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17 Jun 2020 12:47:54
I see that the SPFL Board Muppets are looking to agree to pay BT Sport £2.3 Million for ending the season early, maybe Celtic will help with that, aye right, total shambles of an organisation.

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17 Jun 2020 13:19:23
On top of that they'll have legal fees to pay with Hearts and Partick Thistle. On top of that if Hearts have a case then they'll have to suspend the premiership start date. Again, what a load of clowns. They are a total embarrassment to Scottish football.

17 Jun 2020 13:35:32
Stuck, Hearts and Partick will win the case against spfl no question about it. Aimes in french league 1 won their case so, the president has been set.

17 Jun 2020 13:49:51
The total cost could be close to £20m and for me it simply goes to prove the total ineptitude of the entire SPFL Board. Doncaster at £300k a year is nothing short of a joke and having guys from Clubs like Brechin City on the Board simply confirms everything that is wrong with our game. The next instalment should be fun when the SPFL is faced with the bill! If they ask every club to foot the bill on an equal basis which is the only fair way, (since each club only has one vote), then it will put 2/ 3rds of them out of Business. If they do it any other way, for example, only asking the top flight to share the costs then they have to change the Voting process. At the end of the day whatever they choose to do, Doncaster should be sacked!

17 Jun 2020 14:03:56
Totally agree Berkshire, the SPFL are not up to governing league football. Root and branch change needed.

17 Jun 2020 14:23:16
Aimes in france won their case because clubs weren't given the chance to vote. SPL teams voted to end the season. 👍.

17 Jun 2020 14:49:14
Spot on BerkshireBlue. Not only Doncaster But the whole Board should be sacked if possible. It’s very worrying times ahead for Scottish football 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺⚽️😎👍.

17 Jun 2020 15:11:56
Irvger please don’t use my name in vain 😂.

17 Jun 2020 15:16:30
Coldo french courts decided LFP directors couldn't justify their decision to relegate both teams on a sound legal footing, that it was an arbitrary decision considering the standings could have been different if the C.V. hadnt led to the league shutting down earlier and because no established protocol to deal with such events exsisted. Hearts who did not acknowledge the vote are in dispute with spfl in an near identical situation. Remember hearts didn't acknowledge the vote with a vote.

17 Jun 2020 15:16:32
Coldo not true Belgium and France both voted apparently and they won the case.

17 Jun 2020 15:18:17
Sorry it was Belgium that was that voted on it and the teams have won the case, I read it wrong about the French unsure if they voted or not.

17 Jun 2020 15:21:34
Coldo not so sure that is the deciding factor from a legal perspective. I think the vote regardless of it being in favour of ending the season early is still open to question and more importantly from a Hearts point of view I think the rules of the game have been broken by ending the season early and demoting teams whilst there are still games to be played. One cannot just create new rules regardless of the situation, especially when those rules cause financial harm to others. Hearts will win, massive legal bill plus compensation coming, and the possibility that Hearts will be reinstated and what that means in terms of the league starting without them! SPFL acted irresponsibly just look at all the other leagues, playing to a conclusion or void.

17 Jun 2020 15:55:02
coldo, the ONLY reason our season was finished so early was to give them the title. Why they wanted the title awarded so early can only be speculated on but for me it was to do with the adidas deal they had struck. I'm here to be shot down on that but its what I believe. The league should have been null and void, it was the only fair thing to do, there would have been faces out of joint but no serious financial hardships caused by the decision. To say we should accept and move on is ludicrous, with things developing all the time who knows where it will all lead.

17 Jun 2020 16:00:35
Ha, Ha The Muppet, listen mate, I wouldn't associate rats with that lot, total scumbags. Apparently in court the Dundee voting scam will also be raised, that alone should get him sacked, as he won't squirm his way out of it in a Court of Law.

17 Jun 2020 16:26:09
French teams never got a vote👍.

17 Jun 2020 16:31:36
But Doncaster and Co are doing a brilliant job of running the SPFL.
Well according to Liewell, all the Tims and Coldo has given them the thumbs up seal of approval. 👍😜.

17 Jun 2020 16:48:22
Not once have I said that tupac, they should be sacked, they have ruined the reputation of our game. 👍.

17 Jun 2020 17:43:25
Coldo Belgium teams did and same outcome ass French 👍.

17 Jun 2020 19:07:00
I never said anything about belguim KJA9👍.

17 Jun 2020 19:52:21
The Cost Case should be interesting. Apart from anything else, Brechin City's situation will be interesting! Not relegated when other clubs were and interestingly, they have a representative on the Board. Then you have a similar argument as regards Hearts with Hamilton Accies on the Board and a Team that would have been at risk of relegation had the Season been played to an end. Indeed how will the SPFL be able to defend the case since I seem to remember previously that they used the argument of legal costs when arguing against the Independent Review and they won't get off with the full Legal costs if, or more likely when they lose. We might see one or two resignations in very quick succession!



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