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19 Jun 2020 13:25:37
Hypothetical question here fellow bears but as its reasonably feasible i'll throw it out to you guys anyway. Would this be a good business and football move for rangers, selling alfredo morelos for £15million and buying peterborough striker ivan toney for around £7million, as his replacement?
There's a good few stories doing the rounds of this happening. Toney does look a good striker, who scores all types of goals and like morelos, works very hard for his team!

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19 Jun 2020 13:46:30
Haven't seen enough of Toney to say for sure but Alfredo wants away and we won't win next season with players who lack commitment so personally I would take any good offer for him, £15 million or upwards.

19 Jun 2020 14:17:29
Like the maths but don’t know enough about Toney his stats look ok . My biggest worry with any signing is the pressure side off things could they cope with 50k crowds (eventually) every 2nd week, the expectation that two draws in a row is a crisis.

19 Jun 2020 14:29:31
Don’t know enough of Toney or the opponents he is facing to say that 7 million would be reasonable. That said he does look good.

19 Jun 2020 14:52:30
I would take Toney as he is better than Dykes cosgrove and kamberi put together in my opinion.
Does this mean every 2nd post is now going to be about Toney SGL sand have you given up on the wonder striker Dykes?

19 Jun 2020 15:12:34
With the current global C.V. we will not be paying 7mill forna striker. No matter whar alfredo goes for. We have no idea how many millions this coming season will cost us financially.

19 Jun 2020 15:13:21
If he can come and bang in the goals let’s get him and if he has a winning mentality along with a good work rate then yes

Like geromino says if Alfie really wants a move away his heart is not going to be 100% and to be honest sick of players with that attitude playing for us or lack of playing
Time these wasters moved on and if we can get £15m bite there hand off and let some other team deal with his mood swings cracking striker on his day but misses a lot of important games since he’s been here that could have put us out in front at top of league
We will never know
Think it is right time for him to move on
And if Toney can come do the same job without the antics and half the price we can sell Alfie for excellent business.

19 Jun 2020 15:53:51
Calling out one of our own players, who has scored 77 goals in 137 games a 'waster' is probably the biggest piece of nonsense anyone has posted on this forum for as long as I can remember 🤔.

19 Jun 2020 16:14:41
Got to agree with Mrgrumpy shocking to call Morelos a waster. Guy has his faults but his goals have made the club a fortune in Europe which is a massive help just now.

19 Jun 2020 16:28:13
Paul you’re right I can’t see us spending that amount on one player.

19 Jun 2020 16:57:09
How many of you guys have watched Peterborough regularly and know so much about Toney to think he would be a good £7 million replacement for Morelos? You are talking about a League One striker here. Either you have too much time on your hands and watch English lower league football on tele or you just pluck names out of the internet!

19 Jun 2020 17:33:17
Morelos not a waster. Can anyone tell me how overweight they think our man is.
SG said on Wednesday he is happy with his weight and his exercise regime to bulk up when away.

19 Jun 2020 17:40:55
We can not afford to pay £7 million for an unproven striker. We need someone who can score goals at European level. Maybe less money plus add-ons.

19 Jun 2020 18:55:09
Dreadful post stigno. Embarrassing.

19 Jun 2020 19:02:58
He looks big John but if that's what SG wants fair enough.

19 Jun 2020 19:18:55
I know alfredo's discipline problems have cost us at times, but the games he's won us with his goals, just can't be overlooked here! He's the top scorer in the europa league and he's probably the main reason we got as far as we did. So although morelos has to try and control his temperament at times, he has been a terrific signing for us and his goal ratio for us, is superb!

19 Jun 2020 19:58:37
Morelos has been a fantastic player for us. Unfortunately don’t believe he wants to be with us much longer.

19 Jun 2020 22:39:08
If you read my post properly

It read Alfie a cracking player/ striker on his day

It also said I’m sick of wasters playing or lack of playing and sitting getting a wage and they can move on

And it also said if we can get £15m for player who may want to move on and doesn’t want to be here then let’s take there £15m

And it also said if a player possibly like to Toney could come in and score as many goals without the antics of Alfie at half the price of his possible sell on fee of £15m would be great business

Come on lads read between the lines please
And don’t jump on some silly posts

If a player is playing for my football team then I want 100% he gets paid to play 100% as I get paid to give my own work so why should any player getting. THOuSANDS a week be any different lol

If they don’t and don’t want to be here
Why would any you lot want them here
Surely that’s mind set would be embarrassing?

20 Jun 2020 08:26:07
Any point you might have been trying to make thestigno1 is/ was completely lost when you call out arguably our best player 'a waster'
Something to think about maybe? 🤔.

20 Jun 2020 13:32:36
Mr Grumpy

I’m not on to argue - I really can if you want me too but I really can’t be bothered
It’s a banter site and rumour site
So lighten up dude - if you don’t like my posts don’t reply it’s really that simple 😊

Enjoy the weekend 😊.



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