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12 Jun 2020 13:02:59
Rangers should definitely go for Ferguson. He would strengthen our attacking midfield.

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12 Jun 2020 13:28:30
Hypothetically speaking True Blue and i'm not having a go here or being critical of your opinion pal,
but who drops out our midfield, for lewis ferguson mate? 🤔.

12 Jun 2020 13:33:24
Davis isn't going to play forever coop.

12 Jun 2020 13:49:03
Arfield would come out IMO.

12 Jun 2020 14:00:05
Young Lewis is the sort of player we could do with. A bit of steel about him, fast improving and we know that he would give 100% for us.

I think he'll be breaking into the Scotland squad soon and if we don't get him I fear it'll be like when Celtic were too miserable to sign McGinn.

12 Jun 2020 14:03:31
Scotty Arfield taking out our midfield and putting lewis ferguson in you say Blue blue sea? Absolutely no danger i'd drop scotty arfield for lewis ferguson! You having a laff 😂. Arfield would always be in my rangers midfield.

12 Jun 2020 14:09:14
i have to agree true blue

a lot of folk saying he’s not good enough but we’ll never know

he already has all the attributes to hold his own week in wk out in SPL and I've watched the lad closely half dozen times now and he has that dig i think we are missing

sorry to say both are technically good players, but we get bullied with kamara aribo in our midfield and not sure how long davis has left

i think ferguson jack arfield would bully other teams allow us to control games with kent hagi fredo freed up to get in the box

just my opinion guys i’ve been wrong before but the lad ferguson does have enough about him to make step up.

12 Jun 2020 14:30:22
Kamara or Davis to be replace for me, the first is too weak, and, in my opinion Davis's legs are gone. We had nowhere near enough strength in our midfield, hence we were bullied in a lot of games, resulting in nothing getting to the strikers, and thus, points dropped, we cannot let sentiment rule, either a player is performing steadily or not.

12 Jun 2020 14:46:25
Irvger before steven davis got his injury against aberdeen he was playing superb stuff for us mate. He took time to get over that bad injury but i definitely don't think his legs have gone yet! What i will say though that gerrard should use davo wisely and pick and choose the games to play him in, ie. probably keep him fresh throughout the season for the so called bigger games! 👍.

12 Jun 2020 14:53:28
If kamara still at us next season its a sin. Horrendous.

12 Jun 2020 14:59:23
SGL, Possibly agree about Davis, but, financially can we be too relaxed about our wage bill, we should have a younger midfield that can play most games, I am a big fan of SD and would not be too concerned if he was used sparingly, but, I'm thinking we need to maximise the use of our squad to get any results.

12 Jun 2020 15:00:19
Ferguson isn’t ravers quality he is worse than what we have. As well as him being a hot head, definitely don’t need another 1 of them.

12 Jun 2020 15:28:30
Think Fergusson would do a job, don’t think Davis is done yet but his game time could be managed. I don’t think any player drops out if Ferguson signs as it’s a squad game now, last season we had Davis, jack and Arfield miss games through injury. also don’t think it’s fair to compare docherty and Ferguson as I’d say they are different types. Wouldn’t mind seeing docherty in a 442 playing as a right sided midfielder ahead of rb where Reyna played.

12 Jun 2020 15:29:33
Kamara is a class act Paul. Why would it be horrendous if he stayed?

12 Jun 2020 15:33:38
Common Paul86!Thats a horrendous statement to make about our midfielder glen kamara mate! 👎Kamara is a good, technical midfielder IMHO but not a physical type midfielder i agree, but that doesn't make him a bad midfielder! He does lack a wee bit physically, but some on here really need to get a grip, the way they absolutely slag our players with totally uncalled for negative comments!

12 Jun 2020 15:34:49
What about Docherty? He played well in the English league while on loan, albeit League 1 or whatever, but that league is probably stronger than the Scottish Championship! Give our boys a chance.

12 Jun 2020 15:49:37
Bring the Doch back, he's our player and is far better than hot head big head Ferguson. Shrewsbury and Hibs both raved about him.

12 Jun 2020 15:51:58
I would fancy Ferguson to dislodge any of our midfield at the moment. They ain’t exactly been firing on all cylinders. Young player of the year and a die hard. He is exactly the type of player we should be targeting. People say being a Rangers man doesn’t matter. I say it’s imperative!

12 Jun 2020 16:15:35
Seeker hpw is he a class act? Looks good on the ball cause of the way he plays but constantly gives it away. Was shocking this season each game seemed to get worse. Hearts young boys and braga are probably hard to beat how bad he was. Everybody jas there own opinion. Kamara was certainly playing like a 50k player some stages of season.

12 Jun 2020 16:15:37
Kamara "hides" during tough games. We need more bite in midfield.

12 Jun 2020 16:27:51
the same way ojo has taken pelters SGL? Kamara got us knocked out cup. got jack sent off v young boys and almost had us 4 down v braga. if he's still here he won't feature much. also SGL u say the way people slag our players off. what do you think of Barker? What did the think of sadiq when he was at the club? Did u never slag them off? Always positive?

12 Jun 2020 16:38:22
This up coming season is massive and we simply cannot have any passengers. As i have said everybody entitled to there say. I would also be looking for 2 new CB hopefully the leeds in for goldson rumour is true. really need to keep a hold of Morelos and Barisic. Massive season for Jack also. Play kent in preferred position instead of 10 role and hopefully hagi creating bit of magic.

12 Jun 2020 16:32:45
Regards Ferguson not being good enough/ just a squad player. a lot of folk on here said the same things about Jack before he signed. 🤔.

12 Jun 2020 16:33:05
Doc not good enough either imo never will be.

12 Jun 2020 16:51:47
People on here seem to forget you need more than 3 central midfielder to win the league. SG said it himself you need 2 ggod players for every position.

And SGL - who would you drop for Ferguson? Well in the second half of the season who would you have kept? Because not one of the team was getting pass marks. Even Davis wasn't up to the mark.

12 Jun 2020 17:05:08
SGL that’s my opinion that’s what the poster asked for, an opinion there’s no need to be so dismissive of other opinions it’s a trait that permeates a serious amount of your posts
And no I wasn’t having a laugh I think he’d be better than Arfield.

12 Jun 2020 17:28:28
Paul I get what you're saying about Kamara but it seems to me that every mistake he makes is magnified a hundred fold and every good piece of play is never mentioned. In The games that you mentioned specifically, not one player reached pass marks yet it was the select few (Kamara being one) who carried the can for it. I remember SG saying he found it impossible to believe we got him for 50k. He is a big fan and so am I. Ok he had some dodgy performances after the new year but who didn't? To say he was horrendous is grossly unfair and so wrong imo.

12 Jun 2020 20:03:20
Better than arfield, you honestly crack me up pal. Lewis ferguson isn't in the same league as scotty arfield Blue blue sea. C of ibrox, there's no way that lewis would/ could/ should dislodge ryan jack, scotty arfield,
glen kamara from our midfield mate because guess what, all 3 are better than lewis ferguson at this moment in time, by a distance pal! Simple as that, as far as i'm concerned!

12 Jun 2020 22:30:17
Again SGL what’s your problem? it’s so ridiculous how if we don’t agree with you we’re chastised, ridiculed
So am I meant to say because you think arefield is better Than Ferguson you crack me up It’s an opinions site not everyone agrees with you but we’re not all wrong Think you really need to think before you post at times.

13 Jun 2020 10:57:28
Hand ✋ on heart Blue blue sea, do you think that lewis ferguson is better than ryan jack, scotty arfield or glen kamara, at this moment in time? 🤔 Simple question mate!



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