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28 May 2020 08:19:44
I was reading articles from some bears regarding the possibility of us signing former celtic midfielder stuart armstrong.
He's a talented goalscoring midfielder, i don't think much would disagree with that. I think we already have a midfielder similar to armstrong in our very own scotty arfield and although a good 3 or so years older, i honestly rate arfield better than armstrong.

Arfield is a total team player and his workrate is superb, coupled with his ability to make these very clever runs to make space for others, as well as getting onto things himself. Not to mention he has a good goalscoring record with us, with around a 1 in 3 ratio, which is pretty good for a midfielder. Arfield is very important to our team imo. Thoughts on all this fellow bears?

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28 May 2020 10:05:29
To be honest arfields been rotten this season . I thought he was one of our best players last year . don't know if him been off his game was down to playing through the summer for Canada or maybe his age starting to show . Suppose we'll see now he's had a break.

28 May 2020 10:28:40
Steven Gerrard Loyal

On your post mate - I would take armstrong I’ve been a long admirer of him and I think he would slot into first team
There’s a lot to like about his play, character and skill

On my previous post sorry just noticed you had asked me who I would like to replace Stevie with, honest answer I don’t know

But is there a wim jansen out there for us to come in 1st time and stop there 10 in a row - and win us our #55?

Would any other manger have this time and been able too spend and bring in the amount of players stevie has without everyone and there granny shouting for his resignation by now?

Imagine stevie hadn’t the job and it was Derek Mcciness in the job would you still be backing him the way you back stevie or is it because the sheer fact it’s Stevie G

Can you answer that honestly?

Please and take this as honesty here

I want Gerrard to be successful with us more than words can say
But it’s not happening so far and i really don’t see how this season is going too change that

But I’ll side with you on players like armstrong would add quality to the first team

But players like shankland etc

There not going to stop the mob in the east winning there next title

No one will seem to answer my question about scouting will you?

Does our scouting need looked at? If we take stevie out the equation and look solely on scouting
Is there a problem there? Going on past signings who have t kicked a ball for us?

28 May 2020 11:05:24
Thestigno 1,if you look at the history of my posts mate, you will see i back every manager to the hilt, being honest i've been too loyal in the past! So the answer to your question would be yes i back steven gerrard and NOT because he's steven gerrard! As for delboy mcinnes i never ever wanted him near our manager's job mate! Deniro72,you say arfield was rotten last season and there was a quite glaring, legitimate reason for that pal. Arfield didn't get a break pre season as he continued playing with canada in the gold cup. So by the time that was finished and he eventually got his break, much later on, he had missed the pre season with the rest of his rangers teammates.
Then he had to come back and do his own pre season, thus why he wasn't up to scratch in the first half of last season. If you actually look at after the winter break arfield was arguably rangers best player again, so that for me says it all. You're spot on regarding arfield's first season with rangers, as he was superb. there's always reasons when you just take time to look, to why particular players at time are not playing well. Of course there was also the sadness of a family tragedy arfield had to take care of!

28 May 2020 11:11:25
Regarding Derek McInnes. If McInnes got us to the group stages of europa league, first season. Got to the knockout stages this season, beating Porto, Braga, feynoord etc and had been where we were at Xmas? Yes
Regarding scouts, have all our signings been a success?
No but
Katic- very raw defender but still worth more than he cost
Barisic- great player (given time) worth a lot more than he cost
Edmunson- young talented player, cost very little, good prospect. Worth more than he cost
Aribo- great potential, cost very little worth a lot more than he cost
Kamara- cost peanuts. Decent player who has been in poor form this season. Worth a lot more than he cost
Morelos- brilliant goalscorer, with temperament issues 😉 worth a lot more than he cost.

28 May 2020 11:12:06
Arfield s cracking player but Armstrong is better in my opinion. A lot more more mobile in my opinion, more of a goal threat.

28 May 2020 13:02:58
Steven Gerrard loyal I agree the players you mention all worth more then they were bought for

But what about the majority? Who have came in and we have not made anything from there is more on that side than the ones we will make from, that’s a big worry?
I won’t list them all there has been signings and there has been loans all costing the club money one way or another
The players who were on loan and have failed sat and got wages and either played awfull or never really got a game at all

And there has been a few signings that we didn’t make in and we won’t make money on going forward with age related and not playing well

If we sign players we need players either who are going g to make big impacts in the positive sense and come into the first team and get played

And we need players with potential for profit going forward

Anyway what ever happens I want quilt players who are first and foremost up to winning this league atleast a cup and at least running them very very close right to the last game.

28 May 2020 14:41:23
Armstrong all day long!

28 May 2020 15:59:36
If Armstrong is that good, why is he not getting a regular game down south?

28 May 2020 20:54:41
Sorry lads i think arfield is done was very poor last while back.

28 May 2020 21:03:06
That's right Doiger. I've watched a few of Southampton's matches on tv and 9 times out of 10 Armstrong is on the bench, and even if he does get on he never impresses. Highly overrated imo.

28 May 2020 22:14:04
Arfield is done 6counties? Aye right no chance pal 😂😂. I explained why he started this season poorly! He's a terrific midfielder!

28 May 2020 23:56:25
We must also remember arfield suffered a family loss which gerrard referenced had a devestating impact on the lad.
I do believe he will step up to the plate next year.



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