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08 May 2020 19:41:07
The current situation is showing rangers are still being persecuted by the SPL and are therefore putting all their reliance in Celtic to be able to use their influence elsewhere so we have to change their position of strength

1 all rangers fans send a letter advising all media outlets that unless rangers get fair and impartial coverage we will be withholding our TV licence and in sky etc case we will cease all our contracts with them and do it if they don't agree to do this

2. I know how much we all love to follow and support our team however we should support the club rejecting tickets for all stadium in Scotland and only give what we have to in regards to away fans at Ibrox

3.support the club in saying that if we don't get impartial treatment then we will ban all media outlets entering Ibrox to report let's make Ibrox a fortress on and off the park

4. Demand a independent inquiry into SPL including raising petition on Facebook remember 100000 votes will be discussed in parliament this will benefit all clubs except the east end mob

We need to hit the SFA all the clubs and the media financially to put the pressure on otherwise we need to rollover I say now is the time for every get to stand shoulder to shoulder

As to Celtic being able to handle the burden and bail everyone else out that would end up meaning liewell might not get his big paycheque.

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09 May 2020 00:33:37
Too much time on your hands dave. I just don't get this boycott nonsense and it's the dark sides fault. I stated in here yesterday only 3 clubs want the season finished that's us hearts and them. Great idea boycotting the media then we hear nothing coming out the club. Have you ever thought how we attract new sponsorship if we keep boycotting everything we don't agree with.

Our board need to grow a pair and stop going along with everything to keep the fans on board. I look across the city and as much as I hate them I see a board that makes decisions and they don't always get the backing from there supporters but they do it for the right reasons. Everyone hates liewell but I can honestly say he has been there best ever signing.

09 May 2020 01:19:32
Aye that's right celtic will be going for 10iar (only a matter of time b4 they get handed this years league) . but we will refuse tickets for all away games. Be as well just give them the title at the start of the season.

09 May 2020 00:28:41
Are you working in code Dave.
Does 1234 stand for King by any chance?

09 May 2020 00:34:32
Fauldhouse bear, i must have missed it pal, where. Or when have rangers fc or snyone associated with rangers fc say we wanted the season to end mate, could you direct me to this information. chhers in advance.

09 May 2020 02:31:50
I wish faukdhoose bear I am just fed up with club I adore being slated from all angles I for one would never put any life before football and if that mob want it that bad god give it them

It is the bank handers from the SPL government and Celtic and the manipulation of then press that has to stop and nevermind all the decisions against our players the only way to start that is to remove all those at the top

I just think we are never going to remove these people at the top unless there is that much pressure on them that it puts them into an untenable position i mean everything that is done by the top should be transparent and fair to all sides

I agree the board need balls but they are standing up and now being slated for it they cannot win

I means let's get it right there are two teams who could survive without sponsorship that is Celtic and rangers the rest would fold we have been getting stiffed for years in regards to sponsorship due to Ashley so we would find a way

What it would do is strangle the coffers to the SPL and the small clubs it would also affect Celtics sponsorship by no away sponsorship being shown

Updates could be done directly via twitter and our media outlet it puts the SPL in a position with their sponsorship with sky therefore forcing the hand of all those involved

Sorry rant over :)

09 May 2020 07:40:59
If Celtic wanted the league played to a finish why did they vote for ending it now?

09 May 2020 08:56:26
Paul86, what's to stop them giving them the title at the start of the season? If we sit back and let them hand this unearned one out. They could say that cel*&c would probably win it because in our opinion they have the best team then they could have a vote on league placings and the only teams that would complain are us and the team voted last. Titles are won not awarded.

09 May 2020 09:59:44
jyf, if they did let them vote on league placings we would be relegated.

09 May 2020 10:41:27
Your club have publicly said null and void is the only solution going forward.
That would suggest they are calling for the season to end early.

09 May 2020 10:43:14
If you want real change you need to come up with a plan that all clubs would buy into and if you want change across our great country than we need to have a chance of government in Scotland this anti British agenda will stop at nothing to prevent the unionist way of life in Scotland.

09 May 2020 11:11:17
Haha aye true enough trueblue and some on here would stand back and let it happen because if we complained we would be big wains.

09 May 2020 12:00:51
And here he is ( buzz bin ) .

09 May 2020 14:06:57
Fauldhoose bear, i find myself agreeing with you again here mate.
We don't agree often but i do agree with you again regarding we need a very strong powerful managing director/ chief executive who is very capable to run a football club our size. I agree, although i detest the guy and his club, that peter lawwell is a terrific chief executive and no wonder the likes of arsenal have wanted him to come to them, a few years back. Unfortunately lawwell to be truthful, could run rings round stewart robertson and i hate that, as at our club we should never except having 2nd rate people, in very powerful positions, running our football club! You're spot on fauldhoose bear, he makes big decisions for the best for their club, irrespective what their supporters think and gets them right! He does know how to run a big football club and we need someone much better than stewart robertson IMO to run our football club in a similar way!



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