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21 Jun 2020 22:11:40
Was just reading an article from the bbc Brian McLaughlin. Stating that Celtic are heading into financial trouble. There overheads are through the roof and the are losing millions. The 30 million will be gone once the deferred wages are paid out.

Further wage cuts expected and expects top players to be sold.

Season ticket uptake has been poor from the best fans in the world ha ha

Worst of all liewell has had to take out finance on his new anchor.

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21 Jun 2020 22:15:43
Let’s hope so.

21 Jun 2020 22:24:27
Everything is Rosie in their garden mate. Trouble is, we know it is fertilised with $h! t£.

21 Jun 2020 23:34:28
Can't be true. The Tims that continually visit here tell us they are cash rich with one delusional Martin believing they pay every transfer fee upfront! 😂😂😂.

22 Jun 2020 06:08:38
Let's hope this is true.

22 Jun 2020 10:30:17
If there in a bad way then we must surely be in a far worse state so don't build your hopes up.

22 Jun 2020 10:30:40
Have been trying to find the article. Wouldn’t surprise me although they have been well run off the park recent years. Their commercial team have definitely led the way although with James Bisgrove and team in place, we will be closing in. If there’s a link to the BM article, please let us know where as he’s a decent journalist but couldn’t see it on his Twitter.

22 Jun 2020 11:14:27
Ibrox4me just type in Celtic leak millions in google and you will find it mate. I seen it on the celtic newsnow.

I now see they are using Rangers statement about some fans being allowed in the ground by August as a way of trying to bolstering season ticket sales.
Your having a laugh the worlds best fans.

22 Jun 2020 11:48:07
DSGERSFAN, lol, do you ever say anything positive about Rangers.

22 Jun 2020 12:17:19
Wen we do somthing positive like win somthing il be the 1st to be positive until then i'm just stating facts.

22 Jun 2020 12:33:45
No need to dsg as I know my club is the worlds most successful team, with the best stadium and the best fans. Oh and the colours, well they are just fine.

That positive enough for you bro.

22 Jun 2020 12:40:27
Sure is but i want something to cheer about this season n no the drab of last few year i'm fed up way awe there gloating its depressing man i wanty get it right up them f@ckers.

22 Jun 2020 12:59:46

22 Jun 2020 14:32:05
their prior income has had to deal with rising costs, old mortgage and directors payouts. still solvent though and more income to come. crucial year for them.

22 Jun 2020 14:33:38
be aware the more they try and put it on us the more internal pressure they have. this could implode in February/ march.



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