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07 Jun 2020 06:26:55
Why does stevie g not play as player manager? He's still got it!
He would slide perfectly into def midfield allowing afrield/ jack/ aribo/ hagi/ Camara to explore. I know it's not going to happen but we need someone to take control of that midfield. Not only that but someone that can strike from long distance which now adays I've not seen in a long time at rangers. We seem to try and walk the ball into the net.

Another point is people trying to down alfredo morelos. for having a dip in form! People forget when that dip of form came when 1. Some person tampered with his car and followed him and also 2.his wife being pregnant. I hope he comes back all guns blazing.

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07 Jun 2020 09:44:09
We're not as bad a team as some fellow supporters are making out here. I reckon if we sign around 3 quality players and concentrate on quality over quantity this time, we have a good chance of winning the league. Tell me something guys, there was nothing wrong with our midfield players when we beat them 3 times under gerrard and absolutely played them off the park. We didn't give brown and co a minute and made them look very ordinary indeed. Irrespective to a lot of negativity on here at times, which IMHO gets blown way out of proportion, we have got good players capable of challenging them. Its our consistency in the smaller games, with teams that sit in, that we have the problem with and have to rectify! Hagi may be that no.10 and missing link we're looking for in these tight, congested games. A big plus/ help will be kent getting back to his natural wing position and finding the form he was in, when he was on loan to us. Its nowhere near as grave/ bad as some of our supporters on here would want you to believe! Think about it fellow bears! 🤔🤔.

07 Jun 2020 09:51:06
Morelos downed tools long before his car was tampered with and his girlfriend just gave birth recently so 9 months ago he was on fire. He wanted a move in January that never happened. His attitude is the problem👍

I'm not sure Gerrard is the answer. 👍.

07 Jun 2020 10:15:11
Sorry SGL but I think we do have an issue in midfield. Davis is finished and it was alarming to see players like Kamara and Arfield form fall off a cliff after the winter break. Added to that the injury to Jack and we really struggled. Would keep Arfield and Jack and hopefully can sell Kamara. Just hoping that Docherty can step up to the mark however it looks highly likely that Gerrard just doesn’t fancy him as a player. Do agree though we have some very good players in the team like Hagi, Kent and Aribo but they need to drastically improve consistency. Defence is a worry too. All 4 centre halves make too many silly mistakes that costs us. Tavernier needs to be replaced as captain and at right back.

07 Jun 2020 10:20:46
Colo, I agree, he has wanted a move every January, usually resulting in an improved deal! 2nd half of season has never lived up to the promise of the first half.

07 Jun 2020 10:39:34
SGL totally agree my friend . As fir Davis ., Aberdeen kicked him off the park and he was out for 4 weeks and never got 100% fit again .
People don’t take things like that into consideration. They just say he’s finished.

07 Jun 2020 10:53:07
he got improved deal so we could keep him and make him harder to be approached. in that way people would need to pay big money.

where was he supposed to go in January? i don't recall any offers coming in from him?

the whole team dipped in form plus we had injuries. i don't get this singling out individuals for the blame when it was clear not one of the team would get pass marks after January. So get off his back and start supporting the team you allegedly love.

07 Jun 2020 11:06:22
I just want ANSWERS as to why the team fell apart two seasons in a row after the winter breaks.

The Rangers support group should be demanding explanations from the board and getting assuances this can never ever happen again.

Rangers supporters are the main shareholders in our club as far as keeping it alive is concerned.

Lets get into this board for answers in no uncertain terms.

Please excuse my rage the more I dwell on this it hurts badly.

07 Jun 2020 11:06:51
No he could not. Its as simple as that.

07 Jun 2020 11:09:22
Exactly geesadodothat, no one wanted him and he took the huff because he had to stay in scotland. No one is blaming fredo for our form, where did you read that or did you make it up? That blame lye's firmly at Gerrard's feet👍.

