yes, the manager has, presumably, to sign them off. but why are we going for loan signings and why are we going for Bosmans. The answer is quite simple, a total lack of funds. As for the reference to McCrorie and Docherty, sorry but they are a long way short of the quality we need to win the league. McCrorie has gone backwards and in time might be the player we need. As for Docherty, I have still to see something that suggests he is what we need in midfield. That does not mean that I disagree with signing Liverpool loanees or guys like King, on the contrary, I want to see players at Rangers with a winning mentality, that have skill and a Souness style attitude that winning is everything. Unfortunately, I do not see many of those type of players at Rangers these days and bringing in more of the same won't change things! I remain of the view that we need three or four quality players that will walk straight into the team and make a difference. It is the job of the DoF to find those players and it is up to the Board to provide the Funding. If that happens and we don't win the league then Gerard needs to answer questions; otherwise the blame lies elsewhere.

13 Jul 2020 22:56:08
Zikos put Kent and Aribo on bench and they might develop into superstars? How does that work Spend £7m leave him on bench that’s your idea to develop a superstar?
I’ll give you Andy king That was baffling candias wanted guarantee starts no manger would agree to that hence he’s gone McCrorie not convinced by him at all.

13 Jul 2020 23:09:45
we lost the second half because of depth of squad we had and not being able to replace our key injured players. if i recall both davis and jack were injured and didn't feature much. davis carried the knock right into the CV break. i don't recall who but i'm sure there was a couple other injured forcing us to play Hagi out right. maybe my memory is slipping but to me that's why we couldn't do what we did in the first half. then not winning the games we should have caused heads to go down. it shouldn't yes i know but it has happened to better teams. who remembers Smith final year when 10iar was on the cards right up until he announced he was leaving. half the team gave up trying.

13 Jul 2020 23:52:17
Zikos, hagi will make a big difference and will hit double figures in goals scored and easily double figures upwards in assists. If we can get past teams who sit in with the low block we'll win the league, because we've proved under gerrard we can beat them. Hagi in the central no.10 role, kent in his natural wide left position and sign a good right winger and a hard physical, holding midfielder and IMO we'll win the league! 👍.

14 Jul 2020 08:51:50
Geesadodothat Davis and jack were horrendous after December when they were not injured.

14 Jul 2020 10:03:42
Blue blue sea - yes sometimes you need to bench players to aide in their development. Especially when they are in poor form. If not all you are doing is crushing their confidence. Bad game after bad game is not good for their development. You have to nurture young talent. Know when it’s right to rest them and know when they can be unleashed. Eventually they will learn their craft and be able to sustain a high level of performance for 30+ games but our youngsters are way off that.

Be honest how many good games did you see either of Kent or Aribo play last year - maybe 5. Not good enough and put simply bad management/ coaching.

Regarding McCrorie going backwards that also lies at SG’s door. He goes from being a “Lion” against Celtic (SG’s words) to not being good enough and being replaced by King, who was clearly injured. Wtf!

When Jack, Kamara and David were not on form he could have given one of them a rest but no - we had no options because he sent those boys out in loan when they should have been developing under his guidance. Terrible management and BIG mistake.

Hopefully he has learned these lessons but wouldn’t be fussed if he left tomorrow. He is learning his craft at management and unfortunately for us he is using Rangers as a platform to makes these mistakes so that he is better equipped for his dream job.

Well for me Rangers should not be a classroom for any manager to learn their craft. We should have an experienced and successful manager guiding the club domestically and in Europe.

That’s my view.

As for SGL more silly, optimistic views rather than being honest and realistic. Hagi has never scored more that 10 goals in a season but this is the year he will!

This year for us to have a chance we need him and Kent to be close to 20.



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