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01 Jul 2020 19:54:32
The more I'm looking into the castore and sports direct link

It's not looking good?

Does mike Ashley own part of the house of Fraser groups who apparently have a stake in castore which would then mean he still has his fingers in our pie? Surely Not

Is this the ground we were going to hear today 🤔🤔🤔.

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01 Jul 2020 20:08:17
Yup looks like it. shafted again.

01 Jul 2020 20:26:43
Good job, I haven’t put any money down. The fat one won’t get any money from me if I can help It. It’s too bad that our board don’t do the homework on the fine print. I holding out hope that it’s not as black and white as stated by SD. Pure embarrassment if it is. Maybe its a good deal financially I am not in the know but it is a snub to the fans who fought against this guy for so long.

01 Jul 2020 20:28:45
Surely no not again were amateurs if this is true we should boycot castore as they no what they were doing OMFG fat man must surely have our lawyer planted in ibrox or some1 one of the directors but he must have some one planted man.

01 Jul 2020 20:33:47
Ashley does own the HOF group.

01 Jul 2020 20:45:04
Looks like the fans have been lied to again.

01 Jul 2020 21:04:05
This sports direct stores have exclusive rights to seek Castore tops must be fake news.
There’s no way the board would try and pull a stunt like this. very disappointed if they have.

01 Jul 2020 21:06:50
FFs! Mike Ashley has no stake in Castore so stop the panty wetting.
Any sport supplier can sell our kit. Just don't buy from SD and buy direct from castore. It really is that simple!

01 Jul 2020 21:18:23
Always thought Ashley would reappear at some point in connection with the strip.

As you say Paul86, we've been shafted again. And we've been lied to over this.

01 Jul 2020 21:19:19
Statement out from Rangers regarding basically saying castor will have a number of high street wholesale supply arrangements. SD looks to be one of these just buy direct or from other stores.

01 Jul 2020 21:40:08
NRD, not true. No shoe can sell the strips unless they have an agreement.

01 Jul 2020 21:57:51
Some of the rubbish on here is unbearable and read Rangers statement tonight. I honestly think there is more Tim’s on here than Teddies🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

01 Jul 2020 23:26:06
Why have we been shafted as said above any sports retailer can stock our strips just like they can any other team but can they sell them that’s up to you the fans buy online or straight from new super store it’s easy.

01 Jul 2020 23:50:02
Unacceptable if a single strip goes on sale in sports direct. Another bit of trust gone for me, if its true.

02 Jul 2020 08:41:21
Stigno Ashe owns House of Fraser.

02 Jul 2020 08:42:09
A search of who owns Castore indicates the Fraser group are the major shareholders in Castore
MA owns 61.7 % off Fraser group.
Crux is how much are we getting from deal if this all comes out to be true.
I have wrote on many occasions he would not be easy to get rid off. What we need to do is erode his influence.
Will be interesting to find out what court order says.

02 Jul 2020 08:45:23
NRD, you're spot on pal. Just per usual some supporters panicking over nothing on this occasion and now grasping how the retail business generates. All we need to know is that rangers and castore are the ones who benefit from our merchandise sales. This time we hold all the rights and thank god its now the dog wagging the tail. Be very happy in the knowledge our club benefits greatly from our new kit partnership with castore, that's all i'm and we should be interested in here. Stop looking for snow when there's none!

02 Jul 2020 08:48:15
I'm pretty sure the board would have known fine well that Ashley was involved. The guy and his lawyers have us tied in knots. We won't ever get rid of this guy now.

Probably the best hope is for him to buy us outright - He might see some value in having a club competing in Europe every year.

02 Jul 2020 08:06:54
People need to chill out man. Castore clearly said they will have deals with high street retailers to sell the kit but those deals are separate from any deal with the club.

so SD, JD or any other retailer can have a deal with Castore to sell the strips but we still get our share from Castore from any sales made.

Ashley is not involved with this retail deal we have with Castore, any fans of the other mob on here its the same deal use have with Adidas. They have a retail deal in place with JD to sell your kits but you still get whatever your contract with Adidas is for each sale regardless.

02 Jul 2020 10:31:07
How on earth can sports direct have exclusive rights? Think about it - we’ve sold practically 50,000 on line already of which Ashley isn’t getting a penny.
NRD is right, my goodness a bit of skullduggery by the fat man and again our board are liars and cheats and god knows what .

He doesn't hold anything over us . I for one will still never enter a sports direct store.
What about him blagging our store for years for a pound. He did well out of that eh? Come on boys.

02 Jul 2020 10:33:53
Statement has come out from Rangers Board Castore is sole partner and they can sell to High Street Retail. Simple don't buy from any of Ashley's outlets if he gets his grubby hands on our merchandise. Lots of other places to get the kit.

02 Jul 2020 11:14:07
Mols, the post says exclusive from august 1st. Old agreement still active till 31st july I believe.

02 Jul 2020 13:24:06
Herewego must be true if Ashley says so, also old agreement finished 1/7



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