07 Jun 2020 11:16:54
Biff 316,you've sort of answered your own question here pal. You mention players off form like kamara and arfield and you're correct, but it doesn't stack up in saying these players are not good enough, which is what my post was about. Both these players have proven they are good enough biff316.Being off form is one thing but being deemed not good enough is a separate one altogether. Both kamara and arfield,
along with jack proved with ease against the celtic midfield, that they are good enough and that's my whole point in my post. With the signing permanently of hagi i honestly don't think there's too much wrong with our midfield! I'd maybe sign a very strong/ robust midfielder and IMO davis ain't for the scrap heap yet and will be good to have for the bigger games which of course will be down to steven gerrard managing him properly! Remember davo was carrying an injury. I honestly get sick and tired when fellow supporters because a player has lost form or possibly carrying an injury, come away with aye he's not good enough now? There's many things to querie to why any player at any given time isn't playing to his true form. You can't just say these things and want them binned before studying why they're not playing well!

07 Jun 2020 11:23:52
I heard a rumour - from a usually pretty good source - is that Morelos lied about the reason for returning to Colombia and Rangers found out about this.

Could be nonsense but I wouldn't rule it out.

07 Jun 2020 11:55:37
It wasn't just Gerrard's fault. Considering he got his tactics spot on in Europe and the players played to their potential.
It was domestically we came unstuck where tactics, poor form and individual errors cost us dearly. 👍.

07 Jun 2020 12:02:53
That would suggest that it is an attitude problem geromino. 👍.

07 Jun 2020 12:13:26
Leaders, leaders we don't have any players in the Souness, Butcher, gough of Fergie mould . Tav is never a leader of men, someone said we need a stronger mid field centre got to agree. Strt with fergies kin.
bur do we have the money? we need to sell first.

07 Jun 2020 12:19:19
Bluebilly you are getting really boring now, if you demand answers go to the top of the page, second from the right and you will get all the answers you want.

07 Jun 2020 12:27:08
gerrard is to blame he got his tactics badly wrong domestially, playing in europe 433 suits us, domestically gerrard wasn't astute enough to understand the difference in tactics. Gerrard's fault. 👍.

07 Jun 2020 12:37:53
Coldo got to disagree. SG is the best signing the club has made since gazza but in a different way. WE played the whole season with the same tatics its the payers fault no leaders in the team SG has to address.

07 Jun 2020 12:38:35
Gerrard's not to blame for individual errors at the back from all of our CH's who cost us goals and points. 👍.

07 Jun 2020 13:02:14
Rangers played 4-3-3 for the first half of the season. In the league=
Played 19
Won 16
Drew 2
Lost 1
We suffered a cataclysmic drop in form after the winter break. Think it was this rather than tactics that cost us this season.

07 Jun 2020 13:04:22
Gerrard is to blame, he picks the tactics. For individual errors of course he isn't to blame. It was individual errors that were to blame for our collapse, it was tactics, gerrard's fault👍.

07 Jun 2020 13:28:01
Coldo honestly pal in my own humble opinion, steven gerrard will win the league as rangers manager. I 200% would stick by him! There wasn't anyone shouting for stevie G's head when we beat that mob 2-1 at breezeblock boulevard and went 2 points behind them with a game in hand, before the winter break. Now i'm not saying here for one second that gerrard hasn't made mistakes as manager, because of course he is and he's still a very young manager, but i'll also say he's improved every aspect of our club tenfold, since he became our manager. Even the experienced/ great managers make mistakes. I tend to sway towards the players coming back from dubai totally off form and too many off form at the one time, for most of the problems we gave ourselves, after the winter break, as opposed to gerrard. The same players and tactics were working just fine before the winter break, simple as that for me!

07 Jun 2020 13:41:02
Totally agree Mr Grumpy. This was the same team that dominated in most games for the first half of the season then form and injuries cost us in the second half. What does that have to do with tactics? 👍.

