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02 Jun 2020 08:14:19
Players we could sell and actually make a profit on:

Barasic - Good games and bad games. One thing that's unquestionable for me though is he's not got the heart for it. He pulls out of 50/ 50's and he's a defender. End of.

Morelos - Good games and stinkers! We all know the fact he's a liability at times and his apparent preference to play up top compromises our ability to change formation, which everyone knows is needed at times.

Players we should release if we can:

Barker - Because we've seen him play.

Defoe - Could not be less suited to what we actually need. And he's ancient, and he's expensive.

Davis - A shadow of the player he was pre Xmas and age has caught up with him. You win leagues up here with physicality and energy in midfield. He's done.

Jack - A fit Ryan Jack is our best midfielder. He's always injured though and you can't win leagues when your lynchpin in midfield is in and out the team. We need the fittest squad we can possibly have and unfortunately players like him weaken you more when missing than others. We have no like for like who is anywhere near as good, so we need one asap. I wouldn't be against keeping him, but not as a first choice.

I'd use the £4m ish for Barasic and £10m ish for Morelos to bring in the likes of Lewis Feguson, Brophy, Dykes, Kamberi, Cosgrove. These are just suggestions from what I've seen on the pitch, not on a computer game. I fully expect our coaches and scouts to know of even better players, but these guys are all fit, all physical, and all of the mentality we need to start winning ugly games.

It's also leave us with money left over as well as far cheaper wages than those who I think ought to go.

Looking forward to the Barasic lovers going a bit mental in reply.

Stay safe. GRG.

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02 Jun 2020 09:59:48
I stopped reading once you mentioned you'd like Ferguson, Dykes, Brophy etc. Those players won't stop 10 IAR.

02 Jun 2020 10:04:17
GRG Ryan Jack is our best mid.

02 Jun 2020 10:16:22
Lost me at Jack.

02 Jun 2020 10:23:18
Interesting opinions glasgowrangergooner. 🤔
I'll be honest I disagree with pretty much everything you've written.
We'll win f*ck all if we sell 3 of our best players and replace them with the players you've mentioned.

02 Jun 2020 10:38:35
I said Jack is our best midfielder. His injuries mean we often are without him. Teams that win leagues have their best players fit. We have no like for like. It’s a simple point.

02 Jun 2020 10:43:26
Thought you were joking after read the jack bit. Then i definitely knew u were joking when mention of brophy and cosgrove. Good 1 mate that's a cracker.

02 Jun 2020 10:48:25
I don’t know if it’s a windup or not but I’ll indulge!
So you’ll sell the Croatian LB but not bother buying another leaving the club with no recognised LB?
You’d sell Morelos and replace him with 4 strikers who if you took away their goals with penalties, their combined goals this season wouldn’t add up to Morelos!
You’d ditch Jack but sign an inferior Ferguson?
Now I would sign Kamberi but not at the expense of ditching Morelos.
But that’s the beauty of football - differing opinions👍.

02 Jun 2020 10:59:31
Dykes could be an option, he gave celtic a tough time and with better players around him he might just kick on. We do need a TM that's for sure. I like kamberi coop, he has strength pace, can beat a man and he can finish. He can also play rm lm and st, I'd be surprised if we don't make a move for him. 👍.

02 Jun 2020 11:39:11
One of the maddest posts I have seen on here, basically sell players for under their value and replace with players who are worse? Good laugh mate.

02 Jun 2020 12:29:54
We're mentioning all these strikers but the one striker i think we'll definitely sign is out of contract charlton striker lyle taylor! I truly think he's a stick on to end up at ibrox. To be fair he has a goalscoring ratio of 1 in 2 games which is a good rate.

02 Jun 2020 13:01:30
Hahaha let jack go, you best go see a doctor buddy. Jack, barasic along with Morelos are our biggest assets. As for Defoe yeah he’s old but when called upon has proved his worth and he’s still the best finisher at rangers.

02 Jun 2020 14:10:22
Defoe is the best finisher at rangers, i totally agree Deemc22.Wee defoe has never let us down when called upon. He most definitely still deserves to be at rangers, with hopefully a striker coach job thrown in! As fit as a butcher's dog still and a top pro and stunning goalscorer, simple as that for me anyway! 👌👍.

02 Jun 2020 14:44:32
Mr Tupacman. Those were some suggestions of players we could sign. Not the exact replacements. We need two left backs for sure. One to replace Barasic if he goes and one to replace Halliday. I personally would replace Barasic because I don't rate defenders who don't like tackles.

Weird nobody agrees on Jack. He misses more games than the guy who sits next to me and has to work alternate Saturdays. Arsenal spent a decade waiting on Diaby, Wilshire and Rosicky to be fit. When they were, they were superb. However when they were injured, second string players had to fill in. We need our starting eleven to be fit week in week out. Just a shame Jack can't be that player, because I'm 100% with this, him being in and out our team hinders us so badly.

02 Jun 2020 17:36:30
Jack has played 38 games this season
Jack played 46 games last season. 🤔.

02 Jun 2020 18:16:47
Ryan Jack has been immense for us since gerrard became rangers manager! A future rangers captain no doubt whatsoever! Although he's had this niggling injury at times, he has most definitely played, as you pointed out mrgrumpy, a lot of games under gerrard. So Glasgowrangersgooner jack has had this niggling injury at times but you must see he's played a substantial amount of games under gerrard mate?

02 Jun 2020 18:52:16
SGL I like Jack a lot. Maybe I’m being far too harsh if he’s played that many games. 👍🏻.

02 Jun 2020 19:54:00
Only issue with defoe is heis a very very expensive subby.

02 Jun 2020 20:42:40
Wish people would stop referring to 10iar. How do you go from 8 to 10? By rigging votes that's how.

03 Jun 2020 10:58:21
But if they win this year then it will be 10 in a row, the record books will say 10 in a row. I wish people would get in touch with reality and focus on our own failings rather than trying to deflect with this 'world is against us' attitude and that we were cheated out of a title that we had no chance of winning. let's focus on us, that's the real issue. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We collapsed after the break again from a position of strength, that's the real issue. If we fix that issue then we have a genuine chance of winning the league. 👍.

03 Jun 2020 11:34:40
Glasgowrangersgooner, i don't get you at all, your criticising jack, saying he is always missing, thru injury, then when people post his game stats, you say you never new he plays that amount of games? Surely there should be no criticism at all, its as if you guessed, guessed wrong, mate.

03 Jun 2020 11:36:38
Grg, there should be no criticism of a player you obviously never watched, mate.



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