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06 Jun 2020 18:58:31
Just after reading on the daily mail online there, that livingston have put a £2million fee on the head of their striker lyndon dykes. The report also stated that rangers and celtic are leading the race for his signature, along with a few english championship clubs, stoke city, millwall, middlesborough and sunderland from league one. I think you would get dykes for much less than £2million and i personally hope rangers can win this race to sign him.
I don't want celtic to get him, as i think dykes would haunt us bigtime playing for them.
Because let's be honest edouard will be sold for big money just like morelos will!

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06 Jun 2020 19:55:47
Who are livi kidding 500k and he's away! They literally can't turn down decent money!

06 Jun 2020 20:02:02
I've said all along that you will get dykes for anything between 750k-£1million max.

06 Jun 2020 20:18:46
Dykes bullied cfc everytime he played against them. He is a big strong lad that will bring a bit of dig to our frontline. Would love Cosgrove to join him. Think that forward line would be very useful, and Shanklands would would only add to that - learning from Defoe would be helpful. But imagine them and Morelos staying - you never know.

06 Jun 2020 20:35:04
Imagined that and it sounds mince.

06 Jun 2020 20:35:34
True blue dykes IMO is better than cosgrove and for easily half the price and here's why mate. Dykes is a helluva lot quicker and much more mobile than cosgrove, he has a better first touch, he's better in the air and every bit as powerful. Dykes between a 1 in 2 and a 1 in 3 record with livingston not to mention his assists into the bargain. I just honestly don't get that people don't see that this big guy has everything, so what's not to want or not to like? 🤔.

06 Jun 2020 21:20:28
I’d say dykes is better than cosgrove and if we got him for 1million tops that was a good deal. Dykes is very hard working good in air has pace and power also good touch for a big guy.

06 Jun 2020 21:33:20
If all those clubs are apparently interested in dykes it's looking less likely we could get him for £500k coop!

06 Jun 2020 21:46:34
He has no pedigree SGL, he's not played in Europe, he's not played for any big club and he's not played for Rangers. How on earth do you think he will cope with the pressure of needing to score every game against 10 man defenses. Its a roll of the dice SGL. There are better strikers out there for no fee at all with the same risk.

06 Jun 2020 21:52:24
Celtic can have him if its £2million.

06 Jun 2020 22:19:03
Any one of those Engl7sh teams can pay 2mill out of their loose change and multiply his wages 10 fold.
Move on guys, this isn't happening.

07 Jun 2020 03:14:50

07 Jun 2020 08:12:11
Supercoop. I've never thought that either Dykes or Shankland should be our first string strike force but I don't have a problem with either of them (or both) being signed as back-up to Morelos (if we can keep him) and Defoe.

07 Jun 2020 09:26:53
Boyd hadn't made a mark in europe before we got him off Killie, neither had novo from dundee. He is proven in our league, tore celtic a new one and has ideal attributes, power pace strength finishing and is great in the air. He might just be the TM we are looking for. 👍.

07 Jun 2020 09:47:31
TJBB, we've had many a player signed over my many years of going to watch rangers that came with no pedigree, as you put it, but became very good players with us and left with a pedigree! I just don't wear you're statement here TJBB!

07 Jun 2020 09:48:49
TJBB, how much of a pedigree has the striker lyle taylor we're linked with have mate? 🤔🤔.

07 Jun 2020 11:00:27
Coldo Boyd only ever scored three goals in Europe.
Novo much better. 12 in 43. I also think he may have scored for Dundee but not sure.

Novos style of play was much better suited to Europe than boyds.

07 Jun 2020 11:00:54
I’m all for dykes too, main thing is he knows the league, he knows how to score against these teams he faces and he knows what to expect facing half the defenders already! Wouldn’t be paying more than a mil for him though. As for lyle Taylor scrap that hopefully a load of nonsense!

07 Jun 2020 11:32:52
Not the argument I was poorly trying to make but I take and respect your points.

We had quite a bit more money back then to take a financial risk on a players for 2 million, this time round for 2 million we have to be sure - all i'm saying is its a risk, can we afford to take risks in such a key position. Surely there are players out there on a free, as good if not better. Get high quality players on free or small fee and use the cash for salary.

Whats your opinions on LDs discipline, inexperience, poor coaching, attitude, style of play or all of the above. Do we think it would improve or get worse at Rangers with our trigger happy Refs and Red card by media. Anybody know a Shaolin Monk that can play footy.

07 Jun 2020 12:25:02
Is it just me or does it seem every player we have been linked with about a week later the celtic are linked with them, dykes, Cosgrove, shankland. Gribic etc, etc. Do the celtic still use the sign the gers targets first then go for their own.

07 Jun 2020 13:21:11
Let that lot get cosgrove and hopefully us get dykes and i certainly would be a happy bear!

07 Jun 2020 13:22:39
SGL, I for one 'don't see it' and I coached and scouted for 20 years mate. He is what he is, a bulldozer, not a player, and would never cut it having to do the business with a team going where hopefully we are going. How on earth would he fare in Europe with no experience at that level?

How on earth can you look at him and say he has everything? Ibrahimovic had everything, not this dull effort of a player. For someone who often talks a lot of sense you seem to have a mental block here, like the Billy Davies one you took previously. As TJBB says there are lots of better options out there than Dykes, Cosgrove and Shankland, this is just the Moult / Walker nonsense all over again.

07 Jun 2020 14:13:51
Ok the covenanter you coached and that's fair enough, so i'll ask you this. Are you telling me that lyndon dykes HASN'T got a good first touch,
ISN'T terrific in the air, ISN'T fast, ISN'T good with both feet and COULDN'T do a very good job for rangers in scottish football mate?

07 Jun 2020 14:18:12
The covenanter i respect your opinions mate and it is after all,
all about our different opinions which of course makes the debates on this facility terrific to read and contribute to. Let me ask you in your opinion the covenanter within reason on who's within our grasp out there,
what striker would you like to see rangers signing/ bringing in?



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