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01 jul 2020 10:50:58
From Scottish Sun: sports direct claiming you can only get the strip from them from August 1st.

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02 Jul 2020 11:42:28
Well since you can also get it direct from castore and the ibrox store! that's wrong!

02 Jul 2020 11:50:58
Load of rubbish👍.

02 Jul 2020 12:47:14
Pretty sure i read the mega store ooens on august 1st with another 50k tops onsale for the mega store reopening.

02 Jul 2020 13:06:56
Unfortunately that's what the wording exclusively means. I can't get what is happening with our board or even our lawyers.

I can see this being another court case as we have not heard any outcome from the last one and that was decided that sports direct had the rights to selling our kits hence the reason hummel left a year early.


{Ed001's Note - has anyone got the full text of the 'exclusive'? Only it could just be for a certain period. Just as an example, Foot Locker will have a number of trainers labeled as exclusives to Foot Locker in their store. Now I have once had reason to question this as I was wearing a pair of the trainers labeled as exclusive to Foot Locker which I had purchased elsewhere a few weeks before. The exclusive was just for a period of time, in the case of the trainers I am referring to, they were sold everywhere for one month, then nowhere but Foot Locker for the next 6 months, then would go back on general release. Is the SD exclusive simply exclusive to their stores for a month? Is it that they are exclusive distributors (in which case they could be distributing to other sportswear retailers)? The word exclusive needs context to explain what is exclusive about it. What does it exclude?}

02 Jul 2020 14:11:38
Cheers ED. either way ED, what needs to be realised is that, every time that MA's Stores sell a Rangers product, we get a Royalty which will be in excess of any previous dealings, he has NO influence on Rangers FC Retail Contracts any more. It is normal for suppliers to distribute across the market to improve their revenue, and exposure. That's my take on it anyway.

{Ed001's Note - I have no idea what the deal would be, but just wanted to point out that putting the word exclusive there does not necessarily mean as much as people assume.}

02 Jul 2020 14:41:52
Your correct ed. We need clarification on the wording exclusively. It's like sky saying that they have exclusive coverage of old firm game but you can watch it illegally on iptv service. Hence the word illegally which usually results in court cases.

{Ed001's Note - that's true, people can break the deal on the sly as well. But the word exclusive does not always mean what people assume. It can be a very limited exclusion which can apply.}

02 Jul 2020 14:46:18
I agree with you ED, someone else on one of these threads, whom, I believe is pretty clued up on Retail Contracts, has said that exclusivity can be for a short period of time, the main aim is to create as much exposure to the Global Market as anything.

{Ed001's Note - I must have missed that post, so I really didn't need to mention anything then as someone else explained! Sorry.}

02 Jul 2020 16:29:43
I honestly don't see where this panic is coming from guys. The club made a statement, castore made a statement doubling up on that and that ashley has no shares in them etc. We either believe rangers and castore in what they're stating or not. I most certainly do believe rangers and castore and no matter who castore allow to sell our kits in the high street stores, its rangers and castore who get the royalties and no other 3rd party is involved. I think there's mischief making out there and you don't have to be einstein to have an educated guess to who's behind a lot of this.
Ignore them they're irrelevant and our club stands to make big money from our castore kit sales!

02 Jul 2020 17:16:32
as i mentioned on rumours. ed001 has nailed it. exclusive . until its not and someone else gets it. which knowing the aggressive sd marketing could be a week.

{Ed001's Note - that's actually a very good point you are making. They could simply have been the first to receive supplies as there are limits as to how many they can produce, especially as the covid situation has affected their ability to manufacture them.}

02 Jul 2020 18:11:33
No one else can sell from within the SD store, that is the exclusive right of SD. Play on words by Fat Man to create publicity for his stores.

02 Jul 2020 18:21:57
Great point Ed and Eric . How on earth can sd claim exclusivity when we have already sold 50 k outwith a sports direct shop. ? Pure mischief making hoping to cause unrest in the rank and file . we have to rise above and not heed the nonsense. don't GO TO SD FOR EVEN A PAIR OF SOCKS . boycott remains and if they are so exclusive let’s see how many strips we see without them 👍.

02 Jul 2020 19:24:53
Tupac do you know what exclusive means lol?

02 Jul 2020 22:22:28
Lads I’ll try and make this as simple as possible for those who still can’t grasp this.
SD sell Man Utd, C@ltic, Liverpool strips etc.
Does the fat turd have a hold over these clubs? No!
SD would have to buy their stock from the supplier I. e. Castor. i'd assume if SD bought in bulk they would get some sort of discount but not much. Now do you think fat man is going to buy thousands upon thousand of stock from Castore? No and even if he did then Castore would still make a profit which passes on to us and SD would be left with stock that no Rangers fan would buy.
Cmon lads it’s not hard.



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