07 Jun 2020 13:43:39
Tactics cause poor form, how many times in the first twenty mins of games did we see that the set up wasn't working and gerrard persevered with it then when it was too late to influence a game he would change it. Teams had figured us out by the 2nd half of the season, gerrard was not astute enough to counter this. Fair enough if one or two players lost form then you could put it down to individuals but when its the whole team that has lost form its tactical. By tactical that includes dropping players for no reason, rotating and tinkering for no reason, playing his favourites when they should be nowhere near the team, having a captain who isn't a captain. Playing players out of position, playing one up top in scotland. Slaughtering his players in the media wouldn't help either. Gerrard's fault. 👍.

07 Jun 2020 14:39:35
Although tactics and form have a part to play IMO it quality that cost us. The first half of the season was not all Rosy, our first game was won in the last minute, we got gubbed by Celtic and a few other games we pipped it by a late goal in the second half. Our Squad quality as a whole was fragile, one key injury or suspension and the team is suddenly at 75% strength and that does not cut it if your just winning games. Its quite simple. We didn't have enough quality players to keep up an SPL and European campaign for a whole season. We need 16/ 18 1st team mentally strong Rangers quality players. We also need more of the other players to pitch in with goals, we get plenty of chances and because we don't have the overall quality we can't convert them often enough which leaves us open to the sucker punch.

Right now we need at least 4 quality players that can be considered 1st 11 when we have an injury or suspension that when they come in the team quality remains the same.

07 Jun 2020 14:39:55
Coldo mate, regarding alfredo morelos, i heard the reason there was a slight falling out between the rangers sporting director ross wilson and morelos and his agent because he was promised he and his agent would be allowed to speak to any interested club, who made a significant bid to buy him in january. I heard there was a substantial bid of £17.5million from atletico madrid and morelos and his agent thought that was substantially enough to allow them to speak with atletico and wilson and gerrard then changed their views saying there's no way we're now selling morelos in january. I was told that gerrard actually said at the beginning of january that there's no way this club will/ can sell morelos or there's no chance of us winning the league. that's how strongly gerrard felt and told wilson as much. Thus morelos throwing the toys out the pram and going in the huff, believing rangers had broken their promise to him and his agent! 🤔🤔.

07 Jun 2020 15:05:10
Tactics don't necessarily cause poor form.
Injuries to key players at key times
Individual discipline issues
Individual mistakes.
I think these play a much bigger role in poor form.
Has SG made mistakes? Of course he has, don't think anyone could say he hasn't. Not signing a recognised right winger was probably the biggest one for me.

07 Jun 2020 15:34:28
I'm with grumpy. The truth is never as interesting as the conspiracy. Couple of key players injured and a couple off form at wrong time. It happens. Squad strength so subs make an impact and ability to change formation and tactics is what's needed. I really wouldn't have been surprised if we restarted the league after C.V. with the team refreshed and went back to good form and won all our games.

07 Jun 2020 15:48:58
Morelos had his heart set on leaving in january coop and when that didn't happen he clearly went in a huff. No doubt about it. I don't know of any bids but what you say would make sense mate. Anyway I hope Gerrard has learned from his mistakes as this is a huge season and he can't fail this time around. 👍.

07 Jun 2020 17:02:55
I don't think rangers would have turned down £17.5m for Morelos.
Let's give SG this season, if we don't win anything I think SG will resign.

07 Jun 2020 18:10:36
Gerrard made it clear to wilson and the board that the league depended on it and there's no way in his opinion that morelos could be sold.

07 Jun 2020 23:29:52
SG told the world that SGL, before and after the break. Robertson said it, King said it. this wasnt news. Did Robertson say he wouldn't accept any offer less than 25M, didn't SG then say he wouldn't accept an offer at this time if it was twice that. this isn't anything new. In January SG told us that as far as he was aware no acceptable offer had been made for Morelos. In fact we were all saying here on this very forum that we wouldn't let him go for less than 25M now we are saying accept 10-15M. how fickle are our fans.



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