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29 Jun 2020 19:36:15
So steven pressely reckons craig gordon is a better keeper than the "goalie", i reckon gordon would struggle to be in the top 10 keepers of the last 20 or so years to play in Scotland, thoughts fellow bears.

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29 Jun 2020 19:51:21
I really rate Gordon and wanted us to sign him when he was training with us. I am surprised that mob are letting him go but better than Goram? That’s just a total idiot statement. Big Elvis is a tube!

29 Jun 2020 19:53:13
Think your being very harsh on Gordon. Don’t think for a minute he is as good as Goram however he was an excellent keeper and would easily make the top 10.

29 Jun 2020 20:24:20
Above, klos, boruc, watterheus, charboinier, foster to name a few, i'm sure some other guys out there could name a few more.

29 Jun 2020 20:31:46
Mcgregor. don't know why above was on the list. never seen him play lol.

29 Jun 2020 20:39:24
Would certainly put him above Watterheus and Charbonnier.

29 Jun 2020 20:42:00
Gordon at his peak I'd say ahead of all of those with the exception of Klos and maybe McGregor. That's my total unbiased view.

29 Jun 2020 21:38:05
Guys Andy Goram was still playing in Scotland 20 years ago at Motherwell.
Gordon top five.

29 Jun 2020 22:31:27
Craig Gordon IMHO is a quality goalkeeper. Allan Mcgregor and him are very close in ability, but none of the two are as even near as good as andy goram was! We were actually the club that provided craig gordon with our training facilities and were responsible for getting him over his injury and getting him back to his best. I personally wanted our club to then offer craig gordon a contract which obviously didn't come and you don't need me to tell you where he ended up! He should have been the rangers keeper back then simple as that! He still is a quality goalkeeper and that's my honest opinion! For me he's a better keeper than both joe hart and big lurch forster. I honestly am surprised the ANTHILL MOB let him go. He really should still be their no.1!

29 Jun 2020 22:44:35
What about Chris Woods! Now that was a keeper!

29 Jun 2020 23:09:36
Gordon is not better than Goran but make no mistake the boy is a great keeper.

29 Jun 2020 23:18:50
Arthur Boruc?
He was and is still a clown and a diddy of a Gk.

30 Jun 2020 07:43:06
Yes alloa ger, chris woods i personally rate as the 2nd best keeper that i've ever seen at rangers mate! Only andy goram was better for me anyway! Woods was imo a better goalie than both klos and mcgregor. Regarding arthur boruc, he shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as goram, woods, mcgregor,
gordon etc, because he's nowhere near in the same class as any of the keepers i've mentioned and that's my total unbiased opinion!

30 Jun 2020 07:55:56
Robbie winters for Aberdeen was a great keeper.

30 Jun 2020 08:55:09
For a bit of fun, widen the debate and list your three best goalkeepers in world football ever!

1 Gordon Banks
2 Dino Zoff
3 Pat Jennings

Lev Yashin might also be up there, though I never saw him play.

30 Jun 2020 09:24:45
Peter Mcloy.

30 Jun 2020 09:30:22
For once I agree with you SGL woods 2nd best keeper just behind Goram.

30 Jun 2020 11:11:08
Hallelujah KJA9,Praise the lord! 🙏.

30 Jun 2020 11:51:32
Greame Roberts.

30 Jun 2020 11:59:40
Still think klos was the best I've saw in a rangers shirt.

30 Jun 2020 12:44:52
Herewego55,do you rate stefan klos better than goram, woods and mcgregor mate? 🤔.

30 Jun 2020 13:51:27
At 37, Goram went to Man Utd.
At 37, Gordon is dropping down to the Scottish Championship. 🤔.

30 Jun 2020 14:11:56
Totally right. I genuinely thought a couple of years ago when he was playing first team football that he was the 3rd best keeper in the league behind Lewis and then Wes. Goram is a legend. It’s frightening to think how good he was when he didn’t obviously look after himself physically. A bit like Neville Southall. 2 fantastic keepers and unfortunately for Craig Gordon he’s not in their league. He is a good keeper, just not that good.

30 Jun 2020 14:14:40
Gordon is a great keeper but for Pressley to say he’s better than Goram is utter nonsense.

30 Jun 2020 14:15:32
Gordon is an extremely capable keeper but not in the top 10. Out with the old firm there’s been some top keepers. Ridden, Lewis and Schmiecal (spelling) all better than Gordon.

30 Jun 2020 23:35:48
Coops, I was very young when woods was at us, so couldn't compare 100 %. Would honestly say i think klos is a better keeper than mcgregor. Very close with the goalie.



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